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I have present to buy for my sistet

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I have present to buy for my sistet

  • Present - Hot Water Music
    "i felt laughter i felt the circle was intact can't explain but i'll show it so you can have it and keep it for yourself can't define the power redefinitions of dreams that will come true can't explain"
  • The Present - Hem
    "When I saw him by the river He just smiled and closed his eyes He said you know that you're gonna give her One more present - one more lie I didn't see him for a while then Though I heard his name around So"
  • Special Present - Pale Saints
    "thought you'd given me a special present a thing to have and hold and keep forever when the smoke had cleared the thing you left there wasn't a gift at all you tricked me it stripped me bare it stripped"
  • Present Tense - Anacrusis
    "Twisting the images Watching them grow Into what they are not Forget we forgot as they fed on what's real The path I fell onto Of tears wades through Await the demise In sorry disguise from the things"
  • Buy Buy - The Animators
    "Attention Shoppers! There's no reason for alarm It's just a price break A pump fake Everybody stay calm If you wanna save You gonna have to spare some Better act fast It won't last Everybody wants some Buy"
  • My Present Darkness - Madison
    "The night was black and blue moonlit, with endless memories The future was so clear, so You'll never call me again Silence played so blatently Never shed a tear I won't accept the facts Never take you"
  • Present - Bonnie Pink
    "Omoide wo kizandekita MES wo ateru tabi Joubu ni naru kokoro Itami de teiin OVER na no ni Doushite karappo da to kanjiru no? Hotte hotte wakideta mizu Nonde nonde nomihoshite Mou nodo ga kara-kara Yokubou"
  • I Couldn't Afford To Buy You A Present (So I Wrote You This Song) - Anal Cunt
    "I couldn't afford to buy you a present so I wrote you this song I want all the lovers of the world to help me sing along I'm only a simple man; I never made much money But I've got a wealth of love to"
  • For The Present - Venerea
    "By light of wine I am writing this letter just to let you know I've finally completed the circle pissed out you name in the snow I've put all you stuff in that great shoebox you use to keep memories in buried"
  • Buy My Sperm - Solefald
    "{Holy Virgin Mary Buy my Sperm} If you want and have the wealth to be free Maybe I can help you make another me Many things are possible and equally expensive A comfort for old age the advantage is extensive I"
  • I'll Buy - The Replacements
    "Cruisin' in the sunshine, ain't yet been to bed I could hear the motor whistlin', something's off the wall again Give my regards to Broadway, tell 'em I got change to spare Want big bucks? Gonna have"
  • Stupid Present - Planet Smashers
    "Your face, got all bunched up I could sense the tension in the air, You're pretty good at pretending but there's no way of fooling me You said, how it was perfect I tried to believe your claim, I knew"
  • Present/Infant - Ani DiFranco
    "lately i've been glaring into mirrors picking myself apart you'd think at my age i'd of thought of something better to do then make insecurity into a full time job make insecurity into an art and i fear"
  • Ever Present Past - Paul McCartney
    "I've got too much on my platedon't have no time to be a decent loverI hope it isn't too latesearching for the time that has gone so fastthe time that I thought would last My ever present pastI've got"
  • Present Delay - Meja
    "No need to over do it we might as well go thru it Cuz I hear that youe down and I know what on your mind You think you got the answers but you don even know the questions when you say that youe right could"
  • Present Tense - Perfect Attendance
    "What things today make their way to the top and What is remembered and what's been forgotten Where has it all been and where will it soon go How will we ever find out if nobody wants to know Have we made"
  • The Present - Bloc Party
    "If you're cold and you're alone And you don't know where to go You can call me anytime Nothing's changed I am still here If you're running out of breath And your building's burning down You can jump I"
  • The Present - Marion
    "She seems a little lost, with nazi golden locks She is drawn to my dirt, whenever I'm hurt And need to be cured This city never stops We never do what we should But when her laugh stops We never do what"
  • Can't Buy Me Buy Love - Beatles
    "Beatles Miscellaneous Can't Buy Me Buy Love ================================= Beatles - Can't Buy Me Buy Love ================================= (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) Lead Vocal: Paul McCartney Can't"
  • My Turn To Present - Mr. Capone-E
    "Yeah, Yeah Thats right Its the gangster Capone the one and only Smashin on you punk suckaz Its my turn ese My turn to represent this gangster shit Everybody talkin that they know representing and"

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