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I heart you hart

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I heart you hart

  • Hart Crane - Anniversary, The
    "Anniversary, The Designing A Nervous Breakdown Hart Crane Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight Stay in the house close all the windows Now you're searching for fire Some"
  • Hart Crane - The Anniversary
    "Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight Stay in the house close all the windows Now you're searching for fire Some will say as others are listening Now it's gone too far Pale"
  • Have a hart - Celine Dion
    "Lying in bed alone Thinkin' 'bout how much I need you Oh, give me one more chance to see you again If only I'd have known It was the last time I'd be with you I would have held on and never let you go Baby,"
  • Black Black Hart - System Of A Down
    "Something ugly this way comes, From my fingers, sliding inside All these blessings All these words God lives underneath your covers Search for pleasure, Search for pain In this world, now I am undying And"
  • Home Is Where Corey Hart Is - Away From Here
    "When I answer the voice of the sun I will whisper in your ear, yeah, and the chills on the small of your back I'm trembling I'll whisper in your ear, yeah, and the chills on the small of your back. Accidents,"
  • The Ballad Of Gary Hart - John Denver
    "Who's that running down the alley In the dark of Friday night As he zippers up his trousers In the inky slinky light Why, of course, it's good old Gary Leaping over someone's fence Yes, it's good"
  • Conversation with W. Cullen Hart - Neutral Milk Hotel
    "But we fucked up that Remedial English class, because we were smoking pot We're not in college. Right. We can't move on to college, can we? So, like- We are not in college, are we? So, how do you"
  • Hart Sei - Ringsgwandl
    "I hab mi scho gwundert, als kloaner Bua, und i frag mein Vatter: "Pappa, sag, wia geht des zu, da mir daham noh allaweil jede Mark umdrahn und allaweil noh mit dem Pfenning sparn! Whrend die andern alle"
  • Mechanical Heart - Beth Hart
    "I was born with the mechanical hearl Miles of wires and the video parts If only I have human touch I’ll give you the love you deserve so much And everything that happened in the clouds That happened in"
  • Eat Your Hart Out, Rick Springfield - Rick Springfield
    "(Jimmy Hart) (Spoken) Ring, Ring. "Hello, hello, hi, is Cyndi in?" "No, who is this?" "What do you mean, who is this? This is Jimmy Hart, the mouth of the south. Where is she?" "She's gone to the Rick"
  • The Many Faces Of Oliver Hart - Eyedea
    "I'm here to break my own ball and chain Holding the plight to be completely sane Nothings to gain if image blocks the only chance for change When I expand my range the world shares it's judges But don't"
  • Heavy Heart - You Am I
    "Been watching so much TV I'm thinner than I should be I'm like a water-logged ball No one wants to kick around anymore An all-day morning hairdo That no comb can get through It's all granola and beer A"
  • I'll Hold You In My Heart - Freddie Hart
    "I'll hold you in my heart till I can hold you in my arms Like you'd never been held before I'll think of you every day and then I'll dream the nights away Till you are in my arms once more The star in"
  • Bless Your Heart - Freddie Hart
    "Bless your heart for loving me Ad heaven knows I don't deserve you Bless your heart for loving me Sweet sweet baby I'll try to be worthy of loving you You came into my life and took the world off of my"
  • Take my heart - Corey Hart
    "Take me to the top againTake me to the high road shining'Cause you know I never seen the world like thatYou take me to the top againYou take me where it's slow and easy'Cause you know I never dream inside"
  • Heart - Freddie Hart
    "Heart we just got to get together For my own peace of mind I've got to know You'll be only one who really knows the answers You know you love her but should we keep her or let her go Eyes are you sure"
  • I Heart You - Toni Braxton
    "Sitting here, thinking of you With a candle lit, fantasizing I feel your lips, your tender kiss Just move Whatever gonna do I love you, ooh, I love you Drive me crazy, thinking about my baby I love you,"
  • Everything In My Heart - Corey Hart
    "I never see the light Still I follow you Couldn't imagine how Or what I'm supposed to do Ah maybe I've been crazy Only thinking of you I'll do it again Through the longest nights And I know them so well I"
  • Strangers Of The Heart - Heart
    "Through the mist on the harbor Dancing lights on the water Shadows move I see you smiling again when I reach out to touch you Like a ghost looking through me Sending chills deep into me shattered dreams"
  • Hart - Farin Urlaub
    "Ich liebte ein Mdchen, sie liebte mich nicht. Also brach ich ihr das Genick. Ich wollte einfach sicher geh'n, dass kein Anderer sie kriegt. Nachts hab' ich sie dann an der Autobahn verscharrt, denn ich"

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