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I jus hapens

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I jus hapens

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I jus hapens
  • Snot I Jus' Lie
    "I Jus' Lie like your type I'm telling you what you want to hear (or do you really take me true?) It's what you need to feel before you spread them legs for me Although I look your way you start to play"
  • James Lynn Strait I Jus' Lie
    "I jus' lie like your type I'm telling you what you want to hear (or do you really take me true? ) It's what you need to feel before you Spread them legs for me Although I look your way You start to play"
  • Dizzee Rascal Jus' A Rascal
    "He's jus a rascal He's jus a rascal He's jus a rascal, Dizzee Rascal Yo London stand up tall Stress on the brain , complain too da fool Stress on the brain complain too da max I'm gonna search for big"
  • Z-RO Jus' A Hoe
    "(*talking*) Yeah man, know I mean Let's go up in this strip club mayn See what's shaking up in this mo'fucker mayn You know I mean, yo-yo-yo-yo baby Give me some tequila girl, you know I mean You just"
  • Jedi Mind Tricks Chessking (Jus Allah)
    "I have sublime comprehension Divine Intervention My enzymes studied by the minds at Princeton To figure my design would divide the Christians Complete Truth, Brothers been deprived of listening A secret"
  • Three 6 Mafia Jus Like Us
    "(DJ Paul talking with gunshots in background) Yeah, run bitch. Run hoe! Ya nice motherfuckas! Y'all jealous ass bitches! You know what I'ma call y'all? Some Jello niggas. Cuz y'all jealous of us,"
  • Joshua Kadison Jus' Like Brigitte Bardot
    "Neffertiti came out west in a stolen limousine. Twenty dollars to her name and a walk like you ain't never seen. She moved into number eight with just a bottle in her hand, an old radio wrapped up in it's"
  • DJ Quik Jus Lyke Compton (Clean)
    "Finally got a chance to leave the C-P-T Off to other cities to trip No longer just an underground hit Movin thangs... a local brother made good I made a name off of making tapes for homies in the hood And"
  • Tha Dogg Pound You're Jus A B.I.T.C.H.
    "(Daz) You're jus a B-(B)-I-(I)-T-C-H You're jus a B-(B)-I-(I)-T-C-H You're jus a bitch {B-I-T-C-H} You're jus a bitch {B-I-T-C-H} I met her way back when on tour, day ten I had her bent over backwards,"
  • Hank Williams Jr. Life Gets Tee-Jus Don't It
    "The sun comes up and the sun goes down. Hands on the clock they just keep going around.I just get up and its time to lay down.Life gets tee-jus don't it? My shoes untied but I don't care.I really ain't"
  • Basement Jaxx Jus 1 Kiss
    "Jus one kiss will make it better Jus one kiss, and we will be alright Jus one kiss will make it better Jus one kiss, and we'll be flying high... Jus one kiss will make it better Jus one kiss, and we will"
  • Spragga Benz A Jus Di Flex
    "Hey, hey, hey hey Well a just di flex mek, Anita seh shi want mi next A just di flex mek Melissa put a chain around mi neck A just di flex mek, Keisha send a dozen crep and all a first class ticket"
  • Sopor Aeternus Saturn-Impressionen (Jusa, Jusa)
    "Der kalte See liegt schweigend im Nebel und ewig wird er sein. Sie alle hat er bereits empfangen, und auch ich tauche bald in seine Fluten ein. Die Zeit, sie liegt schon weit zurck, als das Erste von uns"
  • Pitbullfarm I Wonder
    "Everytime I see you, you're tryna take me home, and it makes me wonder if were to get it on...would you take the time to touch me(touch me), and take me into ecstasy, yeah... -Chorus-2x I wonder if I"
  • Mr. Sancho I Reminisce
    "::VeRsE 1:: *~only two and a half years but a life time of memories the moment i heard u were gon i broke down cryin on my knees sayin lord please take me instead cuz i feel like im already dead my methods"
  • T-Pain I Got It
    "-Hello -Hey baby -Hey boo, How u doin? -I'm alright, How u doin? -I'm straight, everything alright? -Umm, I guess -Wat u mean u guess? -Mmm nothin, jus nothin -Why u sayin nothin when it means"
  • Lil Cuete When I Die
    "(Chorus) Remember...when I die... Gurl don't chu cry... Jus dry your eyes... I never mean for me to say good bye....buh Remember when I die... (lil Cuete) When I die don't want chu to cry... Jus"
  • Mr. Pookie Who I Be
    "(Mr. Pookie) You heard tha sound of a boom, didnt see me hit yo body repeatedly Burnin in yo capsule, hittin corners through yo artery Dont bother me please, I got control of this land Dont give a f**k,"
  • Marek Kaliszuk I WON'T STOP
    "Do what you like! Don’t waste our time This, what put you on Check if his on you side I not a first one Who’s realized A bit too late Man have to fight You just can wait For miracle You’ve got to awake And"
  • Marques Houston I Wasn't Ready
    "I,I,I ... I wasnt ready Wen u talked about our future U would nod ya head and smile But I didnt understand it I was living in denile I couldnt see tha picture But now I see it clearer Cause I was"

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