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I just finished i love it


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I just finished i love it

  • Finished - King's X
    "you caught my eye, couldn't take them off of you and i knew that you felt the same way too finished before it started one look then we parted i couldn't speak, i felt one with you i was afraid, what"
  • I Have Nothing (Finished One) - Whitney Houston
    "Share my life Take me for what I am Cause I'll never change All my colours for you. Take my love I'll never ask for too much Just all that you are And everything that you do. I don't really need to look,"
  • Sufferin' Just Finished (Haman) - ApologetiX
    "Sufferin' Just Finished, parody of "Suffragette City" by David Bowie Haman, oh, he was the one, you know Haman, who wouldn't let us alone-- i got to Say, man, that guy would spit in my face That fellow"
  • Not Finished Just Yet - Bernard Fanning
    "why me, oh why not me? how'd I ever get so lucky? can you feel it on the rise with its urgent sweep? we're not finished just yet will you raise a smile when you see me come? or linger in the darkness"
  • I Want My Destiny (Finished) - Fred Hammond
    "Born to give my very best To the One whose willingness To give His life He just said yes And here's the reason He saw me out there all alone So for my sin He did atone He purchased me I'm not my own I"
  • Finished With Lies - They Might Be Giants
    "Now I'm telling the truth I'm finished with lies, lies If you don't believe me now You'll never believe me now I should have my head examined They'll see when they look inside I won't have to say a word I'll"
  • I'm Not Finished - B2K
    "I remember like it was yesterday Had everything under control Stayed out all night with my boys I took advantage of your love Then one day you beat my game Now suddenly everything has changed Never thought"
  • It Is Finished - Bill And Gloria Gaither
    "There's a line that is drawn through the ages On that line stands an old rugged cross On that cross, a battle is raging To gain a man's soul or it's loss On one side, march the forces of evil All"
  • Diminished But Not Finished - Kevin Ayers
    "Hey Babe you're making my wheels start turning Loving but I'm still learning to Hey babe nothing to say but words And I could just play with words all day Never knew how to write a love song Always"
  • Finished In A Day - Halifax
    "cornered with my back against the wall the lights are dimming by the minute can someone call my other self let them know ill be just fine cornered with my back against the wall the lights are dimming by"
  • It Is Finished - Petra
    "In the heat of the early morning On a hill they call the Skull The roaring of the angry mob had settled to a lull All eyes were cast upon the man whose"
  • Aren't We Finished Yet? - Dorling
    "Noticing the strain on my mind Seeing it's not good for me I still have no idea What I'm required to be I listen to the problems of people I tell them what they want me to say And I don't see why I can't"
  • Ok(Not Finished)Proper Version - Big Brovaz
    "OK now let me tell you what this song is all about Party people let me hear you scream and shout Without a doubt Cause I am about to turn this whole party out I know that youre feeling this Cause I see"
  • I Just Can't Get Enough - First Love
    "Spoken: Hey girl... I love you I just can't get enough I just can't get enough Baby I need you I need you more than words can say And I wish that it never ends When we're together Time is runnin' away Like"
  • I Just Can't Make It - Hound Dog Taylor
    "(Hound Dog Taylor) Well I just can't make it Well I just can't make it woman Well I just can't make it Well I just can't make it Well I just can't make it, I can't make it anymore Well I went home last"
  • I Just Love You - Cathy Dennis
    "You are the inspiration in my life You're the sun the moon and the stars And there's nothing here to stop me now Cos I feel just who you are I don't wanna take this from you And I not afraid to fall It's"
  • Just What I Need(Conversation) - Bring It On
    "Oh Torance, can't stand you're cheerleading squad. But I love your pom-poms i'd feed you bon-bons all night 1234 and im feelin fine, got butterflies inside, in your locker i would hide the truth, it's"
  • I Love It - Sneaky Sound System
    "It's been a long time coming my heart is aching I'm waiting to hear that we're okay don't know what to say I'm shaking feels like, I'm breaking and I'm not so sure if it's just a phase I love it when"
  • I Love It - Akon
    "Akon and Shaggy, ooh yeah Love ain't got nothin' to do with it Come on now Me waan fi leave you long time Nuff man a search for your sign She say she love me till the end of time But that a not really"
  • I Love It - The Beatnuts
    "(Female voice sings throughout song) I love it (Ha, I know ya do) I love it (I know ya do) I love it (Psycho Les) You need to save all your bullshit threats and drama For the news guy Niggas need to act"

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