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I just wanna feel something

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I just wanna feel something

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I just wanna feel something
  • Trace Adkins I Wanna Feel Something
    "If youre tellin me Im not on fire Youre just preachin to the choir Ive gotten dull as old barbed wire from livin Last night I watched the evening news It was the same ol nothin new It should have"
  • Adam Lambert Feel Something
    "(Wanna feel something) Wanna feel something Just wanna feel something Wanna feel something) I've been leaving my heart in all the wrong places Took it back way too soon when I should've been patient"
  • Bea Miller Feel something
    "if I could choose anything I would be good in bed one day I would fall into love and stay fall into love and it’s not fair I keep on writing a sequel to stories I know that are not there I don’t wanna"
  • Makeshift Romeo Feel Something
    "I know you feel like there's No way out sometimes Everything just isn't fair and It's tearing you apart inside So what are we suppose to do With everything we're going threw It's all on me and you Get"
  • Kla Project Feel Something
    "(KLa Project) I feel something that never realized In the middle of the night When I looked back to my past life Fully, great full memory There was a little caught light Shinning on my path clear all of"
  • Sunshine Anderson Something i wanna give you
    "Sunshine come on Oh oh oh oh oh yeah I wanna give you something (Theres something that I wanna give you) Listen Baby We hung tough like new kids on the block I stayed down like Luth stayed jukebox (Theres"
  • FM Static Something
    "you've been trying to get me open caught out in the open everyone is hopeing youd give anything to take this everything that breaks this everyone is faceless give me something to believe in quick or else"
  • Aretha Franklin Something He Can Feel
    "Shoo, shoo, shoo Many say that I'm too young To let you know just where I'm coming from Oh, but you will see that it's just a matter of time My love surely make you mine Oh, livin' in a world of ghetto"
  • Selah Sue Feel
    "You never show you love No matter what I do You keeping up your guard You locked to heart … /2x You wanna stay on shore And never ride the wave But if you take the dive You know that you relief, yeah! But"
  • Mari Feel
    "Feels like I spent all this time talking to walls Feels like I gotta let go of the way it was before Are your really there? Are you made of stone? Am I talking to someone or am I here all alone Are you"
  • Justincase Feel
    "You're gone, and I don't wanna know, what went wrong, no Cause somewhere the words have really helped me sleep And honest, the tongue that tells me how you mean Is anyone out there? It feels like I'm holding"
  • Pearl Jam I just wanna have something to do
    "Hangin' out on Second Avenue Eating chicken vindaloo I just wanna be with you I just wanna have something to do Tonight, tonight, tonight Tonight, tonight Wait-now Wait-now Wait for me now Hanging out"
  • Garbage I Just Wanna Have Something To Do
    "Hanging out on Second Avenue, Eating chicken vindaloo, I just wanna be with you, I just wanna have something to do. Tonight, tonight, tonight, Tonight, tonight, tonight, Well alright! Tonight, tonight,"
  • Bobby Brown Baby, I Wanna Tell You Something
    "-BABY, I WANNA TELL YOU SOMETHING- In one sense it's curiosity The rest is just formality I see that look in your eyes And your clever combinations Breaking young hearts Must be your occupation Checkin'"
  • Keith Sweat Something Just Ain't Right
    "Tossin', turnin', girl I just can't sleep at night Ooh, you've been cheating on me Tell me it's a lie, huh I called you home And the phone just keeps on ringing Ooh, baby, what do you think I am All I"
  • Taio Cruz I Just Wanna Know
    "Baby, Talk To Me What Is Going On Cause Lately We Ain't Been Spendin Time Alone Last Night When I Touched Your Hand You Didnt Wanna Hold Today No Kiss Goodbye Jus Said You Had To Go If You're"
  • Gino Vannelli I Just Wanna Stop
    "(For your love (For your love) When I think about those nights in Montreal I get the sweet thoughts of you and me Memories of love above the city lights Oh, I've tried so hard to take it But in all my"
  • Gino Vanelli I Just Wanna Stop
    "(For your love) When I think about those nights in Montreal I get the sweetest thoughts of you and me Memories of love above the city lights Ooh, I tried so hard to take it But oh Lord my heart won't make"
  • Killa Kyleon I Just Wanna Know
    "(*talking*) What the fuck wrong with these niggaz mayn Can't be mad, cause your bitch all over here looking at a playa mayn Shit you know the rules, your bitch chose me We can handle this like some gentlemen Or"
  • Jaci Velasquez Something
    "How i wonder why Didn't you feel something? Wasn't your heart jumping? Didn't you have chills running down your spine? Weren't you infatuated? Weren't you illuminated? Didn't you hear music playing? I"

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