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I know your secret

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I know your secret

  • I Know Your Little Secret - Afghan Wigs
    "Afghan Wigs Miscellaneous I Know Your Little Secret ===================================== Afghan Wigs - I Know Your Little Secret ===================================== he liked to kiss the boys he liked"
  • I Know Your Little Secret - The Afghan Whigs
    "Afghan Whigs, The Up In It I Know Your Little Secret He liked to kiss the boys He liked to kiss the girls He liked to kiss the inbetweeners Rub his tongue on their gums Rub his tongue on their gums & lie"
  • I Know Your Little Secret - The Afghan Whigs
    "he liked to kiss the boys he liked to kiss the girls he liked to kiss the inbetweeners rub his tongue on their gums rub his tongue on their gums & lie with them & lie to them & light it up i know your"
  • Secret - Nixons
    "In my secret you are here With eyes that know the truth With eyes that understand Reality is sadness Daggers of my ignorance Piercing any heart The only place I'm not alone In my secret You smile Softly"
  • Secret - The Pierces
    "got a secret. can you keep it? swear this one you'll save. better lock it in your pocket, taking this one to the grave. if i show you, then i know you wont tell what i said. because two can keep a secret"
  • Secret - Missy Higgins
    "You were from the North, I was from the South We were form opposite places, different towns But I knew it was good and you knew it was too So we moved together like a ball and chain Minds becoming two"
  • Secret - Howie Day
    "It's your secret Why would you tell it to me It's your lover on the television, scream Why would you not try to be Why would you not try to see It's about blue hair I want to stay all night with you you've"
  • Secret - Asia Cruise
    "Hear my phone ring at three a.m. So I pick it up cuz I know its him He said I just wanna call Cuz I had a long day and I just wanna hear your voice He said Im on my way home from a flight And thought about"
  • Secret - Oceanlab
    "I don't know why I see the truth in every line Call me naive But i would rather believe And when i look into your eyes I've seen an awful low of lies You hide behind You know i know what it means to be"
  • Secret - Quietdrive
    "hey bride of mine i love you so why'd you find another who would make love with you death do us part might be true before the doctor asked me what did i do hey here's the crime if you've got time i'll"
  • Secret - Heart
    "We lead two different lives Just like two lines that never cross And here we are together Standing closer than we are But we're still standing here untouched Too scared to make a move We want so much to"
  • Secret - Maroon 5
    "Watch the sunrise Say your goodbyes Off we go Some conversation No contemplation Hit the road Car overheats Jump out of my seat On the side of the highway, baby Our road is long Your hold is"
  • Secret - Barbados
    "Noone who knows, does somebody here got a story to sell? Where did you go? I'm writing you letters and sending you mail A day passes by A night fades away, dreamed you will come back and stay Chorus: Got"
  • Secret - Omd
    "I've got a secret I can't explain And all the time I've waited for this day All along I was never in doubt I always knew it would never get out There are things that I cannot tell And there are things"
  • Secret - Xavier Aeon
    "(Joe Budden) Look mami, between me and you Nothing has to come inbetween me seein' you This aint me G'n you Yet you say somethin to convince me leavin boo Matter fact, dont bother ma, she's cheatin too Relationships"
  • Secret - Natasha Thomas
    "When I see you I see you naked When you're near me the tension's hard to bear Infatuated, no doubt about it Think there might be somethin' in the air So we got this situation Let's fall into temptation"
  • Secret - M.I.L.K
    "Yeah, know who this is? This is MILK For your angel oh, nae ga dwel guh ya Into your love, Into your heart na reul neu ggyuh nuhl hyang han nae ma eum jo shim seu reh da ga gal geh oh jak eun ji gab sok"
  • Secret - Sophie Barker
    "Do you wanna let me into your soul Do you want to show me secrets I don't know Do you me to part with all my love Stab myself in the heart Give you all my blood Don't treat me like a fool I'm more"
  • Secret - The Veronicas
    "You're a little obsessed with me And I'm a little bit scared of you The way you look and stare at me Maybe it's time I let you know You could call me six times but still I won't pick up the phone"
  • Secret - Baby Vox
    "Amu maldo piryo obnun i sungan your love buduroun ne sone gogerul jojhyo ne momul jogshyo onul bamdo gibun johun i shigan my love dalkomhan ne hyokuthe nukkyojyo borin ne couple ring Naman mollassosso"

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