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I loosen my status

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I loosen my status

  • Status - RxBandits
    "well, i don't care how she treats me anymore now cause every time i try to argue she walks right out that door but its just not how you look but its just its how you feel inside it don't matter if you"
  • Status - Mr. Lif
    "Status {Lif} I was mad dip Butterfly collars and shit Chains from the slave ship Dreads with the wave kit Bifocals and wing-tips Velvet pants and a velour coat Looked in the mirror "Damn I look dope" Folded"
  • Loosen' Control - Snoop Doggy Dogg
    "(feat. Butch Cassidy) Man, you got me goin crazy baby Feel like I'm losin my mind Feels like I'm losin control, and I don't even know Girl you hurt me oh so bad cause I love you so, hey But it don't"
  • Loosen control - Snoop Dogg
    "Man, you got me goin crazy baby Feel like I'm losin my mind Feels like I'm losin control, and I don't even know Girl you hurt me oh so bad cause I love you so, hey But it don't matter now, I'm doin better"
  • Loosen My Strings - Deep Purple
    "Wake up in the morning Get into bed Closing my eyes I rest my head There is no arrangement No time no place It's gone in the wind And left no trace Who can say, Maybe or whatever. It's up to you You"
  • Statue - Lil Eddie
    "Props to Crunk and Bangsat When a day is said and done, In the middle of the night and youre fast asleep, my love. Stay awake looking at your beauty, telling myself Im the luckiest man alive. Cause so"
  • Loosen Up My Strings - Clint Black
    "No one's gonna jerk me around When I get my feet on the ground I'm gonna hit it runnin Gonna call it a day See, a little bit of tension Goes a long, long way The boss man has got mine in a sling But"
  • Loosen up my buttoms - Pussycat Dolls
    "Come on You wouldn't be afraid of a little pussycats Huh Would you (4x) Im telling ya loosen up my buttons babe (uh huh) But you keep frontin babe (uh) Say what you gon' do to me (uh huh) But i see nothin'"
  • Status Quo-Medley - Status Quo
  • Cobra Status - Andre Nickatina
    "My drug ...(?) cuz they come in flocks I can't sleep cuz when I do I think the game gon' stop So I'm awake like an owl at a quarter to three I hit your window with a nickel, whatsup baby it's me Where"
  • Celebrity Status - Marianas Trench
    "I look around, round, round look around and look it over, I take it up, up take it out and take you nowhere, Trading in who I've been for shiny celebrity skin I like to push it and push it until my"
  • Status Seeker - Dream Theater
    "Heart sick at the sight of the Status Seeker In a sense I'm not beyond reproach The aspiration to drop a name When any rose might smell the same Maybe you'll figure it out someday 'I want to know you now... You"
  • Current status - Atmosphere
    "I peep rap city high like to my eyesight Witnesses bitches and kids frontin' to bring a shit You get nothing from this write redundant to bring the dumb shit I neva half ass my blast leaves you overcome-ed"
  • Playa Status - Chamillionaire
    "Don't know who 'cause it's sure not you (who?) Call when she miss it, she wanna get this, sometimes fast but it's mostly screw (screw) No need to have any trees, slang D and she'll be OD'd Hope she ain't"
  • Status Clinger - Circle Jerks
    "everbody's out for the money running around talk about yourself all the time getting you down think about your needs out of mind gotta get ahead turn my back leave me behind point blank, take a leak pressure"
  • Status Quo - Pro-Pain
    "Hands are tied - the scene is set To take advantage of the meek As sacrificial lambs are killed The blood will run into the street Mass migration - exodus All lemmings forced into the sea It's a masochistic"
  • Status - Hannah Fury
    "Ooh, c'est tout I curse the day that I laid eyes on you You thirsty, dirty, stupid root Status: Over; we are through. Ooh, c'est tout The needle, like a thorn removed, Slipped out from this aching bruise Status:"
  • Status - Rx Bandits
    "I don't care how she treats me anymore. 'cause everytime I try to argue she walks right out that door. But it's not how you look but it's how you feel inside. It don't matter if you got any money or not"
  • Status Back Baby - Frank Zappa
    "Ray Collins (vocals) Jimmy Carl Black (drums) Billy Mundi (drums) Roy Estrada (bass) Don Preston (keyboards) Bunk Gardner (woodwinds) Motorhead Sherwood (soprano, baritone saxophone) I'm losing status"
  • Granite Statue - Salad
    "Sitting in a garden with a face like a granite statue I am winter solstice waiting like a granite statue Just like a granite statue I will come when the weather's fine Just like a granite statue I want"

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