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I lost everything I knew about myself


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I lost everything I knew about myself

  • Everything I Knew - Busted
    "Everything I knew just went out the window Know I can't depend on you - forever And I never thought I'd see My life walk away from me I thought we'd always be - together Notice you didn't have to pay"
  • Lost Myself - Longpigs
    "She sold herself on the one love, the one that most of us live without, And... Dressed for the occasion Day after day. Forgives herself when it don't come. I have always found it Easier to dream about"
  • Back When I Knew Everything - Aaron Tippin
    "Oh, if I had a big ol' eraser I'd start from today And go back through life's pages And correct a lot of things Yeah, steppin' on toes with my foot in my mouth Yeah, thought I was the king But that was"
  • I Knew It - Powerman 5000
    "The opposite of bravery has always been conformity Don't trust your friends, they'll sell you out Cause they don't know what you're about They want to change everything To make you fit don't be so strange But"
  • I've Lost The Only Love I Knew - Hank Williams
    "Written by don helms and hank williams Recorded by ray price feb. 8, 1952, with the drifting cowboys (d) you ask me why my (d7) heart's so (g) sad, And (d) why the teardrops fill my (a7) eyes, A (d) heart"
  • Loved And Lost Everything - Jack's Broken Heart
    "one last thing before you go one last piece, of my soul would it matter if i held you and told you that it was alright, one last time i wanted to be your first love i would have settled for your last"
  • Myself - Fireflight
    "You turned a page, inside my heart, Brought the light when my world was so dark I feel something I cant explain You consumed me and took on my shame PreChrs: Everything is gone that held me down,"
  • Before I Knew About You - Regina Regina
    "(Gary Burr/Tom Shapiro) Before I knew about you The moon was just a rock That hung there silent in the sky Before I knew about you I guess its all the dreams Were just a way to pass the night Nothing,"
  • I Thought I Lost You - Miley Cyrus i John Travolta
    "MILEY Nobody listens to me, dont hear a single thing I've said Say anything to soothe me, anything to get you from my head Don't know how really I feel, Cause it's the faith that makes it like I don't"
  • I Know Everything About Everything - Frenzal Rhomb
    "I know that we all have differences I'm not bothered 'cause I've seen them all I'm the best guy you're ever going to meet I won't listen to your point of view I know everything I know every paradox in"
  • Me Myself & I - Akon
    "Ooohhh *I don't have no one* *me, myself and I*, listen Allow me to take the blame Everything I did, I did it all by myself, it was just *me, myself and I* Listen, Couldn't believe the things I went through,"
  • I Miss Myself - NOTD, HRVY
    "we need a conversation i'm ruunning outta [patience patience, you see you never make an effort I;m sick of always telling you what I need so tired of chasing you it’s everything I gotta do the city is"
  • Me, Myself & I - FlipBoy
    "(Intro) From the streets of montreal y'all, I present to you, a new rapper, He goes by name of FlipBoy, He sick, he ill, he got killah rhymes, Well you get the picture, now listen to him, (Verse"
  • I Lost Everything Today - Ra
    "I'm running out of excuses now I try to hide from what you're giving Cold advice never seems to end Training days that I was living Magic makes for a boring lie Golden shit and a red bowtie Bleeding hearts"
  • Thought I Knew You - Sweet Matthew
    "I thought I knew you But I was in for a suprise I let my love flow From my heart into your eyes And then I found out That there was nothing I could know Or guess about you You'd go as far as you could"
  • I Never Knew Love - Olivia Newton-John
    "I asked you to come inside my heart And there you were I asked for a pure and gentle start And there you were I asked fif this love could ever be The way that I've dreamt of it you see I never knew love I"
  • I never knew love - Olivia Newton John
    "I asked you to come inside my heartAnd there you wereI asked for a pure and gentle startAnd there you wereI asked fif this love could ever beThe way that I've dreamt of it you seeI never knew loveI asked"
  • I Knew The Moment I Lost You - Merle Haggard
    "I KNEW THE MOMENT I LOST YOU (Bob Wills - Tommy Duncan) '56 Red River Songs, BMI A man may have his trials and tribulations and at times he feels so low and so blue But from now on I will be entirely"
  • Only If I Knew - Project Wyze
    "If only you could live my life If only I could get inside your head and shed some light If only I could show you what you never understood If only I could answer all your questions then I would Time -"
  • I Lost Everything In Re-Entry - The Forecast
    "Can't you see That these long nights on the phone And these complaints make coming home A little harder on the head And heavier on the heart We will rise again We'll come back to meet our friends (With"

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