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I lost myself im hungry

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I lost myself im hungry

  • Hungry - Paul Revere & The Raiders
    "I HAD A DREAM Paul Revere and The Raiders I had a dream I had a dream Had myself a dream today The same one Havin' it most every day now Since you been gone Wake up in the mornin' and I find You're not"
  • Hungry! - Stereo Total
    "I am hungry Cause youre not here anymore I am starving Cause youre not here anymore... Mousse au chocolat, Rumbaba Pfirsich Melba, Stracciatella Papayas, Luftschokolade Ananas, Zuckerwatte I am hungry... Nussnugatcreme,"
  • Hungry - Lita Ford
    "My nylons are melting down my legs Your heart is pounding at my throat I can't catch my breath I lost it when your fingertips Ran down my back and up my neck Your kiss makes me feel like this I'm"
  • Hungry - Kosheen
    "You're like a child with old eyes Cynical, sensible, always full of surprises You travel far and wide Lookin' for the feeling lost inside They don't understand you, no Until it's too late With everything"
  • Hungry - Roger Hodgson
    "This morning when I woke up I fixed myself a drink I was feeling kind of broke up My mind was on the blink I couldn't see a future Can't seem to hold a job I feel I'm just a loser Oh when's it gonna stop I"
  • Hungry - Dave Navarro
    "Where is her dinner? Where are the flowers she can press? When will she leave here? Been here for hours and no less Please leave me here in the empty world Where is my mother? Will she be there when I"
  • Hungry - Rad Kick
    "standing beside your grave bearing a tear in my eyes as I take a short but intensive look to the sky I remember all bad and good times it seems like yesterday living and crying is like loving and dying I"
  • Lost Myself - Longpigs
    "She sold herself on the one love, the one that most of us live without, And... Dressed for the occasion Day after day. Forgives herself when it don't come. I have always found it Easier to dream about"
  • Hungry Row - Freddie Hart
    "Walking in my shabby coat and boy it sure is cold Trying to get a hang-out here on Hungry Row I'll wash your dishes I'll chop your wood For bite I'll scrub your clothes Cause beggars can't be choosers"
  • I'm Hungry - The Sugarcubes
    "Bjrk I wake up and know that This is the day I'm leaving I'm going alone with no map I need room I need space Have to try something that Hasn't been done before I want to go to places Where I don't know"
  • Hungry Again - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) The thrill, the desire, the excitement is gone We seem to have found a safe comfort zone We worked so hard to get where we are That romance got lost on the way It used to be never enough We'd"
  • Hungry Eyes - The Distillers
    "Holy eyes, I never knew I'd beg down at your feet Hold on tight, I never knew I'd know much more than this Open sky, the wave of pain, the scent of you is bliss Hungry eyes, they stare at me... I know,"
  • Hungry years - Survivor
    "Would you still love me, if just perhapsThe roof above our heads should suddenly collapseWould you still take me, for what I amIf I had nothinThis hearts an engine, its running leanIm down to skin and"
  • Hungry Fuck - Atmosphere
    "I wrote this in Denmark, check. Starin' at my paper like I'm waiting for something But nothing is going to happen if I don't make it happen I walk around like I don't know where I am 28 years old, yes,"
  • Hungry Fuck - Slug
    "(Intro) I wrote this in Denmark, check. Starin' at my paper like I'm waiting for something But nothing is going to happen if I don't make it happen I walk around like I don't know where I am 28 years"
  • Myself - Sloth
    "I think I've had enough Of useless, shameless point of views I think we've had ebough I just can't take anymore of you :Chorus: I will never be what you wanted me to be I am the one you lost I am the"
  • Myself - Fireflight
    "You turned a page, inside my heart, Brought the light when my world was so dark I feel something I cant explain You consumed me and took on my shame PreChrs: Everything is gone that held me down,"
  • Myself - Orgy
    "Chemicals keep me under controlChemicals keep me under controlChemicals keep me under controlChemicals keep me under controlSleeping at the wheelI cant feel my faceMaybe its better this wayMy stomachs"
  • Myself - Big D And The Kids Table
    "can someone tell me what i'm seeing it's something lost but still I'm reaching there's nothing left that could keep me hanging on (the only thing I miss is myself, the only thing i miss is myself) -"
  • Hungry - The Network
    "(*)Shiny working models Tall gorgeous models Hungry hungry models On the runway Baby, I need jacket I see through that skirt Purple plastic earrings Finger down her throat Walking like a tiger Spinning"

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