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I love you i love you i love you my child

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I love you i love you i love you my child

  • I Love You - G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE
    "I guess I'm lucky It's in my blook I've got you and us two That's what I'm thinking of So you're moving into my place That's a 24 hour taste That's n ocan that's a case This feeling I sure can't"
  • I love you - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "I guess Im luckyIts in my blook Ive got you and us twoThats what Im thinking ofSo youre moving into my placeThats a 24 hour tasteThats n ocan thats a caseThis feeling I sure cant eraseI know it sound oldBut"
  • I Love You - Angel Grant
    "There was a time When I knew nothing about love A silly little girl Masking her feelings from the world You bring me so much joy And I thank God from up above Right now I know that what I'm feeling is"
  • I Love You - Kina
    "I don't get the question baby I don't get the question Are you askin' if I love you? Are you sayin' you don't know by now? You should never wonder baby You should never wonder Cuz I need you more than"
  • I Love You - Tavaramarkkinat
    "I don't get the question, baby, I don't get the question, are you asking if I love you? Are you saying you don't know by now? You should never wonder, baby, You should never wonder, cause I need you more"
  • I Love You - Fontaines D.C.
    "I love you, I love you, I told you I do It's all I've ever felt, I've never felt so well And if you don't know it, I wrote you this tune To be here loving you when I'm in the tomb I've eddied the heart"
  • I Don't Know Why I Love You - House Of Love
    "I don't know why I love you Your face is a hammer in my head I remember every word you said I just don't know why I love you I don't know why I care I never even liked your hair I feel like a seven heir But"
  • Love Knows I Love You - Backstreet Boys
    "Love Knows I Love You You make me say it 25 times a day You make me feel you don't believe the words I say What is a man to do to prove his love for you? You make me feel like i'm just givin' free love"
  • I Love You - Chuck Berry
    "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you Love you, I love you, I love you At the beach, in a pool In a lunchroom at school In a drive-in,"
  • I Love You - Hanoi Rocks
    "Well I love you, I really do, And baby when I look at you I know love is true, You know about my past You know my habit, You know that love can't last Until we've had it I badly need it You know about"
  • I Love You - Brian Jonestown Massacre
    "If I love you If I love you girl I want you to know That I'm never ever lettin' you go If I show you If I show you If I show you 'cause I want you to know It's the only way I'm lettin' you flow If I"
  • I Love You - Eddy Grant
    "Take off your shoes sit on the floor I'll make us a coffee he'll keep you warm. Remember the times we couldn't afford Even the bare necessities but we made it somehow. And I love you yes I love you. Tell"
  • I Love You - Ne-Yo
    "I look away when you try to look in my eyes. Cause I'm afraid that I may scare you with what's inside. I try to not be so, damn it must be illegal to (?) When you smile at me. I try to care that you've"
  • I Love You - Frank Sinatra
    "(C. Porter) I love you. I love you. Is all that I can say. I love you. I love you. The same old worlds I'm saying in the same old way. I love you. I love you. Three words that are divine. And now,"
  • I love you - Massari
    "My love my love This is me, you know me and i know you but we desire each love we love each other forever i love you the most i meet this girl call rabia but she is really crazy i known her from my school"
  • I Love You - Hannah
    "Ive made mistakes in my life And i've gone and done some really stupid things But the biggest mistake i've ever made was Letting you go I love you I need you I love you I hope you love me too When i"
  • I Love You - Black Flag
    "I put my fist through the door I hate myself for you I love you Suspicion rules my very soul My knife is sharp, my thougths are cold I love you I love you Because I love you I can't talk, I can't"
  • I Love You - A Band Of Bees
    "You wouldn't walk away If my stories, they weren't true I love you It's only make believe It's something that I do I love you Baby, there's no lies I wouldn't make you cry I love you You're charming in"
  • I Love You - The Ramones
    "When I look in your eyes I see words I can't describe And these words I'm tellin' you And I tell you I love you Don't try to put me down Just because my back is turned around I'm playing is strait for"
  • I Love You - Finch
    "I love you I hope the words get through You're my dream come true Oh how I love you I love you I know it's cliche, too But that's no big deal, cause it's real I love you Put your arms around me Hold me"

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