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I m a freak

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I m a freak

  • FREAK - Tyga, Megan Thee Stallion
    "yeah please I need a freak, freak huh, mustard on the beat I need a freak, freak , freak to rub my hair, hair, hair I need a freak every day at a week put the legs in the air put the legs in the air I"
  • Freak - Spunge
    "I wanna be a freak don't know why I wanna sprout wings and try to fly I wanna drop on passers-by oh my, oh my, oh my, oh I wanna be purple spotted pink I wanna have breath that you could drink I wanna"
  • Freak - Strangelove
    "I live a life alone Inside a plastic hole Inside a cage of stones I dug myself this hole I'm a freak I'm a freak Oh ho I'm a freak Good Lord I'm a freak Stacked-up on platfrom shoes I tried so hard to"
  • Freak - Nicole Scherzinger
    "I can be I can be a little get away .. Set me free Let… I wanna see it I wanna see it come around It’s too much failure Don’t you wait unless too late .. The freak comes out in night! The freak The"
  • Freak - Gothminister
    "Once enchanted by gloome presence Did that belong to a different world All broken down by your feigned contrition Could never drown, but will become a witch that burns Youre such a freak So I fall apart Youre"
  • Freak - Heaven 17
    "Freak There's a hole in me that's ten feet wide There's a window come and look inside Tell me everything you see Because some very strange things have been happening to me To he rhythm of the rain I'm"
  • Freak - Silverchair
    "No more maybes Your baby's got rabies Sitting on a ball In the middle of the Andes Yeah, I'm a freak of nature Yeah, I'm a freak If only I could be as cool as you As cool as you Body and soul, I'm a"
  • Freak - GBH
    "You're a freak I guess you know .. ..you're belong in a side-show.The shape of your head, length of your neck,on the whole you're a fucking wreck.Freak .. of nature, freak, god I hate yer ..You get victimised"
  • Freak - Cam'ron
    "I need a freak I need a freak Girl I need a freak I'm the one who is the low-key Don dick stay hard, call me Pokemon 'cause I'm the one they call Cutie pie I'm the one with the Gucci tie I'm the one"
  • Freak - Lana Del Rey
    "Flames so hot that they turn blue Palms reflecting in your eyes Like an endless summer That's the way I feel for you If time stood still, I'd take this moment Make it last forever Your halo's full of"
  • Freak - Days Of The New
    "Watch the time Wait for me Patience is reality I don't know how it feels No, I can't see with your foot in my face I don't know how it feels I can't decide No, I can't see With your nose in my business Your"
  • Freak - Ahmad
    ".. and then he cut it off *laughter* Hahaha, ay who next? Who next? Ay ay Jamal come up Somebody else.. aiy who next man? Calvin you next? (Nah nah) Midget? Rascal? (No, no no) It's mine? On mine?"
  • Freak - Sadus
    "Who are you to me One bad seed A different breed A fucking freak Dead, you're dead Dead to me I burn inside From hate and lies Your drama tells the tale You'll burn yourself Freaks We are all freaks Freaks We"
  • Freak - Little Mix
    "You don't get these kisses for free It's getting late baby your dinner's cold I tried to call but I got your answer phone Last thing you said you were one your way back to me I can tell you think there's"
  • Freak - Emily Haines
    "Traded your bucket and bruises for a bag of bones And a wardrobe of excuses You live too hard, you look too good And you're in my backyard, Just like everybody said you would be Greased by impostors Plastic"
  • Freak - Caleb Kane
    "Dear Mother and Father, if you're reading this now You probably just got home from God Knows where And Went into my room to tell me How tired you both are and how tired I make you both Seem to think, I'm"
  • Freak - James LaBrie
    "You see it - I'm in it One man freak show Walk by me - Excite me Moving real slow Can't accept it, a comical parade Can't accept it, part of the charade Just hangin' by a thin thread On borrowed time,"
  • Freak - Swans
    "And the violence in my insides is glowing and malignant, and the only way to stop it, is to cut a hole and let the fresh air come in. And your public face is dripping, now you're famous and you're beautiful, but"
  • Freak Freak - Lil' Kim
    "Yo uh yo uh yo yo Freak freak ya'll (TR) Freak freak ya'll (G&B) Freak freak ya'll (C'mon 2001) Freak freak ya'll (Refugees 2001) Toot toot ya'll (2001) Toot toot ya'll (They ain't ready) Toot toot ya'll"
  • Freak, Freak - Earthling
    "(Whisper : yes yes) (Whisper : freak freak yall) (Whisper : yes yes) Yes yes yall Freak freak yall Yes yes yall Looks like im freakin' some more Yes yes yall Freak freak yall Yes yes yall Looks like im"

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