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I met this girl

  • Met This Girl - McFly
    "Well I met this girl, just the other day, I hope I don't regret, the things that I said now, And when we're laughing joking with each other now, I'm glad I met this girl She didn't walk away, I think she"
  • I met a girl - Dean Martin
    "I met a girl a wonderful girl Who's really got a lot to recommend her for a girl Fabulous creature without any doubt Hey what am I getting so excited about She's just a girl an everyday girl And yet I"
  • I Met A Girl - Wheat
    "I met a girl I'd LIke to know better but I'm already with someone (x2) Everyone stands on the corner promiscuously Looking like something to fight and for something to beat Did anyone else see that girl"
  • I met a little girl - Marvin Gaye
    "I met a little girl, sure was fine Pretty little thing just about blew my mind She took me home and ahh made love to me I knew right then and there this is where I wanted to be Most of my life I had been"
  • Before I Met You - Usher
    "Oooohh ohh Ye yeah Remember (x16) You Know You Changed My Life In So Many Ways I Just Think Back To How I Used To Be And How You Delt With Me I Just Wanna Thank You.... Just encase I Never See Your"
  • Until i met you - Manhattan Transfer
    "I used to be so fancy free, But really lonesome as could be, Till one lucky day, you came my way I never knew what love was all about UNTIL I MET YOU. I knew it right from the start I used to think there'd"
  • I Met This Little Girlie - Esham
    ""I wouldn't lie to ya, I want you to get ready to on 'Cause I got some more nasty ass shit to talk tonight" I met this little girlie, she said her name was Shirley Went to her house, pulled down her pants"
  • Never Met A Girl Like You Before - Iggy Pop
    "I've never known a girl like you before Now just like in a song from days of yore Here you come a knockin', knockin' on my door And I've never met a girl like you before You give me just a taste so I"
  • meta angel - FKA twigs
    "Saggi Moon Pisce Veen Capri Sun Each year I'm like, ah I'm gonna own my shit, and then each year I'm still so shy and so quiet. No, but like This is the year Yeah, girl This is the year of greatness bruv,"
  • Until I Met You (Corner Pocket) - The Manhattan Transfer
    "I used to be so fancy free, But really lonesome as could be, Till one lucky day, you came my way I never knew what love was all about UNTIL I MET YOU. I knew it right from the start I used to think there'd"
  • I Met My Best Friend In Prague - Powerspace
    "Look at where you've got yourself now You think the world is trying to bring you down You think that moving on Means getting passed around But every move you make Just takes you further down These are"
  • Girl - Luniz
    "(feat. Crooked I) Welcome Little boys and girls, listen A man can get caught up in things (Right) It's like a gridlock (Right) He gots ta have it (ugh ugh), his girl got his mind (ugh ugh) Took over"
  • This Girl - Slade
    "This girl ain't flying tonight this girl ain't trying tonight she's only turning over, that's what makes a rover think he ain't doin' it right. This girl ain't giving her best this girl ain't living"
  • This Girl - Kylie Minogue
    "Take me as I am Though I'm good at pretending I tire easily And hurry to the ending There's more than what you see But not the way you see it I hope you follow me And you get the meaning Here is where"
  • This girl - T'Pau
    "You think that you can have anything With that money of yours Well sure I admired All the fun and high flying I just don't like the tune you call Now everyday in every way You gotta try and get a little"
  • This Girl - Sam Gray
    "I was dreaming along When you crippled to my life With a smile so worm Like a never make harm But it seems became a trouble this far And like my mama once said There’s no monsters hiding in my bed But"
  • This girl - Ciara
    "(feauturing Lil Wayne) This yo girl ciara wit young weezySee this is how it goes...I am the girl that rides around in 28I'm from ATL me and my boo bow-weezyWe soon going to be getting married But let me"
  • This Girl - Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners
    "Money rains from the sky above But keep the change coz I;ve got enough A little time and some tenderness You’ll never buy my love No other thing that’s as precious to No other There’s no other Than a"
  • This Girl - Gadjits
    "More than a man More than a lover You pocket me like a shilling I don't know if i'm ready But i've no shortage of willing Will i always be good enough To be with her I'm young and i'm dumb and i come"
  • This Girl - Wolfstone
    "(Ivan Drever) This one is for Diana, wherever she may be. It's strange the people we meet who we never see again! There was this girl, slept on my floor Diana was her name, she said I'm cold and very tired I"

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