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I never you away

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I never you away

  • Never Go Away - C-BooL
    "hey If you ever want to leave it all If you ever want to lose control leave it all escape so far away maybe then you’ll think it is ok but I’ll tell you how I see it now take the guitar and I’ll tell you how I"
  • Never Fade Away - Spector
    "You know I’ll never fade away, You know I’ll never fade away, You know I’ll never fade away, You know I'll never fade away But if I do, it'll be because you asked me to. You know I’ll never break in"
  • Never Go Away - Boyz II Men
    "there you are, standing there make me wanna reach, i went touch you and went my fingers through your hair i know, you gotta go but i want you to stay so we can get a little closer and do things my way baby"
  • Never Walk Away - Breaking Point
    "You can't take everything away Cause i will fight and beat you at your game And nothing or no one Can take the place of all these empty memories You left me time and time again So you waste your life"
  • Never Far Away - Take 5
    "Everything I do Is all done for you Lady, I'm yours And everywhere I go You're always on my mind You're all I adore And I'll go Out of my way Just to assure that our love is yours I'm yours Girl I'm never"
  • Never walk away - Magnus Carlsson
    "I always ment to be there just for you To be the one whatever we went through You had your doubts from everything you'd always seen But opened up your heart for me I think you always knew I could never"
  • Never Far Away - Olivia Newton-John
    "Every day I'd wake and ask myself Was I strong enough for you Foolish doubts and fears took me away I'm sorry now you never knew For so long I've wondered where you are Underneath a tapestry of stars In"
  • Never Walk Away - Vanishing Point
    "I can feel you near, in control You've taken my mind please spare my soul Left alone to cleanse the night Forge what's right, sanctify How can I be to blame? It's been done now the wounds still remain Crucify"
  • Never Far Away - Chris Cornell
    "You are the road that I will travelYou are the words I writeYou are the ocean I will swallowYou are the wind I rideYou are the cause to keep my head up highI will surviveYou gotta know I'll stay beside"
  • Never Fade Away - Air Supply
    "Walking along the boulevard Speaking into the air Where can I find the life I know that only dreams can share I close my eyes and see you there Calling me far beyond Wrapped in a robe of mystery You wave"
  • Never Look Away - Building 429
    "The water rages on tonight And the storm is hiding the skyline I try to see the northern shore But the waves are much higher than before From the deep Lord You are beckoning You call out my name Say don't"
  • Never walk away - K-Maro
    "How come nobody ever ever told me? How come nobody ever ever showed me? Guess I'm a self made man Just trying to run down the words of my own story See how we became so selfish The good life but our minds"
  • Never turn away - Omd
    "Save it for the next time hands over my head faintest sound of lightning faintest sound I heard Ill never, no no Ill never All around my body all around my feet please they are watching now placed around"
  • Never Beg - Sometimes Never
    "Untie the ropes and unlock all the chains I won't be bound and gagged just for your sake Take your foot off my throat, take this mask off my face Don't expect me to plead for your mercy, I'd rather bleed"
  • Break Away - Enemy You
    "Waiting for the flood, we know it coming I'grease on the gears, ever turning The millions that never cry The billions with half closed eyes A trillion will never try And the masses still multiply Yeah,"
  • Take Me Away - 7 Days Away
    "(Verse 1) There must be something, sworn to tear me down (Oh Yeah) My pain is building, tearing me inside out (Oh Yeah) Will i finish last again, here i wait for this to end, i forced the pain i struggle"
  • Away - Don't Look Down
    "scatered thoughts keep runin though my head I keep thinking bout all the wrong things that I said didn't mean to bring you down with me i'm so stupid cuz i'll never let things be so take me away.... take"
  • Away - Enrique Iglesias
    "Intro: Away aways, oh yea away away this feels like the coldest day in a hurricane looking through a glass window and ya screaming to the top of yours lungs, and the bells done rung and the crowd"
  • Away - Enrique Iglesias feat Sean Garrett
    "this feels like the coldest day in a hurricane looking though a glass window and ya screaming to the top of yours lungs, and the bells done rung and the crowed can't hear you and all that i can see is"
  • Away - Stina Nordenstam
    "Away ... away You may have many problems But I was never one All I ask is take me to the sea You had to take me somewhere I realize it now Listen now just take me to the sea Away from flickering nights"

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