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I nought no my kill

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I nought no my kill

  • Kill, Kill,kill. - Marilyn Manson
    "I don't know what is wrong with me, the person I use to know and love is no Longer me. maybe it is my gun every time I look at it, it says-shoot me, shoot Me, shoot me. I beleive it has me under a spell"
  • Kill - The Cookies
    "someday I'm gonna kill you all 'cause I'm going insane living with y'all someday I'm gonna kill you all 'cause I'm going insane 'cause I'm going insane yeah some day gonna kill you babe gonna leave your"
  • Kill Hannah - Kill Hannah
    "and she made such an entrance yeah one blink explode the cinder blocks sometimes it sticks to your lips and sometimes i see battleships stop everything, kill hannah 'cause she knows it's just a game stop"
  • You Nought Me - Flipper
    "Sometimes I just don't know what to do Life's a drag when you're bored all the time Putzing around trying to find Waiting for something I can't explain But they look at me And they say You're only bored"
  • Kill My Girlfriend - Nu Virgos
    "On this night with the last of the lonely Every tongue every language We only will be singing of love Will be singing of joy I will be the reward for your patience For your love, For your all desperations Like"
  • Kill my tenant - Vandals
    "No respect for a land-holding man only scum who pay when they can free-loaders that hate what i am then beg me to fix their can ugly harleys on the front lawn i come by to turn the sprinklers on just tryin'"
  • Kill Your Gods - Kill II This
    "I pledge allegiance to whom I am, though the weak may kneel, in strength I stand Suffocated vows, salvation found, your sacred cow bleeds, the great god you feed Your Gods, Kill Your Gods, Kill Your"
  • Kill, Kill, Kill - The Pierces
    "what were you doing in my dream last night, honey well i thought i liked that you're uptight, baby well it's a mystery to me how you keep on slipping in my mind and it's downright dirty that this old wound"
  • Kill - One Hit Wonder
    "It isn't funny anymore It's gettin' crazy now This is america Hey look its crumbling down I think we really got a problem here The solutions oh so clear Put their skulls on posts around the foe Kill the"
  • Kill - Jimmy Eat World
    "Well, you're just across the street Looks a mile to my feet I want to go to you Funny how I'm nervous still I've always been the easy kill I guess I always will Could it be that everything goes 'round"
  • Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars
    "What if I wanted to break Laugh it all off in your face What would you do? What if I fell to the floor? Couldnt take this anymore What would you do, do, do? Come break me down Bury me, bury me I am finished"
  • I kill people - Jon Lajoie
    "Did you miss me Oooh, yeah What, what MC Vagina's right back in this bitch Two thousand nine is the year that I recorded this song Still not loving police Still got love for the vaginal crease Player haters"
  • Kill Hannah (Bedroom Demo) - Kill Hannah
    "See the world sideways falling down And I want you to see sideways all the time And when you kiss ice it sticks to your lips All I see are battleships Stop everything, kill hannah 'Cause she knows it's"
  • Murder murder kill kill - Mac
    "feat. Mystikal4x: Mmm Mmmmmm Soldier rag on my eye soldier fit on my frame I scream "Whoa" when I come through makin that MAC 11 sang If I'm dyin bad don't tell my folks I wasn't no joke when I blasted"
  • Kiss Kiss Kill Kill - Roger Miret And The Disasters
    "Summer punks on Avenue B Grubbing change and pissing the fuck out of me Their gutter smell offends me Who made it cool to live in poverty? On the beat, cop'ers running the street Taking New York City"
  • Kill Kitty - Angelspit
    "I love the way you sweat when you lie hearing you beg always makes me smile It turns me on when your honey starts to drip as I put on the thumbscrews and tighten their grip Slip a little bamboo under your"
  • Kill Murder - Twista
    "(feat. Turtle Banxx) most of you motherfuckers is comical the rule like me is impossible verbally illogical I took the heat and then followed you to your residence and spread your molecules blood floods"
  • Thrill Kill - Deranged
    "Cold and methodical Selfmade - superior Enslaved by sin Survive in blood I aim to kill Cold and methodical Selfmade - superior Convulse Nailed down Scarred for - life This rotten world I rule Set filth"
  • Kill City - Hanoi Rocks
    "Oh the street is cold, I'm all alone, I've got some money Don't know what to spend it on, So I take a bus, I see her face Where did she go, She was here just a moment ago I've got love, love so strange,"
  • Kill Me - Anybody Killa
    "Anybody Killa Hatchet Warrior Kill Me Hatchet Warrior:Kill Me You betta kill me or you die 40 sipping bullets filling the sky When Anybody Killa ride ain't no stopping me Bulletproof preventing you"

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