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I remember is it go

  • Remember - The Corrs
    "I see you in my memory As vivid as today And I wonder do you see me In that same familiar way Oh another place another time We'll meet again And you'll be mine Oh cause nothing can compare to you and"
  • Remember - The Raveonettes
    "And I Never Think You'll Get It Tonight You're Doing Something This Fix Is More Important Than You Are Hooking In The Streets Don't You Have Somewhere To Go This Man Is More Important Than You Are Girl"
  • Remember - Thumb
    "It could make me wanna sit down and cry, ev'rything we'll ever be has to die, ev'rything we ever were is dead, I cannot believe what I've had. It could make me wanna turn around, I don't wanna be lost"
  • Remember - Pocket Change
    "Why does it seem, when you meet that special someone, they go away? Why can't it be just for once it can happen to me? The times we've spent hanging around each other. So much fun. Watching your smile"
  • Remember - Virtuoso
    "When you feel life's too hard And you cant go on Remember that I love you From the day I emerged To when im saying these words You watched over me Held my hand and walked close to me Thats how its supposed"
  • Remember - Nylons
    "It seems like the other day That my baby went away Went away 'cross the sea Seems like a year ago Since I watched my baby go And then this letter came to me It said that we were through You found somebody"
  • Remember - Jimmie's Chicken Shack
    "this is another song that might go on our next record its called remember >>start song<< here in the water waste time the time to size the change here in the desert bone dry your eyes are out of bridge and"
  • Remember - Skamp
    "Memories are made with each moment saved Can't turn away from the past - afraid the furture isn't to last You always gave me strengh when I had nothing left - It all came true with time just had to wait"
  • Remember - Supertramp
    "I think it's funny, just a sad songHe likes his money, now you ain't got noneSo is it mighty strangeNow that you are so brokeDon't try to make it manYou haven't got a homeRemember when I was in troubleYou"
  • I remember - Terry Lee Hale
    "II heard him tell me once What he really wants to do Is to cut away from where he's at To be alone with you And concentrate his attentions On your needs with his love And perhaps to see his reflection"
  • I Remember - Coolio
    "When I was a kid I rolled crates on a skate and I ate everything mama put on my plate Niggas walked around packin' BB guns Knock on your door and run, just for fun We went to the store and sold bottles"
  • I Remember - Die Happy
    "Lying in my bed in the sun It's a beautiful morning kissing you awake smiling while yawning wake up Staying in this dream a little bit longer playing silly games seeing who's stronger wake up"
  • I Remember - Lil' Rob
    "I want you to sit back, close your eyes And think about all those wonderful times that we used to have here Now I know things aren't the way they use to be right now But they are going to get better some"
  • I Remember - Pulley
    "Lost again I try to find myself Direction found unknown Where else can I go Sit me down and say to me Tell it like it is Desperation eats at me I feel I need a change Promises I've made So helpless and"
  • I Remember - Lil Rob
    "I want u to sit back Close your eyes And think of all those wonderful times That we used to have, yeah Now I know things aren't the way They used to be right now But they are gonna get better, some day And"
  • I Remember - Joe
    "Not so long ago, I was not so popular I couldn't find a girl who was into me I searched for things to blame, maybe I was strange But I knew one day it would all change Now I'm making joints that turn"
  • I Remember - Nature
    ""yo nate, shit is crazy, I shook hands with mad dead niggas yo, all the Niggas that used to be on the block, ill will, marty, black ed, yo son, Mad niggas is gone, rest in peace though." Verse 1: Fifty-two"
  • I Remember - Nemesis 66
    "You get inside my head, and I think of yesterday I think of what we were, and it never goes away I pop another pill to take away the pain But now i'm dreaming more, and I guess your here to stay I hit"
  • Remember - The Beach Boys
    "Remember Remember Remember Remember "walking in the sand" Seems like the other day My baby went away She went away across the sea It's been two years or so Since I saw my baby go And then this letter"
  • Remember - Danny Rossing
    "We fill our hearts We fill our minds We fill our souls With money not feelings And I Will not become The poor man's excuse A slave with no meaning I still remember how it felt when you and I where young"

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