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I should have kissed uou

  • I should have kissed you - One Direction
    "Liam: I keep playing it inside my head all that you said to me I lie awake just to convince myself This wasn’t just a dream 'cause you were right there Harry: And I should have taken the chance Liam: But"
  • Kissed A Butterfly - Dilana
    "Remember when we took a trip All the way from jersey to la I got a fake id You took your brothers chevrolet Car broke down in atlantic city We didn't even have a place to stay Uh-huh, uh-huh The slot"
  • Should Have - Beyonce
    "Should Have ou're all alone But, I did this I got no one else to blame You didn't know I was a risk And it's such a cryin' shame How you gave me all of you And wanted nothing else from me Tried to make"
  • Kissed - Pansy Division
    "If you want to get it on If you want to turn me on Well it's like this First thing i need is a kiss And if you want me to come on strong If you want to get me long Well you're gonna miss Unless you're"
  • I should have been after you - Rooney
    "You're out with your friendsAnd it's feelin' like old timesStandin' in line in the front of the clubYou're drivin' around townBlasting your mixesSingin' along to the words you don't knowBut it makes no"
  • Should - Lacrimas Profundere
    "Be honest here We should be testified now What shall we do then And for what are we prefixed Leave a touch Down in our rust And we We tried it all Love should have been a revelation I think we did enough But"
  • Should have known - Cosmic Gate
    "I am censored by my fear I am home when youre near Cant you feel the passion deep in here Do you understand the tears Whats the price Ill have to pay Should I take the offer away (???) Whats the least"
  • Should Have Known - Robyn
    "I should have seen it coming, I should have fucking known How could I let you play me, I don't even know I should have seen it coming, I should have fucking known How could I let you play me, I don't even"
  • Should have known - Ignite
    "What happened here? where did the bottom go? when did you rush to crush the envelope? suppose i should have known all along the bullet - that came from the gun pierced right through the target hit more"
  • Never Should Have - Ashanti
    "You were all that I wanted I fell in love with all of your heart and your soul From that morning couldn't imagine You went from hurting me you're mistreated in your love I should have loved Rivers of"
  • Should Have Known - Bleed The Dream
    "i should have known what i was in for i should have hit the ground running but i never saw it coming you always acted like you've never been through this before how would i have figured out? what do you"
  • Should Have Known - No Fun At All
    "You say It's time to make a stand and make a clean sweep of this world You say, you say It's time to understand, if you don't shout you won't be heard Never got a minute just to take it easy, always so"
  • Should Have Known - Kingdom Come
    "Sad songs, strange thoughts in my head Can't laugh, can't cry, going mad Don't know, which way to go No one can help, I know Endless questions, coming on No direction, what is wrong Loving, caring, I"
  • I Should Have Known - Julian Lennon
    "If I could say to you And you could say to me, Love is not enough, To keep our devotion, 'cos time and time again, You've disappeared and then, You've come home to me And played my emotions. And i, I"
  • I Should Have Cheated - Keyshia Cole
    "Baby . . . (Verse 1:) First of all let me say You can't accuse me of all the things you know that you are guilty of And I see that it is easy for you to blame everything on me If that's the case I should"
  • Should have done - Spiderbait
    "I know you and you know me I've got no personality Take away all your sympathy Do what you like to do to me N-no-no-no-n-no-no!!! N-no-no-no-no!! I can see the way it's gonna go Only you and me will ever"
  • I Should Have Known - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Frost) I found out what I wanted, I found out when I needed to You thought me kind-a-hearted, I heard that when I wanted you Being wrong isn't easy, right's another way Being wrong isn't easy,"
  • Should Have Watched - George Strait
    "I once had a love, A true and lasting love, But the fool in me, Came out one night. And with her loving eyes, She saw right through my lies. And she changed the night I stepped across the line. I should've"
  • I Should Have Known - Garrison Starr
    "By the way your lips met on mine You'd been around. So delicate.. from the moment I saw you I had to get through And you were the one. Take me.. I won't surrender.. A battle for eightteen over me. Memories.."
  • Till I Kissed You - Connie Smith
    "TILL I KISSED YOU Writer Don Everly Never felt like this until I kissed you How did I exist until I kissed you Never had you on my mind Now you're there all the time Never knew what I missed till"

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