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I still falling for you

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I still falling for you

  • Still Falling? - Much The Same
    "Thoughts get trapped inside my brain Break my ribs so I can uncage All these emotions that still dwell inside my heart 26 hours, where you remain And I'm force fed all this pain In heaping spoonfuls that"
  • Still Falling For You - Ellie Goulding
    "Piosenka "Still Falling For You" brytyjskiej wokalistki Ellie Goulding została ogłoszona oficjalnym singlem promującym film "Bridget Jones’s Baby". Komedia, która wejdzie na ekrany kin 15 września 2016"
  • Still Falling - Saybia
    "Last night I woke Lost, scared and soaked In sweat I lay in bed Still falling from a rooftop I'm still trying to get Closer to who I am Who I am Twilight descends Into a dark velvet painting of my"
  • Falling For You - Cheetah Girls
    "But I stumble when I speak Melt, When our eyes meet still can't believe that I'm falling for you I Can't fight these feelings Can't find a reason Still can't believe that I'm falling for you, For You "
  • Falling - Mullmuzzler
    "The world has turned me upside down again And put me back right where I started from I could have sworn, that I was fastened in But you've broken me, now look what I've become When innocence was all that"
  • Falling, Falling, Falling - Mandy Barnett
    "My heart is breaking, darling As the many tears are falling Falling, falling, falling just for you My eyes are burning, darling While my heart is sad and yearning Yearning, yearning, burning just for you You"
  • Falling for you - Lisa Lavie
    "I can't believe I'm falling for you, should I You see I'm caught up in a notion that you'll make my soul cry Don't lend yourself to what I said But know that these words run through my head I can't believe"
  • Falling - Weeping Willows
    "It seems like we've run out of words of praise There's nothing left for us to say In the beginning there was lust but now The thrill has gone away You had my heart and now I want it back We're nothing"
  • Falling - Oblivion Dust
    "Tell me your secrets Tell me your secret Is it lie, lie, lies? And give me a whisper that disappears like a sigh, sigh, sigh I'm falling from above I need a miracle of love Am I an object? Laboratory"
  • Falling - Roy Orbison
    "Roy Orbison I'm falling, I'm falling Falling in love with you Baby, Come closer closer to me, And listen listen so carefully Remember all the nights that I told you that I loved you It wasn't true,I"
  • Falling - Keahiwai
    "I wanna tell you baby That you're the one that Im thinking of But your heart is still with her And I think she's the one that you love I only want you happy Even if it's not with me Maybe one day You'll"
  • Falling - Wolfpakk
    "Level one - the race has just begun Level two - it´s only up to you Level three - you chase your destiny Level four - come and open up the door High and dry you´re still on the rise Is it worth paying"
  • Falling - Mindy Smith
    "It seems like Out of nowhere I'm coming apart Nothing could've saved me You went straight for my heart When I've almost had enough Something about you draws me back again When I've almost given up Something"
  • Falling - Dream Evil
    "Sunday morning I want to leave this painful life Yesterday's evening it was glorious The king of the dancefloor The man with the irresistible eyes They could not deny it, I was glorious But if they saw"
  • Falling - Jamiroquai
    "Sometimes in the morning When I wake up I shed a tear I'm hoping Come the night time You open the door and reappear I can promise to share All my dreams I will dare You set my heart racing when you"
  • Falling For You - Mortal Love
    "As the signs grow stronger And our fate clearer Take no precautions Follow your leader As our love grows deeper And we fill each other Still admire the darkness Let it become larger As life drifts further Our"
  • Falling - October Fall
    "And we fall tonight, to the deepest of our hearts as we sit laying here together I'm lost tonight, scared of not making my way home, will we ever make this better? Will we ever make our way back home?"
  • Falling - Project 86
    "Sold to the man in the back As I rise on his wings And kiss the stars I am king for today King for a day As I sing and dance Watch my soul fray Sold to the man in the backDon't forget... To wash your hands"
  • Im Falling For You - Jamie Rivera
    "What is this I'm feelin' I just can't explain When you're near I'm not quite the same I try to hide it Try not to show it It's crazy, how could this be I'm fallin' for you Finally my heart gave in And"
  • Still - Even Rude
    "You'll know when the best of what you're gonna get is in front of you. You'll throw it away for something else that you might do. Big shoes are fillable but still you run away when you're scared No words,"

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