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I trusted you and you

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I trusted you and you

  • Trusted - Sandy
    "I hear you're sniggering at me behind my back don't even know me how'd you get away with acting like that I cross the room I feel you're evil eyes staring at me how can I justify you're behaving like a"
  • Trusted - Ben Folds
    "It's funny I know But I'm disappointed in you I thought you could read my mind But I came home early And saw that a drawer'd been opened Looks like you've been reading my diary instead How does it feel"
  • Trusted - Gadjits
    "Sometimes I wonder why I try so hard. To capture and obtain all I see into my brain. I sit in back of class. Don't talk to no one. 'cause I don't know no one. I'll just ignore you if you talk to me. Yeah,"
  • We Trusted You - The Transplants
    ""We Trusted You" We trusted you, we put out a helping hand Only in return, we get a stabbing in the back I paid a visit to a man who was pretty crazy Cooled off in the shade, we were feelin' lazy Trouble"
  • Carnt Be Trusted - The Bluetones
    "Who is she to say you carnt be trusted? And come to think of it how does she know? Her doubt is just her faith in disappointment She can't be blamed if she decides to go. Her dignity is what makes her"
  • When I First Trusted You - Keith Green
    "Well I though I depended upon you. At least that used to be what was happening with me. In those times of our first sweet communion, Nothing got in the way, I heard your voice everyday. When I first"
  • Love I Trusted - Matthew Sweet
    "Ever since I first ran ahead I've been living in the past Only wanting what might last And up until today disappeared Though I saw it wasn't clear I could not admit the love I trusted in (love I trusted) Couldn't"
  • I Gave You All - Double You
    "I gave you all I gave you everything my true desire but what you did not know I gave you all I gave you everything a man in chains thinking of love and you were there for me Chorus Why do we love thinking"
  • Missing You - Double You
    "Oh yeah I never needed anyone To throw me on the floor Everytime you walked away I wouls always say Remember all the times we had But you would run away Remember all our yesterdays And all that"
  • For You - Enemy You
    "And will there come a day when you're standing in my door Will you reach out your hand and pick me off the floor Will you talk to me for hours when I can't sleep at night And I look at the faces, I wonder"
  • What I Don't Know 'Bout You - You Am I
    "This whole day was useless Next one's gonna be worse Cos I'm wearing this badge of fortune like A criminals wears a curse I want to chase that rabbit right off the rails And rip this metal keeping my mouth"
  • Friends Like You - You Am I
    "With friends like you I could throw away my tv Cause I got it all in spades now All triumph and tragedy And when as a kid with a pocket knife Like a stone from a distance thrown It's a gamblers trick,"
  • ...And Vandalism - You Am I
    "I know this guy If I'm the mayonnaise he's the cream Some sit and wait for the ride While others become the scene And he can see a Wednesday morning Like others see Friday night It's all an open book It's"
  • You Scare Me - You Am I
    "You couldn't have took it any harder You couldn't have put it anymore sweet But every bone of yours for picking Is every bone they picked of meat Now you're loaded, lonely and on her mind Now you're loaded,"
  • Forever And Easy - You Am I
    "You can dress my riding just because it's a Sunday You can feel me riding just because I'm cheap If you want to claim it a "boy's own" ending If you just want to win it just for the team Yeah, I'm free I'm"
  • When You Know What You Want - You Am I
    "when you know what you want, the winds at your back yeah, and time's your friend, it'll push you out like tide, drag you in and kiss you at the end, when you know what you want, you keep your head up yeah,"
  • Follow You - Before You Breathe
    "Where You lead I'll follow I'm seeking only You When You speak I'll listen closely I want to worship You I've come to worship You And I will follow only You And I will run towards Your light And I'm reaching"
  • You and i and i - matchbox twenty
    "Well its for sure Well things came down hard but you couldn't wait Well all I think about is myself and anyone else Well they get strung out but I get high Well buddy something you better get straight"
  • You Are The One - Double You
    "Chorus I There's a feeling that you can't go on there was love and you were strong all day you just look around baby here's my life Chorus II You know you can't just run away just stick around for just"
  • What Did You Do - Double You
    "Remember all the love we shared But you never thought I was at your side Remember all the love we shared But you never thought I was at your side Remember all the love you gave But you never saw"

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