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I wanna love you better

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I wanna love you better

  • I Wanna Get Better - Bleachers
    "Hey, I hear the voice of a preacher from the back room Calling my name and I follow just to find you I trace the faith to a broken down television and put on the weather And I've trained myself to give"
  • Better - Twin-A
    "Don't tell me that you love me I know that it's not true Don't say that I'm the only 'Cause I am on to you. Maybe that's your reason For treating me so bad. Well I hope that it was worth it And I hope"
  • Better - Hurt
    "Those things you thought that were obscene, will quickly become your routine, And he invited you over. An addict quickly gets undressed, With something to get off her chest. You made a trade cause you're"
  • Better - Zayn Malik
    "Hope i only leave good vibes On your living room floor It hurt so bad that i didn’t when you asked for more Your dad probably loves me more then b ever did now Caus ei finnally got out Yaeh, we finnally"
  • Better - Johnta Austin
    "Yea Uh Say What Right About This Time Ya'll Know What This Is So So Def Is In The Building Johnta Austin Is In The Building There's No Crew Stronger Then Us There's No Crew That Runs The Charts The"
  • Love You Better - Gromee
    "i am trying you all alone cuz when call you hit ignore I know I;ve beet too high and low yeah, I can’t lie I know I’ve put you through a lot when times we’re though you kept me strong and then I went"
  • Love You Better - Future
    "Could this thing be more? You can never- this could be yours If it's really meant to- baby, baby 'Cause I'm interested, baby, baby ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob You tellin' me you fallin' out of love with me Hope"
  • Love You Better - Keith Sweat
    "You needed to go and let him know right now. (right now). Cuz he don?t even know how to make you smile. Y'all don?t even makin love, see it's over baby. He spend all his night at the strip club. (strip"
  • Love You Better - Jimi Blue
    "One Night One Chance Thats All We Need Jus To Make It Right Babie I Don't Understand Why U Wanna Be With Him When He Only Makes You Cry I See The Pain In Your Eyes Baby I Can See That U Dying Inside"
  • Love You Better - God-Des And She
    "Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Better. Better. I can love you better. Better. I can love you better. Something's going on. Yeh. I keep thinking 'bout ya. Every time I hear a love song. You're on my mind all the time But"
  • Love You Better - LL Cool J
    "This is for my number one This is for my number one This is for my number one True baby I adore This is hard to say, I wanna make sure I go about this in the right way Cause lately I been busy alot And"
  • Just Wanna Love You - Kylie Minogue
    "Baby, there's no way of knowing If we've got a good thing going Better not believe in true love That's what people say There's nothing fatal in attraction I'm just looking for some action Better not go"
  • I Love You Better - The Monkees
    "I one went with a belly dancer (Lum do dee ally day) One around I didn't stand a chance a (Lum do dee ally day) I, I, I love you better I, I, I love you better Then I went with a gospel singer (Lum do"
  • If You Wanna Steal (You Better Learn How To Lie) - Anti-Flag
    "Our Father Michael is a genius He sees this world the way that no one can He brought me up and he shaped my mind at the tender, youthful age of 9. He said dont take this or the way it is, You better watch"
  • Better Love Me - Same Difference
    "I wasted too much time Trying to read the signs I've been so afraid to speak my mind Too afraid to know Maybe you weren't the one Maybe I was wrong If we were never meant to be together How can it feel"
  • Love Looks Better - Alicia Keys
    "All i , all i ever wanted Was a dolar and a Chance Fid, find, what i am made of Alright Coming, coming form the bottom Better learn how to dance Find, find what you’re mede of Alright Feel like my love"
  • No Better Love - Young Gunz
    "Young Chris + Neef Talking) Where the ladies You can feel me I wanna be your mother, your father Your brother, your sister Your everything (VERSE 1) (Young Chris rappin') I think i might wife her You"
  • Better - Ananya Birla
    "10 minutes in I’m knees deep remind myself that I got to breathe been talking for hours now can’t get you off my mind could stay for days just you and me I wanna to stay all night talk the things we like catching"
  • Better - Jason Mraz
    "it's something like i apologize it's something i still can't decide but i know it gets better it only gets better and i want to say that it's not always easy but it's simple that way and i want to"
  • I just wanna love u - Jay-Z
    "Let's goHov!Uh huh, Hov'You, are, not, readyHov', unstoppable, Dynasty, young HovaI'm a hustler baby I just want you to know It aint where I been But where I'm bout to go Now I just wanna love you"

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