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I want let go

  • I Let Go - Eighteen Visions
    "Could you, maybe, stop this from happening? I know it hurts but you don't have to walk away Chorus: I don't know why I want to stop myself from feeling low I don't know why lies know my name and lies"
  • Let Go - Paul Van Dyk
    "I can't get it out of me it's breathing inside of me it' s reaching inside of you you're feeling infected you're being infected it's just like the cold a kiss on your lips now you're taking control"
  • Let Go - Anew Revolution
    "No use saying word I want to say No use saying at all There's no use faking the way we used to be There's no use faking at all And if I let go, will you let go of me? 'Cause I can't keep holding on I've"
  • Let Go - Red
    "Hey you, look what you do to me You bend and you bruise me Why you try to control me? But you don't know me How come you just want to hurt me? How come you just want to push me? I can't ignore you anymore"
  • Let Go - Lunik
    "My eyes were closed when I ran away from your love And you asked me to return It took a while to see that you're the one for me, it took too long 'Cause you were gone Every minute every hour I long for"
  • Let Go - Vanessa Hudgens
    "Let go All I wanna do tonight (Verse) The days are long, I just got home, and work is driving me crazy I could do up, I could go out But I'm feelin too lazy I wanna run, I wanna have fun But I don't"
  • Let Go - Midtown
    "i know you'll never lose what's lost inside you you're burning down the bridges you've crossed and you're still around so nothing's certain just let go we deserve it if i could chose to start it over i'd"
  • Let Go - Jesse Powell
    "(Verse 1) I know that you need me, mmm So baby I dare You to release it Baby you know that I'll take you there You want me, sexually, ooh You know I'll go all the way So baby don't tease me, ooh"
  • Let Go - Brian Cadd
    "Moonlight and roses are the goin' thing Champagne, a little lo-ove, and a weddin' ring But everytime she lea-eaves it's gonna break your heart It's happened before, don't come to me, I do-on't want no"
  • Let Go - Waking Ashland
    "You danced with me in the moonlight And I found me theme, roses bloom you inspired me And the break of day fell upon me And the light outshine And you broke the spell that had kept me from loving you I"
  • Let go - Nick Lachey
    "Met this Girl Friday Night She said "Why don't you come with me?" "Anywhere, Let's take a flight" She says "Who know's what we might see" I was ready to go but I didn't know fate was gonna stop me I met"
  • Let Go - Liberty X
    "i got nothin to hide im an open book so you can read me yes im the type every word i say you can believe me i'll be your friend i'll give you compliments until the very end if that will please you (if"
  • I Don't Want To Let You Go - Max Romeo
    "Don't want to let Don't want to let Don't want to let Don't want to let Well, I don't want to let you go, girl Out of my life I want you to wear my ring, girl And be my wife, and be my wife Darling I love"
  • Let Go - Christina Milian
    "Intro: (whispered) Christina Milian... Oooh oh ooh ooh.. ohohoh Oooh oh ooh ooh.. ohohoh Verse1: Hey Girl, I hear you're havin' trouble with your boyfriend, again. And why do you keep playing it ghetto"
  • Let Go - Kierra Kiki Sheard
    "Everybody wants to let go But somebody's gotta to hold on The whole world's going crazy But somebody's gottta stay strong It don't look good for right now But now ain't forever Everybody wants to"
  • Don't Want To Let It Go - Tiffany Giardina
    "As we wade up to the shore Pushing sand up from the floor Holding hands, I thought we'd never let it go I can't wait to see you there What I waited for all year Summertime is almost here Whoa, oh, whoa It's"
  • I Can't Let Go - Sloan
    "(Taylor & Gorgoni/The Hollies - Would You Believe, 1966) Oh, I try and I try but I cant say goodbye Feel so bad, baby Oh, it hurts me When I think of how you love and desert me I'm the broken-hearted"
  • I Can't Let Go - The Hollies
    "(Taylor / Gorgoni) Oh I try and I try but I can't say goodbye Feel so bad, baby Oh, it hurts me When I think of how you love and desert me I'm the broken-hearted toy you play with, baby You got me going"
  • Before I Let Go - Beyoncé
    "you made me happy this you can bet you split rifht beside me and I won’t forget and I really love you you should know I want to make suer I’m right, girl before I let go no we’ve had our good time that’;s"
  • I can't let go - Linda Ronstadt
    "Oh I tried and I tried but I can't say good-byeFeel so bad babyOh it hurts meWhen I think of how you love and desert meI'm the broken-hearted toy you play withYou got me goingI need you babyI can't let"

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