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I was Wrong to let you go

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I was Wrong to let you go

  • I Was Wrong - Rhett Akins
    "(Rhett Akins/Chris Gantry) Well I know it's late but girl I just had to call This just can't wait 'cause I ain't slept a wink at all Since we said goodbye And I know that I'm the only one to blame I thought"
  • You Was Wrong - Big Punisher
    "(feat. Drag-On, Fat Joe, Remi Martin) What? T-S nigga Y'all don't know? Aiyyo its on, I see how niggas didn't learn You is wrong, thought the fire didn't burn Its on, me and Pun ain't from the Bronx You's"
  • You Was Wrong - Big Pun
    "What? T-S nigga Y'all don't know? Aiyyo its on, I see how niggas didn't learn You is wrong, thought the fire didn't burn Its on, me and Pun ain't from the Bronx You's wrong, nigga we can get it on Aiyyo,"
  • I Wish I Was Wrong - Travis Tritt
    "I never saw it coming Learned the hard way love is blind but you can't deny the bitter truth when its right before your eyes But I wish, I was wrong Your love for me is gone I know beyond a doubt Theres"
  • I Was Wrong - Bobby Valentino
    "Wishing on a lonely star. Wondering just where you are. And if you ever think about me girl. If I could go back in time. I guarantee you still be mine. Reality said you gone away. Now it's also sad. I"
  • I Was Wrong - Kosheen
    "It's not easy, for someone like me, to always see both sides. But in this situation I'd agree, yeah all right. I was wrong, I was wrong. I'm sorry it took so long, to come clean if you know what i mean, or"
  • I Was Wrong - Social Code
    "You're floating in my atmosphere I can't breathe Took me so long to notice what was hanging over me My friends say you're a castastrophe that I can't see They've never been wrong before (Chorus) I was"
  • I Was Wrong - Nick Mason
    "Well I used to think this talk of spaceships Was just so much hype I really believed there was nothing out there Except the Stars and the Stripes I mean the scientists said they found out that There was"
  • I Was Wrong - Sloan
    "Close your eyes Move with the flow Compromise just let it go, it's ok Look at me then look away The sorry state of our lives today until I say I was wrong You were right Open up just let me in Find that"
  • Wrong - Virgos Merlot
    "So now you know I'll spill my guts and spoil the show I thought I stirred up quite a mess But cleaning up just causes even more distress Did the only thing I knew to do But having faith in something does"
  • Wrong - Kalan Porter
    "Heaven knows what was in my head But I guess it all came out Can't believe that I said what I just said Tell me what's it all about You know I don't mean to hurt you And I just want to tell you That I"
  • You're Right, I Was Wrong - Meat Loaf
    "Should've listened when you said I'd miss you Should've listened but I could not hear You said I'd want you back I said not a chance Now I can see I was so blind You're right I was wrong To ever leave"
  • Let You Go - ATB
    "I've been to all the familiar places I've been running like a sentence Never begun I've been looking for a way to let you know I got nothing left to fill the spaces I got nothing but a center coming undone I've"
  • Let Go - Megan Rochell
    "Wha? (we dont even talk no more) Wha? (i dont feel no love no more) let go let go let go let go Wha? (you dont even try no more) let go let go let go let go Wha? (i wish I met somebody before)"
  • Let You Go - Hanson
    "You were amazing in ways I never knew It's driving me crazy but I can't get over you You were holding on and I was letting go Looking for a love I thought I could control All the things we said when we"
  • Let You Go - Natalie Durham
    "things were good and things were fine until you nearly blew my mind wont you sing to me one more time before you walk away... you said other things were more important pretty much i was a waste of your"
  • Let Go - Jesse Powell
    "(Verse 1) I know that you need me, mmm So baby I dare You to release it Baby you know that I'll take you there You want me, sexually, ooh You know I'll go all the way So baby don't tease me, ooh"
  • Where Did I Go Wrong - Keith Sweat
    "Come on, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Uh huh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Who you know Make you dance like I do? Huh? Let me know Who you know Make you dance like I do? L.S.G. 1 - I remember when You gave"
  • Where did i go wrong - UB40
    "I'm sitting here praying that you weren't just saying Leaving tomorrow was what you had planned No point in pretending, I know that it's ending I just want to know where the ending began Chorus Where did"
  • I Can't Let You Go - B.B. King
    "What did I do wrong, baby I tried to keep you satisfied Whenever you needed me I was right there by your side Now tell me What's the reason, baby What's the reason You're leaving me I ain't got nobody"

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