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I what to know

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I what to know

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I what to know
  • Steve Forbert I Know What I Know
    "I know what I know, I see what I see And whatever will be and not be Is not up to me; I struggle and strain Again and again While the power that makes and breaks things Works effortlessly. I know what"
  • Paul Simon I Know What I Know
    "(words by Paul Simon; music by Paul Simon and General M. D. Shirinda) She looked me over And I guess she thought I was all right All right in a sort of a limited way For an off-night She said don't I"
  • Jake Epstein What I Know
    "I don't know if you'll forgive me For being so blind To how you felt Don't ask me why I couldn't see it It might take me years to figure out And that's not something I know much about But there's"
  • The Corrs What I Know
    "Maybe I was young and I didn't understand Or, maybe I just didn't give a damn Either way, there was a lesson to be learned I held the fire 'till it burned I used to think I was so clever But, now I see"
  • Rebelution What I Know
    "Destination unknown but I had this vision In my minds eye this is my decision Every single dream every single fantasy every single love every single enemy Its all for me Do you believe that you can change"
  • Jackie Greene What I Know
    "Some time ago it occured to me that the only thing that you get for free is the smile on her face, when your foot goes through the door Cause what it is ain't what it seems like the promises from magazines and"
  • Royce Da 5'9" What I Know
    "Unlock ya locks, and keep ya keys The Pac in me, got me thinkin deeply I got to shock MC's, wit my philosophy Cause I think very deeply Where I come from, where you sweat ya pen up Young gun rep-resenter,"
  • Royce Da 5'9 What I Know
    "(Royce Da 5'9") Unlock ya locks, and keep ya keys The Pac in me, got me thinkin deeply I got to shock MC's, wit my philosophy Cause I think very deeply Where I come from, where you sweat ya pen up Young"
  • Much The Same What I Know
    "You say you're not in love because you think it feels differently But if you've never felt it how can you be sure? I don't claim to have the answers and our future's hard to see But don't let those worries"
  • Parachute What I Know
    "I take the car and drive the night The white stripes blur and ease my mind When all that’s left is a single line Instead of this confusion And I’m not certain of the way it was And I’m not sure what I"
  • Birdman Know What I
    "Birdman F/ Lil Wayne, Rick Ross Know What I'm Doing Lyrics (Chorus - T-Pain - 2X) Yeah (I got the shoes wit' the matchin' big check) Yeah (I got them jewels lookin' phat around my neck) Yeah (Take"
  • Face To Face I Know What You Are
    "even if it make you want to stop and stare you'd be better off it you were unaware everybody wants to see that it's not them focused and unaffected you'll get what you expected you're boring and predictable doesn't"
  • Bracia, Krzysztof Cugowski i Sound'n'Grace I Want To Know What Love Is
    "I gotta take a little time A little time to think things over I better read between the lines In case I need it when Im older Now this mountain I must climb Feels like a world upon my shoulders I through"
  • Cheap Trick I Know What I Want
    "Words and Music by Rick Nielsen I've been around the world and met a million girls, Still, I know I wanna be with you. You've got more than anyone else, And I want you more than anything; 'Cause I know"
  • Band Of Skulls I Know What I Am
    "High ho, Triple sow cow, I got a feeling like I'm tired of the flow But I know what I am, They know what they are So let me be Gasoline Suck her in, I got no reason for the state I'm in, But I know what"
  • Huey Lewis & The News I know what i like
    "I like things that go fast Because I know that good things don't ever last I like believeing in what I want to Don't like no one to tell me what to do And I like the times that we've had But I cound't"
  • DJ Bobo I Know What I Want
    "D.J.BOBO: Bring the beat back don't believe to hype Bring the beat back don't believe to hype Bring the beat back don't believe to hype Its a jam and i do what i like Bring the beat back don't believe"
  • Daniel Johnston I know what i want
    "Love, I know what I want and I know what it could be know what it could be yeah Now, down and out like a flower that wielded the coward to be rebuilded Sad, sad and alone like a babble in the desert buried"
  • Jim Johnston I Know What I Want
    "Words and music: jim johnston Is there somebody watching out for you? Because I don't really have that much to do. I no longer remember, a girl I could not forget Once she filled me with wonder, Now"
  • No Secrets I Know What I Want
    "I see how you look at me thinking that you're being discret I here the way you say my name and something in, you're voice will change Then I see you get a little red When I laugh at something(that)you"

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