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I will let you go

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I will let you go

  • I Will Let You Go - Deborah Gibson
    "Here we stand Each of us afraid to make a sound Hoping love will turn this thing around And I know what I must do CHORUS: So I will let you go Yes fly away my love Linger for awhile Live for a strangers"
  • When Will I Let Go - Steve Wariner
    "Here I am holding to your memory Like it was made of purest gold That old flame still burns within me In my heart and in my soul. I can't keep from thinking of you What we had was just so good I can't"
  • I will never let you go - Jackie Greene
    "When I feel that lonesome prairie wind I let my soul get back to you again And I will never let you, I will never let you, I will never let you go Even though this wasn't meant to be It's gonna break my"
  • I Will Not Let You Go - Chuck Berry
    "I will not let you go, I will not let you go, I will not let you go You know I love you and I want you and I need you more and more No, I can't, I just can't let you go Lord knows we were born to be with"
  • I Will Let You Know - Saybia
    "you're leaving and all I can do is wait here with patience until you return I'm sorry that we've ever met cause I feel the pain thats just round the corner I see you in every mirror and I turn around"
  • I will let you down - Christian Walz
    "I won't like to, be by your side'Cause you act likeyou're sorry you liedAnd I've found out, we are notYou won't get thatI tried a lotI can't get along with the thoughtOf bringing the stars to your heartStep"
  • I Will Go - Starfield
    "To the desperate eyes and reaching hands To the suffering and the lean To the ones the world has cast aside Where you want me I will be I will go, I will go I will go, Lord send me To the world, To the"
  • Let Go - Aaron Neville
    "Hey, are you coming? Are you going? Brother, are you just wasting time Is there a rhyme or a reason And when you're gonna make up your mind Are you holding back your tears? Will you ever let the river"
  • Let Go - Anew Revolution
    "No use saying word I want to say No use saying at all There's no use faking the way we used to be There's no use faking at all And if I let go, will you let go of me? 'Cause I can't keep holding on I've"
  • Let Go - Britney Spears
    "It's written everywhere I've even read it in my script But when I thought it wasn't fair I felt it on my lips, let go I don't wanna be the one I think you already know, oh The feeling of going down way"
  • Let You Go - Self Against City
    "I met you where nobody knew my name, And our spark quickly turned into a flame. Winter nights are feeling hot like summer inside, I can't get you off my mind. I don't want to know, why I can't let you"
  • Let Go - Speak No Evil
    "I only see the red when you cross the line you'll hear me out this time You're gonna take it from me We start to overload we circle then explode we're gonna tear it down we'll tear this whole place down Got"
  • Let You Go - Kyla
    "(feat. Razor Ray) Boy I know just how you feel You wish it would be real But you try to fool around So what's the deal now Boy I gave you what you need But you got no time to give I got to tell you this Boy"
  • Let Go - Lunik
    "My eyes were closed when I ran away from your love And you asked me to return It took a while to see that you're the one for me, it took too long 'Cause you were gone Every minute every hour I long for"
  • Let Go - Caliban
    "When I remember the past sad grey days, when I surrender - I will never smile again. Look in my eyes - a killing lance. Love can hurt and that is no secret, but how much pain can I forget? Everything"
  • Let go - 12 Stones
    "I'm ready to let goI feel so alone again I know that I need you To help me make it through the night and I pray That you believe in me You gave me my strength To face another day alone I need you now my"
  • Let Go - BarlowGirl
    "Yeah I trust in You I remember times You led me This time it's bigger now And I'm afraid You'll let me down But how can I be certain? Will You prove Yourself again? 'Cause I'm about to let go"
  • Let Go - Souljahz
    "Sunny blue skies when my clouds been gray Glass of cold water on a real hot day Hot cocoa in the mug when it's cold outside Like change for the bus when you got no ride Lemme tell you 'bout a friend"
  • Let Go - Avril Lavigne
    "Hey, yeah yeah, ohoh (3x) Ive only got three dollars left in my hands I walk down the sidewalk as I pass a dirty man Walk up the staircase that leads to my hotel Im living at a fancy hotel, yeah yeah Then"
  • Let Go - Allison Moorer
    "Sometimes in the mornings I wake up devastated that you're gone It drives me kinda crazy And I tell myself it's been a little long To still be expecting you To call me up on the phone I don't like holding"

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