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I won't you love so break my heart

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I won't you love so break my heart

  • Promise (You Won't Break My Heart) - Eddie Murphy
    "Promise you won’t break my heart! No, no, no Promise you won’t break my heart! Promise you won’t break my heart, Cause my heart’s been broken a million times before! I think I can’t take no more, uh, uh,"
  • Break My Heart - Blue
    "You break my heart, you break my heart You break my heart, you break my heart heart You break my heart, you break my heart You break my heart, you break my heart heart I know we’re not together I know"
  • Break My Heart - Common
    "Common - Break My Heart Oo..we you break my heart, but I'll be there beside you (she said "don't break my heart") Oo..we you break my heart, but I'll be there beside you (she said "don't break my"
  • You Won't Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart) - Perry Como
    "You won't be satisfied until you break my heart, You're never satisfied until the teardrops start! I tried to shower you with love and kisses, But all I ever get from you is, Naggin' and braggin' ."
  • Don't Break My Heart - LION BABE
    "Baby, baby A baby, don't break my heart! /2x Will you come and safe me? Wanna be your lady Give me love, amaze me Baby, I feel Kiss you in the evening Hug you in the morning Have you thinking god damn We're"
  • Break My Little Heart - Jazmine Sullivan
    "If you could read my mind You'd know I'm for real this time I been made a fool so much Til' I'm scared to fall in love Please don't be a fool like the rest Give me a hundred percent Show me that the others"
  • You Gonna Break My Heart - Doro Pesch
    "Free as the breeze You do as you please And it's driving me crazy But no, I don't mind Somehow you're my kind You intrigue and amaze me I should turn around Walk out right now But I guess I'll stay Cause"
  • You Could Break My Heart - Loggins & Messina
    "You could break my heart if you're not careful You could own my love if you want But you're loving so many men And I know we'd be better off staying friends Well I hope that I don't let my loving carry"
  • If You Break My Heart - Miguel Bose
    "Love me tender I'll surrender Take me by the hand Show me the way You've been trying so hard I've been crying I've never wasted tears On anyone before ''(Chorus)'' But if you break my heart Do I forgive"
  • You Gonna Break My Heart - Doro
    "Well you've watched the sun set on the seven seas dined in the company of killers and queens you think there isn't much that you haven't done you've tasted everything that can turn you on but there's an"
  • Break - Newboys
    "Don't go thinkin' I'm crazy But my fear is it's too late I won't go making no trouble Cause I feel like I could break All of those times I ran away From all of those things I used to say All of those plans"
  • Don't Break My Heart - Freestyle
    "You keep on trying Trying to tear me apart But I'm the from the virgin star But you, you steal my heart It sounds like you were crying I never know that you were lying What we have must be You can't hide"
  • Don't Break My Heart - Pat Green
    "Well, she was standin' there at the edge of outta control. Hair wild and her eyes filled with the pain. She took her heart on a string and tied it to a red balloon. And she watched it fly up high into"
  • Don't Break My Heart - Vaya Con Dios
    "Sometimes I feel so empty So deserted and so lonely And no one can take that pain away Don't break my heart The anger and the fury And the fears living inside me Should you love me Would you love them"
  • Don't Break My Heart - Kym Marsh
    "Once in your life Love comes along To take your breath away Tender and true Shared between two To last for always Love can tell so many stories Tragedies of fallen glories Promises are broken every day Don't"
  • Don't Break My Heart - Sa-Fire
    "You, you keep on trying, trying to tear me apart And I knew from the very start that you'd, you'd steal my heart Because of you I'm crying I never know when you're lying What we have is real You can't"
  • Un - Break My Heart - Crash Test Dummies
    "(diane warren) Originally performed by toni braxton Available on her album, secrets Performed by crash test dummies during live performances, never recorded Don't leave me in all this pain Don't leave"
  • Don't Break My Heart - Shanice
    "baby i know you're ready for love you gotta be patient with me for me cos u're not burst i want it to be jus like a dream baby so you know why i've been taking my time do you think about the rest of"
  • Gently Break My Heart - Linda Eder
    "Theres something in your eyes i should have seen something there that doesnt quite belong and theres something in the way you touched my hand i feel the tenderness but somethings wrong How could i have"
  • Un-break my heart - Toni Braxton
    "Don't leave me in all this pain Don't leave me out in the rain Come back and bring back my smile Come and take these tears away I need your arms to hold me now The nights are so unkind Bring back those"

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