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II can't Ihvcv

  • Human Ii - Boyz II Men
    "I know this was my fault but How much should it cost To make things right Do I have to pay for life We all fall short sometimes And I'm guilty of that crime But I just wanna make you see That you can still"
  • Can't Get Enough (Part II) - Scorpions
    "That's the stuff that turns me on More than gold and mony I need sounds loud and rough Like the bee the honey my love I can't get enough Move you legs stamp your feet The language of your body Is right"
  • Payback Ii - EPMD
    "(e double) Word em up (joe sinistr) Word em up, ha ha Got the e double, right there (e double) Jmj combined with grand.. royal.. Nineteen ninety-three, ninety-four Word em up (joe sinistr) Here we go,"
  • Payback II - Erick Sermon
    "feat. Joe Sinistr Word em up Word em up, ha ha Got the E Double, right there JMJ combined with Grand.. Royal.. Nineteen ninety-three, ninety-four Word em up Here we go, Joe Sinistr representin from"
  • Walls II - Tom Petty
    "Some days are diamonds,Some days are rocks.Some doors are open,Some roads are blocked.Sundowns are golden,Then fade away.And if I never do nothin',I'll get you back some day.'Cause you got a heart so big"
  • Superwoman II - Lil' Mo
    "I guess I ain't got no reason to mingle round I found a superwoman that can leap from the truck in a single bound Mammie, I'm tryna bling you down So niggas without shades on can't stare when I bring you"
  • Mary II - Scarface
    "I don't really remember ... feelin' like this - I wish they can see they need Mary In a great day and I'm on it Coming up out ya And every now and then I can't help but to think about ya Hatin' that"
  • Anchorman Ii - Something For Kate
    "Through the narrow parade I imagine I see your face everywhere Your face Like a diagram Count yourself lucky then you'll leave as fast as you can... As fast as you can As fast as you can As fast as you"
  • Cruel Ii - Silence 4
    "How can you be so indifferent I can't believe you meant what you said I may not be your dreamy prince But I don't deserve any of this So hey... Hey... You don't have to be cruel You don't have to use"
  • TV II - Ministry
    "Tell me something I don't know Show me something I can't use Push the button Connect the goddamned dots Live-in thief in my bedroom bathroom Commodity sodomy glass autonomy Promise everything take it all"
  • Doggz II - Redman
    "Yo, Yeah Yeah, yo, yo Who them niggas Who will roll up to your front door hand on the pump (Doggz nigga) Kick down the door, and pull out the four, and lay niggas down for your man getting jumped What"
  • Superstar II - Saliva
    "Been floating around up here on Cloud 11. I did my best to make it to 27. Open up my eyes and I can see the glory. Now I'm alive and I'm gonna tell the story. Now I'm a superstar in the making. I ain't"
  • Synchronicity Ii - Sting
    "Another suburban family morning Grandmother screaming at the wall We have to shout above the din of our rice crispies We can't hear anything at all Mother chants her litany of boredom and frustration But"
  • Lurker II - Jawbreaker
    "Connect the cable. Have sex a lot. A hostile climate clouds and sickens you. Two room condo, treeless cul-de-sac. A nun's dark habit. All arm, no follow through. As a favor to me. As a place to go. As"
  • Death II - Pulp
    "Oh uh-uh-uh Oh Hey Oh now the lonely nights begin and there is nowhere left to go But watch my spirit melt away, down at the D-I-S-C-O I must have died a thousand times The next day, I was still alive And"
  • Liberation II - Fifteen
    "This is not another song about two dysfuntional people in love with each other. And how it's just too bad they're so willing to abuse each other. And gladly accept it from the other. This is not a song"
  • Boolavogue II - Irish Folksongs
    "Come all you warriors and renowned noblesGive ear unto my warlike themeAnd I will sing you how Father MurphyLately aroused from his sleepy dreamNeither Julius Cesar norAlexanderNor brave King Arthur could"
  • Phase II - Porcupine Tree
    "The LSD trip is a pilgrimage far out beyond your normal mind, into that risky and revelatory territory which has been explored for thousands of years by mystics and visionary philosophers. Well I never"
  • Dipset II - Lil Wayne
    "Kush...good kushWeezy dip dip, wayne set setAnd i grip techs leave em waterbed wetAnd i know just where to put these hollow tips His chest his chest his chest (gasp)A yo i take on a gang of gangs Anything"
  • Montage II - Chorus line
    "Goodbye twelve, Goodbye thirteen, Hello love. Why do I pay for all those lessons? Dance for Gran'ma! Dance for Gran'ma! My God, that Steve McQueen's reall sexy, Bob Goulet out, Steve McQueen in! You"

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