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  • Coming Soon - Queen
    "Oooooooooo x n Oh Oh Oh x n I get some headaches when I hit the heights Like in the morning after crazy nights Like some month in law in her nylon tights They're always They're always They're always They're"
  • Coming soon - Eddy
    "I hear what you're telling me but that don't make it so Two timing, talkin' sweet from the time your feet hit the floor My heart is telling me it's time to let you go Oh baby, let go... I've loved enough"
  • Jesus Is Coming Soon - Kitty Wells
    "Jesus is coming soon Jesus is coming soon he tells us in his word to watch and pray Jesus is coming soon Jesus is coming soon be ready for he may come today We'll all meet together in the garden some"
  • Coming Home Soon - Television Personalities
    "I'm coming home soon... To you To our little London flat To you and to our two cats With its purple painted hall Daisies on the wall To jacket potatoes And cheese on toast You're the one that I love the"
  • Storm Coming Soon - Onward
    "change in wind course blowing to northeast the wrath of sky unseen but when the birds stop singing crickets quiet its kind days quarantine The wind's kiss is getting wetter darkening, the truth of leaves"
  • Springtime coming soon - Nits
    "Down in the airshaft Of the old hotel Doors on both sides Of a concrete cell No sign of daylight No happy view A two-pillow mattress One hardly used And a man lies still His face up to the moon The sound"
  • Soon - Newton Faulkner
    "Today will be different, that day is gone Little change in the weather Break through the sun The darker the night The brighter you burn And when it comes, you will know The weight will fall from your bones It's"
  • Soon - LeAnn Rimes
    "Soon Baby I will cry my last tear Soon yeah I will be over you Soon darlin' All these tears wont be here Soon yeah You know that I will be over you Soon One night baby you wont be in my dreams One night"
  • Soon - Nat King Cole
    "Soon my dear youll never be lonely Soon youll find I live for you only When Im with you who cares what time it is Or what the day or what the climate is Oh, soon a little ship will come sailing home Through"
  • Soon - Ella Fitzgerald
    "Soon, my dear, you'll never be lonely, Soon, you'll find I live for you only. When I'm with you who cares what time it is Or what the place or what the climate is? Oh! Soon, our little ship will become"
  • Soon - Tanya Tucker
    "Looking back she thinks about that moment in the sand But what was just a summer fling got so far out of hand She knew that he was taken But she gave in anyway She believed when she heard him say Soon I'll"
  • Soon - Low
    "Soon, it will be over. I laughed under my breath, over your shoulder. There's a message out tonight, Nobody's looking at the sky. Soon, it will be over. I laughed under my breath, over your shoulder. You"
  • Soon - Tucker Tanya
    "Looking back she thinks about that moent in the sandwhen what was jsut a summer fling got so far out of hand.She knew that he was taken,but she gave in anyway.She believed it when she heard him say'SoonI'll"
  • Soon - Squirrel Nut Zippers
    "I was walking down the street, A stranger said to me, 'Be careful what you do.' Then when waiting for a train, I heard a strange refrain: 'I'd watch out if I were you.' There's something going to happen"
  • Soon - Bing Crosby
    "And now the purple dusk of twilight time Steals across the meadows of my heart High up in the sky the little stars climb Always reminding me that we're apart You wander down the lane and far away Leaving"
  • Someday Soon - Natalie Bassingthwaighte
    "Someday soon you're gonna catch that dream You've been chasing Someday soon (soon), someday soon (soon) Someday soon (soon), someday soon (soon) Out there in the air tonight It's electric (electric), it's"
  • Someday Soon - Nerina Pallot
    "Guess it's true - I only ever wanted to be with you. And now I find i've lost my way to go... I always mess it up You should have known i'm not reliable. And now, when i'm tired, I can't get to sleep. My"
  • Redemption Soon - Veda
    "my eyes they never sleep my eyes they torture me my heart it falls so fast, but it looks back my knees are getting weaker each passing day with each word of disapproval my backbone falters could this be"
  • Real soon - Snoop Dogg
    "It's been eighteen years since I've seen you in the streets Your up for parole heard the word this week My cousin Flip come at home damn it's been so long Keep ya eyes on the bras, homie keep ya head strong"
  • Coming Undone - Korn
    "Keep holding on When my brain's tickin' like a bomb Guess the black thoughts have come Again to get me Sweet bitter words Unlike nothing I have heard Sing along mocking bird You don't affect me That's"

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