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  • This Moment - In This Moment
    "Can we run away tonight And hide from tomorrows The glass is cracking tonight Shattering our fears away The silence in here fades And it's only your eyes that I see Take me, pull me all around Break me,"
  • This Moment - Geoff Tate
    "Her heart is like a fortress. She clings to her silence like a lover. She wishes you were cold and heartless so she wouldn't... wouldn't have to... feel. Oh and when she lifts her head, and your eyes meet, she"
  • This Moment - The Incredible String Band
    "This moment is different from any before and this moment if different it's now And if I don't kiss you That kiss is untasted I'll never get it back But why should I want to I'll be in the next moment Sweet"
  • This Moment - Disturbed
    "You will remember this moment as you dig into me And from your smile now it seems as if you liked it You better cherish this moment as you dig into me You'll never get another chance at this I won't stand"
  • This moment - Nic Chagall
    "Ive been running on, running on empty For way too many miles now Ive been flying with broken wings And now Im falling faster to the ground And its a bitter end to a story so sweet Like a long lost friend Thats"
  • This Moment - Bertine Zetlitz
    "She is pretty You adore her Drives you crazy, you adore her Tough you like me, 'cos I'm clever I can never be her Like a candy In the night time Comes in handy in the night time Though I'm good at telling"
  • This Moment - Embraze
    "I'd like to be in your life I'd like to be in you Only life, no love Only longing Loneliness frightens you You have to handle it alone It's no use to flee from yourself Me, sorrow, emotions, eternity"
  • This Moment - Melissa Etheridge
    "I I am watching you sleep It's the promise you've made One I find I can keep Oh Iwant to swallow the moon Give a smile back to you Light your way Tell the Angels they'll just have to wait (chorus) Cause"
  • This Moment - Renfue
    "Sometimes I believe you're in the next room (New Years in a new place) Do you feel the air outside of the car Flowing through your veins, oh my God Here comes the light fast down the road There's music"
  • In This Moment - David Archuleta
    "Driving through the city for the first time, you and me Staring through windows and my own reflection How can no window encompass perfection Now that I know what it's like to be living This beautiful"
  • In This Moment - FFH
    "Stuck here on this highway In a river of red lights For at least another mile Theres no relief in sight Felling all alone but Then from the radio comes A singer to remind me Something I already know In"
  • In This Moment - Ill Nino
    "Untie these ropes around my neck Still i'm dropping to my knees So conscious smiling discontent Affecting lo que pienso de ti (what I think of you) Hasta ya Never mind Who's to say? It's hard to rest"
  • Moment - Chris Murray
    "seated among the defeated feeling cheated and beaten by life burst your bubble somewhere in the struggle now life's too much trouble just time 'til you die thrown in the towel on living just to settle"
  • Moment - Aiden
    "I will wait for this moment when our lips collide and almost stop the earth you're in my arms tonight so I've come to complicate the dead are you with me? I've rewritten all my vows again we're almost"
  • Moment - Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer
    "Feel the fibers forgive me what did you say. This is all new but i think we're ok. Poke a pose in the mirror now you're prinked and pruned. Now we pitter patter past your parent's room. I know what's weathered"
  • Moment - Vivian Or Kazuma
    "{{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} {{ruby||}}? {{ruby||}} {{ruby||}}{{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== dare mo mina samayoi nagara kotae wo sagashite futari"
  • Stay In This Moment - Alex Saidac
    "I'm riding in my car and I'm going out, out, out Feels like I'm 16 again nothing can stop me now, stop me now Yeah tonight I don't care, cause I be working on ... Yeah tonight I'm just gonna, have fun,"
  • Alive In This Moment - Starfield
    "It's been so long since I have met You here Since I have said these words or cried these tears And like a child would come I run into our secret place And as the music fades, the tears are rolling down"
  • This Moment In Time - Engelbert Humperdinck
    "More than a ripple, less than a splash The heir to a long line of glory Give me the moment and I'll give you a song It's so good bein' part of the story This moment in time This right time of day Oh, I"
  • God In This Moment - Gavin Mikhail
    "Stained glass windows all around me Watching as they fall down to their knees Whispering words I am not understanding But, I know that I should be Kneeling, praying, asking for forgiveness Thinking"

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