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INXS Building Bridges

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INXS Building Bridges

  • Building Bridges - INXS
    "And where has innocence gone Do we know too much Are you comfortable in your skin When does the strip begin All the words we are fed And the need to belong Cause we can't get connected Baby try Where"
  • Building Bridges - Brooks & Dunn
    "Since you've gone, my heart said something's wrong. How long can this keep goin' on? I'm still blue over losin' you. What else am I gonna do? I'm buildin' bridges straight to your heart, An' all of this"
  • I'm Building Bridges - Charley Pride
    "I've been working every day since you've been gone Ending the road that our love once traveled on And I'll have you back when I am through Cause I'm building bridges that will take me back to you Little"
  • Bridges - Warning
    "In the darkness I unravel New truths I have suffered For so long to embrace They will change me from here on But I can't share it with anyone I wish you were here with me tonight When I am not alone I"
  • Unsafe Building - Alarm, The
    "Alarm, The Standards Unsafe Building Declare yourself an unsafe building Suffer the indignation of your world, To climb the ladders you've gotta suss out the snakes Remember your height remember to never"
  • Burning Bridges - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Bown) Building dreams has always been my way Making time and living for the day Burning bridges never made me cry I could walk away with no goodbye Easy take or easy leave them all 'Til you scratch"
  • Building A Ruin - Skyclad
    "My life is a sentence that carries no pardon, I can't put you out of my misery now, So stunned by beauty of this madhouse garden - I've taken my chances (then lost them somehow). This body's a temple"
  • Unsafe Building (live Kbfh) - Alarm, The
    "Alarm, The Kbfh Presents Unsafe Building (live Kbfh) "thank you very much This song is a song we put all our money into making when we were living in rhyl, north wales & we didn't have anything much going"
  • Building - Sense Field
    "no I don't just hate everyone no I don't just hate everything you know I won't just love anything you know I won't just love everything baby... love is building, our lives are building hate is a"
  • Building - Funeral For A Friend
    "Shouldering the blame Walking into frame Like a lighted silhouette, against a cotton sheet You smile in the crease. Tin can in hand, waiting for God to come around But he never comes comes around,"
  • Building - Unbelievable Truth
    "Im in a city where the people help each other to their beds. Say what you want. Say what you want. Complete the picture with a girl who only listens to the dead. Say what you want. Say what you want. And"
  • Supermans Black In The Building - Public Enemy
    "Jump back poppin that track Gonna wreck it now Watchin yall --to the record now Catchin yall attention So shake it now Oh no find my flow Gonna break it down Came a long way You cant take it now --regulatin"
  • Bridges - Fifth Harmony
    "Can't spend time in rewind I'm sorry many times I remind myself We've come way too far in our stories To build these walls and to blind ourselves And for every action, there's a reaction And I know"
  • Bridges - Dianne Reeves
    "I have crossed a thousand bridges In my search for something real There were great suspension bridges Made like spider webs of steel There were tinny wooden trestles And there were bridges made of stone I"
  • Bridges - Sergio Mendes
    "I have crossed a thousand bridges In my search for something real There were great suspension bridges Made like spiderwebs of steel There were tiny wooden trestles And there were bridges made of stone I"
  • Bridges - Lifehouse
    "It's such a shame to let this go to waste There's a little time left here for saving face We tried to put a bandage on these years I know this isn't what you want to hear You can say what you like pass"
  • Bridges - Mad Caddies
    "how can you tell me this land free two party system hypocrisy trust in them with our lives they're still the ones who decide your fate your destination who's in control of our lives burn your bridges to"
  • Bridges - Kensington
    "Yet another unstable weekend We bought our won praise with easy goals And we’re off to sell it As the greatest story told Yet another ungraceful evening Another man’s faith An easy foe And we’re off"
  • Bridges - Wijlen Wij
    "I've died and they build BRIDGES all over my dead corpse They don't seem to have much RESPECT For the remains of a dead warrior Why can't they see that my wounds are still bleeding? Why can't they see"
  • Bridges - Chapman Tracy
    "Chapman Tracy Crossroads Bridges All the bridges that you burn Come back one day to haunt you One day you'll find you're walking Lonely Baby I Never meant to hurt you Sometimes the best intentions"

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