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INXS Listen Like Thieves

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INXS Listen Like Thieves

  • Listen Like Thieves - INXS
    "On the talk back show On the radio At the local bar In the hot traffic By the red tail lights Everybody's down on their knees Listen like thieves But who needs that When it's all in your hands And we"
  • Thieves - Limp Bizkit
    "Oh, in the name of the lord! Hey! Thieves, thieves and liars! Murderers! Hypocrites and bastards! Time to get off your fucking feet! woo! Hey, thanks for nothing! Morals in the dust! Two faced Bastards"
  • Thieves - Ministry
    "Thieves, thieves and liars, murderers Hypocrites and bastards in laughter (get up!) (get up! get on your feet!) Hey thanks for nothing! Morals in the dust Two-faced bastards and sycophants No trust (We"
  • King Of Thieves - Christina Grimmie
    "Coming home, the lock's broken and the doors wide open It's all gone It's all gone now I look around, just white walls Listen now to echos It's all gone It's all gone now Ever since you broke into me Ever"
  • Listen - Neil Diamond
    "Listen You don't even know my name But I wear it just the same And you know I won't be long Will you listen to my song Listen Play it here with my guitar Gonna make someone a star You can even sing along When"
  • Listen - Billy Idol
    "What's it like to play a part? What's it like to have a wooden heart? Every word you say is so rehearsed You think your clothes and actions control the universe Listen, what you'd better do Listen,"
  • Listen - Heavy D
    "(Q-Tip) Yo, Yo what listen Come in the jam and do what say Yo Listen People come around you need to listen Clear that shit out your ear and just listen What come on nigga yo come on listen What say what"
  • Listen - The Panic Channel
    "Wait the rain will come and soon enough to wash away all that we've loved here it comes listen stop the dialogs and the debates good things will come along just wait in time listen and you"
  • Listen - Panic Channel
    "Wait The rain will come and soon enough To wash away all that we've loved Here it comes Listen Stop The dialogs and the debates Good things will come along just wait In time Listen And you feel like"
  • Listen (Listen, Listen) - Wintersleep
    "And even if the words don't sound right, I will love you till the day my heart dies, Till the day my heart dies. And even if this ain't the right light, You're prettier than anything, You're prettier"
  • Listen - TQ
    "Lend me your ear (listen)Won't you listen?Listen (listen)ListenListenGranddaddy was a hustlaOn the dirt roadHim and his brotherStayed sharper than a motherfuckerThat nigga stayed on the cornerStacy Adams"
  • Listen - Talib Kweli
    "This the year of the BlacksmithTalib Kweli (Kweli) K-1 (K-1)Let's go! {"Listen!"}Yeah, yeah niggaz don't {"Listen!"}Back in the days we all used to {"Listen!"}Now shit is so wack, nobody {"Listen!"}To"
  • Listen - Teddy Geiger
    "It all sounds fine in fact,It feels amazing but theres no wayThat you wouldn't like it anywaysNo, you wouldn't like it anywaySomehow you'll find your way to itSome kind of charge, a spark, a flameYou probably"
  • Listen!!! - Aly & AJ
    "After long enough My lips grows cold I can call your bluff Bit it just gets old I tried to empathize But you’re so dismissive Night after night I express what i feared from the start That your heart"
  • Listen - Sophie B. Hawkins
    "Listen I love the way life screwed up the way you're looking at me I love your face Listen I don't mind a temper But baby I can't chew my supper I can't even swallow water I'm all filled up With my sweet"
  • Listen - Bow Wow
    "I'm sayin, I finally found the right girl for me I'm sayin you... you my nigga dog So you ain't gotta worry bout Lil' Mama comin between we dude We still homies at the end of the day Believe dat No No"
  • Listen - Something With Numbers
    "Hold on cause I'm ready to go Now dig your nails into my mind Nothing's gonna change the way I feel This is the part where you hear my voice And suddenly sends shivers down your spine Nothings gonna"
  • Listen - Five Foot Thick
    "What the fuck do they know? What the fuck do they know? What the fuck do they know? What the fuck do they know? What the fuck do they know? What the fuck do they know? What the fuck do they know? What"
  • Listen - Styles
    "I gotta few things I wanna ask the Lord Why my people gotta be so poor, feel me and why's it so rough when you're young and black They say you go to jail or get strung on crack Why the girl have a baby"
  • Listen - Erick Sermon
    "Hit it hard Yeah, yeah, when I stick it she be like (uh) Yeah, pimpin, I run up right inside 'em, yeah Yo, it goes hey you, guess what, guess who gets what I snatch baguettes, you get what you get, guess"

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