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INXS Red Red Sun

  • Red Red Sun - INXS
    "There's a red red sun And it's coming for you I tell it a story As it sinks out of view One sun apart One heart within Red sun shines on Sees no tomorrow Sees no tomorrow There's a girl far away And"
  • Red Sun - Galactic Cowboys
    "I can't say just how it began Drivin' across the western sand Something I could not understand Overcome by this Lentenland Drive into a Red Sun I can feel it wrap around my soul Drive into a Red Sun I"
  • Red Sun - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    "When the red sun sets On the railroad town And the bars begin to laugh With the happy sound I'll still be here Right by your side They'll not be anyone In my heart but you And the dreams that you're"
  • Red Sun - Neil Young
    "When the red sun sets on the railroad town, And the bars begin to laugh with a happy sound, I'll still be here right by your side, There'll not be anyone in my heart but you. And the dreams that you're"
  • Red - Belly
    "Red, you look tired You look older than your mother Where should I not touch? What should I not kiss? Where does it hurt? Red, in you slumber You look younger, so much stronger Honey on your breath Heaven"
  • Red - Heaven 17
    "The streets are full of stars again tonight And an angel writes a word across the sky When the people laugh there's no sound And the words keep falling round and round And the world just keeps on watching"
  • Red - Povi
    "Here we are Witness constant change of the sky that never sleeps And we see only the expedition tortured by the release Once the vision leaves me flying With the stillness in my mind Will I be sad with"
  • Red - Daniel Lanois
    "I'm going to where the sun burns And the heat stays in command Come and lay by my side Come and lay right here To where the river turns to dust and God is never rushed Come and lay by my side Come"
  • Red - A Canorous Quintet
    "Trust! The blind man leads the way A burnt out candle in the hand Chasing for eternity nevermore Pleased witn being lost forever The touch on your face, it's lost Too weak, too afraid to find salvation Liquid"
  • Red - Naked
    "I pass on through I blend with the avenue I could be you Or someone you used to know Avoiding the eyes It's safer to look away Trapped in a cage Strapped to a hand grenade Blown Hollowed hearts Faded"
  • Red - Focused
    "I will tell you soon, about the words used when the day has no room for us, and for the hope that lies within. and the love Ive longed for. for with my hands in yours, Ive held it so tight, in my last"
  • RED - DJ Clue
    "(feat. Redman) I said y'all niggaz can't come in here tonight P,P,P Get out of here I'm the bouncer here tonight Your boys are out numbered so plan tomorrow While I do the wild thing like I'm Sam"
  • Sun Red Sun - Badlands
    "Late one night through a purple sky A vision touched my soul Listening to the wind that night My soul lost control 500 years of voices carry on the wind Each dawn I watched a sunset melt through an"
  • Red - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Flat on my back in a lonely sprawl i stare at the ceiling 'cause i can not fall asleep tonight no not at all head lights flash across my bedroom wall crying eyes open 'cause i can not fall in love with"
  • Deepest red - INXS
    "Judas kissKiss of betrayalI will not let it break meElationYou come my way come my wayOh baby oh babyI will not let it break meHere you comeMy heart breakingI'm in loveFor you and moreThis young manGot"
  • Big Red Sun Blues - Lucinda Williams
    "Everything is goin' wrong It's not right anymore We can't seem to get along The way we did before Sun is hangin' in the sky Sinkin' low and so am I Just for the love of someone And a big red sun How'm"
  • Sun Red Sky Blue - Kenna
    "Underneath your skin again Right below your inner sense I can tell you're hesitant Let me heal the heart of it My love Give me your Sun Red, Sky Blue Love Im falling into you Under a Sun Red Sky, Blue "
  • The Red Summer Sun - Third Eye Blind
    "The guy who put his hands on you Has got nothing to do with me And the bruises that you feel will heal And I hope you'll come around 'Cuz we're missing you And you used to speak so easy Now you're"
  • Red Sun (taeyangeun Gadeukhi) - Super Junior
    "Stephanie: Ladies and gentlemen, this is SMTOWN. Are you guys ready? Oh! Oh! Feel that rhythm on your body let's break it down. Micky: The way of your move who its you never feeling better this way. You"
  • A Red, Red Rose - Camera Obscura
    "A red, red rose ( I love my Jean EP - 2005 ) O my Luve's like a red, red rose That's newly sprung in June O my Luve's like the melodie That's sweetly play'd in tune As fair art thou, my bonnie lass"

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