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  • Is It Me? - Mulu
    "He had a larger than life moustache. I felt the heat fall on my back. Don't know if it's fofofollowing me, But it goes straight to my head My temperature rises as the paranoia sets In, in, in to a"
  • Is It Me? - Huey Lewis & The News
    "Did I just say something wrong Did I just stay out too long Could it be you've seen something that you don't want to see in me Never had the perfect plan And I'm no superman But I can't believe it's"
  • Is It Me - The Kooks
    "is it me, is it you is it the times that we're living through?? was it hard when I had to leave... that day you seemed to change we all need someone to guide us someone to introduce the show I needed someone"
  • Is It Me - Anderson Jon
    "Anderson Jon City Angels Is It Me Is it something Is it something said I know you're lost Like someone who's lonely And cannot see the way I still love you There's some things that bind And so the tale"
  • Is it me - Krayzie Bone
    "No surrender, right back at your monkey ass with Krayzie Bone, Damon Sharpe Is it me? (yeah) (Krayzie Bone, Damon Sharpe) Is it me? (Really) Is it me? (Really) Could it be the way I kick my game? (I"
  • Is It Me - Method Man
    "Uh... yeah, y'all, guess whose back? Heh... cauli' flavored, momma crack Yeah... yeah... Scott Storch (Return of the great) Mr. M-E-F (aww shit) know what I said Black people don't use the T-H, yo (got"
  • Is It Me - Stacie Orrico
    "Tryin to analyze every angle, situation Tryin to find an explanation Cause it's gettin aggrivatin Why my relationships never seem to work out Beginnin' to worry and doubt If I'm even able to detect"
  • Is it me - Triinu Kivilaan
    "A new sun is rising high over the sea A new day is dawning and youre here with me The distant horizon is far far away And I know were free The seagulls are calling high up in the sky Ocean waves breaking"
  • Is It Me? - Roger Taylor
    "So lonely, I'm so lonely, is it me ? Or is it you ? And I feel And I feel And I feel So lonely Only lonely Without you How many times must I sit by the phone Must I feel so alone, must I stay in at home I"
  • Is It Me, Is It You ? - Lenny Kravitz
    "And so there comes a time, We must both make up our minds, Is our angel singing true, Is it me is it you ? I just got to know it now, Rode somewhere, some place, somehow Is our love as deep as blue Is"
  • Is It Me? Is It True? - Midtown
    "Is it me, is it true every word I utter, lies sheds light on this conversation, it dies the hope thats in your eyes is it worthless, guess so while you've been dreaming, I've been screaming I wake up"
  • Is It? - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "From the Impression That I Get Australian and UK Import Single Somethin' needs to take your mind off this, something's gotta shine a light, Is it everything that you've ever wanted, Is it still not quite A"
  • It is - H-Blockx
    "It is the shanty in the dear parkthe hide and seek till after darkthe talks we had at picked fencescreate the blueprints in my heartof the way we arethe way we are...I see them sliding down on brook bridgein"
  • Is It Me Or Is It You? - Roger Taylor
    "(Roger Taylor) So lonely, I'm so lonely, is it me? Or is it you? And I feel And I feel And I feel So lonely Only lonely Without you How many times must I sit by the phone Must I feel so alone, must I"
  • Is It How It Is - Venke Knutson
    "You get up in the morning Put your clothes on You tell me you have to go You get up in the morning And tell me that you love me Why so selfish, I don't know Is it how it is then tell me Is it how it goes"
  • Is It Really Me - Status Quo
    "Baby, the feeling that you give to me Maybe I'm thinking your so good to me Is it really, really me? Is it really, really me? Baby, the feeling, I can't stand the joy Spare me some feeling if I wake up"
  • Is It For Me - Toad The Wet Sprocket
    "Through the door What do I see? Bradley says it's haunted The house upon the hill And if we met at 4 a.m. Then we would know for sure We carried the ladders And leaned them against it And climbed them"
  • Is It Just Me - The Darkness
    "I know that the absence might Make the heart grow fonder Or is it "out of sight Out of mind" I wonder And do you yearn for me When the nights grow cold 'til death do us part To have and to hold"
  • It Is What It Is - Usher
    "Uh, uh huh Gangster I though it was love Didnt wanna admit that When I looked back It was lust Too bad I had to learn a lesson They were against me You were with me But you never let your"
  • Why Is It Me - Lobo
    "(Lobo) I've traveled all over the world To places that most men just dream of I've made me some friends on the way I guess I've even known love I've spent Christmas time on a beach In a place that's"

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