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Ian Brown Sunshine

  • Sunshine - Ian Brown
    "Is the sun yes The size of a beach ball The earth shall be the size of a sweet, sweet pea Let it be so it goes blow your nose Yeah, yeah, yeah I hear you, I hear you calling Electric lightning lights the"
  • The Witch's Promise (ian Anderson) - All About Eve
    "All About Eve Miscellaneous The Witch's Promise (ian Anderson) Lend me your ear while i call you a fool. You were kissed by a witch one night in the wood, And later insisted your feelings were true. The"
  • Sunshine - Peter Hammill
    "Oh, suddenly things begin to come clear in my mind as I look into the land laid bare by your eyes; E-S/M attractions are working behind my thought, I can't help my feelings, the way that my emotions are"
  • Sunshine - Jay-Z
    "(feat. Babyface, Foxy Brown) What, tssh, y'all, what Jigga, uhh uhh uhh, uh-huh Pa-pa, uhh, pa-pa, uhh The G, Roc-A-Fella y'all Who be, in a Japanese restaurant, eating sushi Drinking saki, it's me,"
  • Sunshine (jay-z Featuring Babyface & Foxy Brown) - Babyface
    "Babyface Miscellaneous Sunshine (jay-z Featuring Babyface & Foxy Brown) Written by s. carter, daven van derpool (1997) Original lyrics by james harris iii, terry lewis (1987) Performed by jay-z featuring"
  • Ian Rebec - Cztery Refy
    "Słowa: Jerzy Rogacki Muzyka: trad. Który z Holendrów najlepiej się bił? - Skipper Ian Rebec! Kto dla żeglarzy postrachem był? - Skipper Ian Rebec! Ref.: Yaw, yaw - precz z hamaków! Yaw, yaw - won na dek! Yaw,"
  • Ian Curtis - Thursday
    "We listened to the open sound your voice projected on the radio dial Lie with me I said and lying's what she always did and always will. All these thoughts keep leading back to him. And no signs from"
  • Ian Curtis Wishlist - Xiu Xiu
    "Someday J.S. When you tell me everything It will make me want to take it too far And when ask me everything I will take it too far The twenty-hundred private loops making up my Ahh! Ian Curtis, I can't"
  • Chains (Ian Thomas) - Chicago
    "Chicago Chicago 16 Chains (Ian Thomas) I don't want any trouble. I don't want to make any waves. I don't want any conscience. And I don't wanna be brave. I've kept my distance. My feelings have never"
  • Byline Brown - Ian Dury
    "I'm here to find out what makes you tick I'm here to discover the secret you I intend to reveal you're crooked and sick I don't give a damn if none of it's true There's a Byline Browne from the national"
  • Go To Hell Ian! - Ashley Ballard
    "I feel like strangling you Everyday In every single Possible way Cos you are such a sick man Cos you are such a thick man Why did you Have to take those young girls' Lives away Go to hell Ian! Child"
  • Magic Rabbit (Alfred Brown) - My Brightest Diamond
    "I had a magic that could sing Maybe I took her from her mother too early She never came out of recovery Even on summer days she'd complain She couldn't take the chill out of her bones Maybe I took her"
  • The Gravy Train - Ian Brown
    "Way a little baby wraps the hand around your finger Sunshine on your face, in the first dawn light Way she waits to let the moment linger Way the future`s always gonna bring surprise It ain't cocaine"
  • Sunshine Of Your Love - Eric Clapton
    "(Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Pete Brown) It's getting near dawn, When lights close their tired eyes. I'll soon be with you my love, To give you my dawn surprise. I'll be with you darling soon, I'll be"
  • Sunshine - Old Man River
    "We've been waiting for so long for the sunshine for the sunshine We've been waiting for so long for the sunshine to get back Tell me where is the sunshine We've been living for so long without sunshine"
  • (Always Be My) Sunshine - Jay-Z
    "(Jay-Z) What, tssh, y'all, what Jigga, uhh uhh uhh, uh-huh Pa-pa, uhh, pa-pa, uhh The G, Roc-A-Fella y'all Who be, in a Japanese restaurant, eating sushi Drinking saki, it's me, and my mami with the doobie Cutie,"
  • Sunshine - The Partridge Family
    "I've got the sunshine in my hands You've got the sunshine in your hands We've got the sunshine in our hands Now let it shine all over this land You've got to love, love one another Whoa Shine, shine on"
  • Sunshine - Umboza
    "*Sunshine (x3) The sunshine will follow wherever you are* Bambalao (x2) Bambalao (x7) When you're next to me When you're next to me You're all I wanna see Sunshine It's where I want to be It's where"
  • Sunshine - Dance Nation
    "Ohohohohohohoh Come on, feel fine Keep on, lets ?ride on sun tonight? Come on, sunshine Keep on, lets dance and feel alright Keep on, ?lets ride on sun tonight? Come on, sunshine Turn it up, build a foundation Boys"
  • Sunshine - The Archies
    "Hey, little girl Stand right there Sun is shining in your hair Hey, little girl Don't you move Hey, my heart and l approve Whoa, whoa, whoa You're my sunshine Don't you know I love you, love you Shine"

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