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Icon jaden smi

  • Icon - Corey Hart
    "Sometimes he kisses girls,And he make them cry,Ha! Ha!Flew in from San Remo to L.A.X.Three private rows just to layMy precious head downSo many autographs I can' t keep paceGod bless those photocopied"
  • Icon - Bolt Thrower
    "No escape, there is no way out Of this constructed existence A created image of untrue conception You cannot find the real you Manipulated a hyped invention Who is this false identity? The ideal person,"
  • Icon - Marillion
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) Even if the good old days were good Even if the old days were golden days Even if the good old days were good The past is a terrible place The past is a terrible"
  • Icon - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "My eyes went up to Heaven You didn't say I'd be blind Without them Icons -- feed the fires Icons -- falling from the spires Thine eyes rain down from Heaven You always said I'd be blind Without them Icons"
  • Icon - Henry Rollins
    "All eyes turned up to the hero Charismatic icon animal man Lyrical visionary caught in the spotlight The more you make, the more you get it right, right? Nothing can stop you No one can bring you down Don't"
  • Icon - Rollins Band
    "all eyes turned up to the hero, charismatic icon animal man lyrical visionary caught in the spotlight the more you make the more you get it right, right? oh nothing can stop you and no one can bring you"
  • Icon - Velvet Acid Christ
    "on and on the blood begins to spill i'll forever hate you on and on my blood begins to chill i'll forever hate you on and on the blood begins to spill i'll forever hate you on and on my blood begins to"
  • Icon - Red Delicious
    "I shut my eyes and you're not there, the world disappears And I have control I open them up again and my pulse accelerates And my blood runs cold You won't return my gaze, you won't acknowledge my stare I'm"
  • Waiting For Jaden - ALO
    "The telephone was ringing Grandparents were frantically running about And everyone kept asking "When's that baby coming out?" Well, Earth Day 2000 was her due date But by May the 4th, Jaden was late "
  • Lonely (ft. Jaden Smith & Téo) - Post Malone
    "I just... Can I... I just... I just, Can I... I just... Can I... I just, I just Can I, I just I just want to see you (Damn) Something I can see through baby (Man) You make my dreams come true Can I... Can"
  • Nexus Icon - Wildhearts
    "A world awaits an idol to make a connection A mother complex begs stellar direction He's taking the chair He's living the life He's fucking pretty girls every night But he ain't fucking the wife' And"
  • Perspex Icon - Wire
    "Is it Art or Artifice? Can you save your prejudice? Would you call it low or high? Can you declare your interest? An icon in perspex Sustained exposure, increased risk Perspective lost and concept shattered Maintain"
  • Teenage Icon - The Vaccines
    "Oh, look at me so ordinary no mystery with no great capability but I could make out as if I had it But you know god I'm so obvious and I should let it go oh I don't know Oooh, I'm no teenage icon I'm"
  • Icon Dreams - Borknagar
    "The energy of the wisdom haze Rinses the tide as a blend of fire Upon the shores, where fires blaze The pulse of time, shades of light Plains Stroked by the slumber sleep Mountains embraced by rafting"
  • American icon - Louis Armstrong
    "I see trees of green Red roses too I see them bloom for me and you And I think to myself What a wonderful world I see skies of blue, and clouds of white The bright blessed day The dark sacred night And"
  • Fallen icon - Delerium
    "In a dark woods paved with snow living all alone i forgot long ago what I'm looking for firecracker lightening seed is coming back to me this is how this is how you made my heart a hunter this is how this"
  • Be My Icon - Duran Duran
    "I follow you, I wait for you You know there's no escape from me You're more than wallpaper in my room I write you letters and bring you gifts I'm going through all your trash I love you so much, I keep"
  • Iron Icon 9 - Helheim
    "The symbol of sovereighnity Everlasting malice Taste our supremacy Feel the final front Brand this mark Remember its power Once seduced there's no escape The olden Law has taken new forms It's the icon"
  • Icon Of Dominance - Lordi
    "Would you be satisfied if I told you lies would it make it right no, I won't justify your masquerade-like cries I know it will go by there is no soul no osul could chain mine and call it it's own I'll"
  • Icon Of Hopelessness - Thalarion
    "(A brief commentary of Juraj Grezdo: "Very sad song with permanently repeating riffs saying about a man whose nearest relative dies right before his eyes on the cruel disease, he disappears, grows old"

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