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Idfc blackbear

  • idfc - Blackbear
    "Tell me pretty lies Look me in the face Tell me that you love me Even if it's fake 'Cause I don't fucking care, at all You've been out all night I don't know where you've been You're slurring all your"
  • Heavy (Feat. blackbear) - MOD SUN
    "i said my piece while you just made your bad you take a little bit of blame i end up taking all the rest what am i supposed to do? Why you make me do the things i do? You just wanna find soeme holes"
  • Worry About Me (feat. blackbear) - Ellie Goulding
    "you can worry ‘bout this you can worry ‘bout that you can worry ‘bout she you can worry ‘bout this you can worry ‘bout that you can worry ‘bout she baby, you don’t gotta you don’t gotta worry worry"
  • Hate The Way (ft. blackbear) - G-Eazy
    "Yeah, I hate the way, the way i always miss you Yeah, i know i am crazy, but you’re sick too Even after everything we’ve been through Though i was the one with all the issues And every time i leave , it’s"
  • my ex's best friend ( ft. blackbear) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "You know my ex so that makes it all feel complicated (it all seems complicated) I read those texts that you sent to yours But i’ll never say it* *Official Lyric Video"
  • Be Happy (ft. blackbear & Lil Mosey) - Dixie D'Amelio
    "Sometimes i don’t wanna be ahppy Don’t hold it against me If iam down Just leave me there Let me be sad I don;t wanna get up putta bed this season All bad days, walk away leave me bleadin’ It’s fuck"
  • Monsters (feat. Demi Lovato and blackbear) - All Time Low
    "Why d all th emonsters come out at night? Why do we sleep where we want to hide? Why do i run back to you liek I don’t mind if you fuck up my life? Another day Another headache In tis hangover hotel Getting"
  • Do Re Mi (ft. Gucci Mane) - Blackbear
    "Do re mi fa so Yeah yeah Do re mi fa so Yeah Yeah If I can go back to that day we met I've probably would just stay in bed You run your mouth all over town And this one goes out to the sound of breaking"
  • hot girl bummer - Blackbear
    "fuck you, and you, and you I hate your friends and they hate me too I am through /3x this that hit girl bumper anthem turn it up and throw a tantrum this that hit girl bumper anthem turn it up and throw"
  • if i were u (ft. Lauv) - Blackbear
    "If i were you and you were me I would say goodbye Turn around and leave I’d do ia all So difrently If i were you and you were me* *Lyric Video"
  • do re mi - Blackbear
    "Do, re, mi, fa, so (Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh) Do, re, mi, fa, so (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Yeah, if I could go back to the day we met I probably would just stay in bed You run your mouth all over town And this one"
  • queen of broken hearts - Blackbear
    "I'm the queen of broken hearts Break you in a thousand parts Used to be a shooting star When did I become so dark? Yeah, you need to chill, girl, don't play me I'm too far gone, you can't save me And I"
  • u love u (ft. Tate McRae) - Blackbear
    "It’s been over for a year or so I should’ve left a couple tears ago And even when i am with you I still feel alone Got me down on my knees Heart is frozen I don’t feel nothing Drinkin’ and drugs just to"
  • my worst - Blackbear
    "this is the end, this is the end, this is the end of me playin' pretend that i'm available emotionally i'm off a benz, goin' around bends could be the death of me i'm not ready, i'm not ready Maybe"
  • Hard On Yourself - Charlie Puth & blackbear
    "I can see you’re struggling Promise you’ll find love again Yeah, it will be alright Why are you so hard on yourself? Yah, whyt you gotta try sso hard? Counting calories and carbs Another trip across the"
  • Tongue Tied - Marshmello x YUNGBLUD x blackbear
    "i feel my life’s been so tongue-tied I’m trapped outside inside my mind if you feel like that you’re tongue-tied the we’re tongue-tied together"

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