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Idiot Pilot A Day In The Life Of A Poolshark

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Idiot Pilot A Day In The Life Of A Poolshark

  • A Day In The Life Of A Poolshark - Idiot Pilot
    "Never could see past the skin They make you believe Beauty's from within Don't know why 'Cause it's just not true I could never be apart Of something I did not help to start Don't know why It's just how"
  • Idiot - Slick Idiot
    "Slick Idiot !! ......Speed It Up !! Every Talker Needs A Listener, Every Ship Needs The Open Sea, Every Can Needs A Prisoner, Every Day Needs You And Me. Between Euphoria And Depression, I Still Find"
  • Pilot - Charlotte Sometimes
    "If you go away, then I will know My feelings are nothing but a curtain Hiding me from what I should know That I'm a pilot and I'm steering low We discussed life in the back of my car- the back of your"
  • Poolshark - Sublime
    "Lyin' in my plastic bed thinkin how things weren't so cool to me my baby loves to shoot pool i like lyin naked in my bedroom tyin' off the dinosaur tonight used to be so cool now i got that needle and"
  • Pilot - July For Kings
    "She says my lifes become a bore Always running around Don't know what for Everyday is the same Theres no way out The things I liked I don't like now I said I feel the exact same way We need some kind of"
  • Idiot - Lisa Marie Presley
    "Please remember me Forever believe in me As someone whose never gonna wish you well Im gonna tell you what I think about you in that unforgivable way I do Youre an idiot And I hate your guts I guess Im"
  • Pilot - Blue Cheer
    "(Gary L. Yoder & G.R. Grelecki) I'm the pilot of this plane Spread my wings at the break of day Fly by night, sleep by day Oh baby, won't you take me away. I gotta move Put on my traveling shoes Somebody's"
  • Idiot - One Hit Wonder
    "We all know you're freezing No covers to hold down Selling books for money your pusher's comin' round You've got missing fingers and you've got missing toes But nothing ever stops you from bringin' your"
  • Pilot - Faktion
    "I want to be a pilot Sail across the air Floating through the aftermath of dreams I never shared Now I see you Standing in my dreams And yet I think about the place I want to be Chorus: And it"
  • Idiot Song - Idiot Flesh
    "The idiots are here and all they've brought is candy. The idiots are here and all they need is love, love, love. The idiots are here and no one can tell just what can be wrong. But no one goes around like"
  • The Idiot - Stan Rogers
    "I often take these night shift walks when the foreman's not around. I turn my back on the cooling stacks and make for open ground. Far out beyond the tank farm fence where the gas flare makes no sound, I"
  • Pilot - The Notwist
    "He's living next the rails. He can tell you things of different cars and trains. Now he's trying the whole day to SWITCH off time by causing train-delay. Could be enough if only he's the pilot once"
  • Idiot - Duels
    "It comes at night, you know. The idiot sleeps and the idiot talks to the ether, to the cold night air. "This can't be right," he groans, "Bakunin's child, can I be both wild and defeated? What a cross"
  • Pilot - Alisha's Attic
    "I've had it with swimming, my feet get too wet The waters too cold, I am out of my depth I've had it with driving, around in big circles There's too many like me, I'm not individual So I'll take a rocket"
  • Pilot - Shelly Poole
    "Ooh I'm scared the weight of love is so Hard on the heart that I go folding up the stars I can see I played this love thing wrong I wind it all up and when it's gone It's all I ever wanted And you"
  • Another Day, Another Idiot - Walls Of Jericho
    "I wonder why every time I see you, you hold your head up high So surface, so obvious, you're nothing inside, you're a waste of time I've had enough Why don't I help you out, cause I'm tired of choking"
  • Pilot - Gary Brooker
    "(Mickey Jupp) You shot me down You set me up woman then you shot me down All you did was say "see you around" You must have known, you must have seen it in my eyes You must have known, I loved you"
  • Fighter Pilot - John Cale
    "Fighter pilot you're losing the war again When will you ever learn Fighter pilot you're making a big mistake and setting a bad example Fighter pilot tell me about your life and are the children well Fighter"
  • Pilot - 50 Cent
    "Me, I'm like a pilot, G5 Jet I'm fly as shit You cannot deny it, oh no, no-no, no-no Bitches be on my dick, designer threads, I'm fly as shit You cannot deny it, oh no, no-no, no-no Better back up off"
  • Idiot Twin - Rialto
    "My idiot twin Like a second skin I just can't shake him He's my stupid Siamese A terminal disease Forgive me please (CHORUS) My idiot twin He's part of me But one day I'll kill him He is my idiot twin When"

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