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If god pulled back the curtain novels

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If god pulled back the curtain novels

  • Pulled - Arab Strap
    "I was trying to sleep, but my heart-rate wasn't fooled. It was at least the back of four when you phoned to tell me that you'd pulled. You met him in a club and he's nice. You hope he doesn't think you're"
  • Curtain Call - Backseat Goodbye
    "god came down in the middle of the day a kid with a camera caught it all on tape everyone was clapping, singing songs of glory and praise they didn't seem to notice wires hanging from the clouds the lights"
  • Curtain Call - Spitalfield
    "If these words do not reach you Back playing games like we used to This is the last time I lose it I'll just force somebody else (How do you love somebody more?) How do you love somebody more? How do"
  • The curtain down - Opus
    "The air that we breathe - The blood in our veins The birds in the sky- The clouds passing by The light of the sun - The earth we live on Its the same here and there- Its the same everywhere Dont look back,"
  • Final Curtain Call - Z-RO
    "(talking) I could feel it, ain't no more thinking bout The sun gone shine Dj Screw, Fat Mafio, and Gator are gone I want to be strong but lately the pain won't leave me alone For myself, crawl down"
  • Hiding Behind The Curtain - Dave Dudley
    "I am doing somethin' I've never done before I just told her I was goin' out and loudly slammed the door I slipped back in to hide myself my jealous heart was hurtin' From all the things I thought I'd hear"
  • Curtain - Matthew West
    "I've been catching up on daydreams Yeah, I've been lost all afternoon 'Cause I've been imagining a future In a world of only You In a world of only You Chorus: When the curtain falls down on me I will"
  • Curtain - Unbroken
    "this love built up inside me I thought would last always once burning wildly now being doused with pain no sympathy could ever remove your scars laid upon me how could you move on so fast is all I ever"
  • Curtain Of Fire - Majestic
    "I never wanted you to be my sacrifice It's in the air and you must pay the silver price And if you're running they will come into the night You must be waiting for the silence They have a slaughterhouse"
  • Pulled Over The Car - morphine
    "I was drivin my car I was drivin my car I was gettin kinda tired, so I pulled over the car I pulled over the car I pulled over the car I got out of the car, walked around the car I got a little air, I"
  • The Curtain Falls - Bobby Darin
    "Off comes the make up Off comes the clown's disguise The curtain's fallin' The music softly dies. But I hope your smilin' As you're filin' out the door As they say in this biz That's all there is... there"
  • Curtain Call - The Damned
    "can you taste the grit between your teeth the heat of the lights the crack of the whip the snapping sound of someones nerves if you pay you get what you deserve we're coming up from the deep the lizard"
  • Pull The Curtain - The Pink Spiders
    "And even when I think I've said it all I find a tragedy to break my fall Cause everything I love is pain in motion Its moving like a ticker tape parade Continuing mistakes I'm glad I made Cause everything"
  • Torn Curtain - Television
    "(Verlaine) Torn Curtain reveals another play. Torn Curtain, Such an expose! I'm uncertain when beauty meets abuse. Torn Curtain loves all ridicule. Tears... tears rolling back the years Years... Flowing"
  • Curtain Calls - Old 97's
    "In a western town, beneath the northern lights, where the pine trees pine for the fall of night, you believe in cards, you believe in signs and I'll be leavin' soon, but I'm here tonight. On a mountainside,"
  • Curtain call - Tori Amos
    "ebony beautypass this shadethe looking glass relectsthen a voice calls me back,"this is just circumstance it is notpersonal", oh no it never is.then you ram your hand in your bagfor a little friendly substanceBy"
  • Curtain Call - Damned
    "Can you taste the grit Between your teeth The heat of the lights The crack of the whip The snapping sound Of someone's nerves If you pay you get What you deserve We're coming up from the deep The lizard"
  • Curtain Falls - Blue
    "We come from humble beginnings and Who could have guessed it when You sit and doubt it and Things aint all that bright But we made it though the night It's like a game of truth or dare If you can make"
  • Curtain Call - Boysetsfire
    "In town for one night only lust, fame and a feeling of the holy A new king is crowned for your delight yeah alright Single file it's just that easya mere man to adore, and believe me Soon you'll be screaming"
  • Curtain Call - Moments In Grace
    "Drown me out with silence Breathing slows...no oxygen The first time seems timeless Forever follows, The brave seem weaker than before Correct my words These words mean war Sequence fails me again With"

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