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If i stay here

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If i stay here

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If i stay here
  • Shane Mack If I Stay
    "Here I am in you bed again Hanging on by a thread again Saying thing I regret again Things that shouldn't be said again Going over the past and then I'll have one my glass and then Won't be long till I'm"
  • Vert Here I Stay
    "here i stay till i die for the pain of movin's to great they say to come out, but i don't move for this is safe here i stay, never to move. i'll stay here forever. It is safe D-Day comes D-Day goes. the"
  • Michelle Featherstone Stay
    "If I build a wall A hundred feet tall Would that keep you in? If I shackled your feet So you couldnt leave Would you try and run? If I promise not to fight At least not tonight Would you stay the night? If"
  • Hurts Stay
    "My whole life waiting for the right time To tell you how I feel. Know I try to tell you that I need you. Here I am without you. I feel so lost but what can I do? 'Cause I know this love seems real But"
  • Dubstar Stay
    "I've got you And I'm willing to prove If you want it right now I'll be ready to go 'Cause I'm no one And I've nothing to move I'll just let you right in and pay my world when you lose Lay here in the"
  • Tynisha Keli Stay
    "I'm, I'm here to stay. I'm, I'm here to stay I'm, I'm here to stay. I'm, I'm here to stay You've been saying this ain't workin out You need to think about If we should stay together, plus the stormy"
  • My Chemical Romance Stay
    "To try to say All the lights already low enough to play It's so much easier than falling down I'll spare my life to prove that I was Worth a damn to prove the world right I'm glad to be up but If I meant"
  • Gavin Mikhail Stay
    "We've come this far And it's so clear That we are everything you hoped for, loved, and feared And I don't know The reasons why All this time it goes by slowly And we don't see Much to fight for..."
  • Miley Cyrus Stay
    "Well it's good to hear your voice I hope you're doing fine And if you ever wonder I'm lonely here tonight I'm lost here in this moment and time keeps slipping by And if I could have just one wish I'd have"
  • Me'Shell Ndegeocello Stay
    "I want you I can't get you off my mind Ooh you turn me on-stay So sorry you think it's wrong being here alone with me I wish I could understand you and what you feel You must feel something or you wouldn't"
  • Avril Lavigne Stay
    "I saw you last night, down at the mere I saw your hands were playing gently with her hair I see you and I, in my mirror I close my eyes and wish that you could be here its my fantasy to have you holding"
  • 12 Stones Stay
    "I walk to the edge again, searching for the truth Taken by the memories of all that I've been through If I could hear your voice I know that I would be okay I know that I've been wrong but I'm begging"
  • Dean Geyer Stay
    "All the maps on the wall Are held there with pins to show where we've been. A box of our memories Are back by the door The end of a war. As I watch you sleep Your hand still reaches for mine You are so"
  • Beth Hart Stay
    "So suddenly it rolls by again Soft as a breeze & light as the wind don't say good-bye & don't dry these tears if I could fly we'd fly away from here So don't let go just come along now Just say so"
  • Florida Georgia Line Stay
    "I'd sell my soul just to see your face. And I'd break my bones just to heal your pain. In these times I need a saving grace, but time is running out and I'm starting to lose my faith. But if I told you"
  • Tina Arena Stay
    "As the days go by without number One by one As the clouds divide I sit and wonder When our time will come From the Northern Lights To the Southern Cross Between the earth and The Milky Way I must chart"
  • Danny Saucedo Stay
    "Can you hear my call I have tried for so long But you've been on the run Here I'm left to figure out Why you're not around In this empty place of mine 'Cause all you ever gave Was a momentary love I can't"
  • Tonya Mitchell Stay
    "I've must have been blind Not to see you look away from me Whenever you say "You love me still" I must have been crazy Not to see you slip away from me Day after day there's a space to fill and I can't"
  • Jay Sean Stay
    "You said it once, Said it twice, That it hurts but I do it again I don't change, I don't't learn, cause I can't let it in Said it's gone, let it be, 'cause you don't need a friend Baby I do, I pull on"
  • SafetySuit Stay
    "Walking out the door this morning wondering what it is that's going on with you Thinking of a way to say I'm sorry for something I'm not sure I do So come on baby let me in and show me what this really"

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