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If only andrea

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If only andrea

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If only andrea
  • City Sleeps Andrea
    "You make me wanna die If looks could kill Then you'd be a murderer Dying in the hills of Hollywood I found out that you got lost with her Chorus Don't call me here One more time The night is closing"
  • Blue Rodeo Andrea
    "Earlier tonight I got a little scared I thought that I had failed I closed my eyes bowed my head and prayed I saw that all and everyone were one Never knowing if Im lost Never knowing if Im found Chasing"
  • MxPx Andrea
    "Meeting you was just so unexpected I guess I was scared of being rejected Since you were so nice I wouldn't think twice I'd give it all away for one more day with you If ever there was a girl to"
  • Yo La Tengo Pablo And Andrea
    "show me where you keep all your secrets upstairs night after night you sleep while they're setting off flares someone came and took all the roses away now you'll sit showing me tears if you want me to"
  • Ozma Come Home Andrea
    "The world we live in is so interesting A girl make a one man cry make another man sing Come home Andrea, come home Andrea Come home Andrea (to me) There's no denying that our wait is long It helps if"
  • Anna Tatangelo Andrea
    "Lo so che un giorno in pi non servir..resta qua questo amore tra di noi un auto che ti aspetta ormai Andrea mi guardi ma te ne vai via...colpa mia domani un giorno in pi ma senza te... Andrea che"
  • Mercanti Di Liquore Andrea
    "Andrea s' perso s' perso e non sa tornare Andrea s' perso s' perso e non sar tornare Andrea aveva un amore Riccioli neri Andrea aveva un dolore Riccioli neri. C'era scritto sul foglio ch'era morto sulla"
  • Al Bano & Romina Power Andrea
    "Andrea s' perso e non sa tornare Andrea aveva un amore riccioli neri Andrea aveva un dolore riccioli neri c'era scritto sul foglio che'era morto sulla bandiera c'era scritto e la firma era d'oro era firma"
  • Andrea Bocelli If Only (feat. Dua Lipa)
    "stai qui vicino a me quaggiu, /2x vedrai /2x tu veli si per me qualcosa piu dell’oro qualcosa come un’alba chi o aspetto if only we could turn back the time back to the day we said goodbye maybe your"
  • Joe Purdy Andrea
    "You were standing tall In the corner of a light While everybody talked I just stared at you Singing on And on and on and on Singing on And on and on and on And on And I was moving closer You pretended"
  • Alejandro Santiago Andrea
    "Me despojó del corazón sin darme cuenta ya estaba en mi voz. Tanta ansiedad se disipó y sin un beso mi vida compró. Sabe de contar estrellas de poemas pinta el sol lleva siempre puesta alguna apuesta"
  • RxBandits Andrea
    "do you remember how you held her? do you remember how you cried? do you remember sayin never? as she slowly dried your eyes. i remember what i did then and how i always felt inside happiness surrounds"
  • Rx Bandits Andrea
    "do you remember how you held her? do you remember how you cried? do you remember saying never as she slowly dried your eyes? i remember what i did then and how we always felt inside, happiness surrounds"
  • Triumph If Only
    "If only I could change the world With just a simple song If only I could keep my words From coming out all wrong If only I could make you see another point of view If only wishes would come true If only"
  • Cheezburger Mafia If Only
    "Picture me next to you Holding hands, sunset view. Kiss your lips, hug you tight, All the world seems so right. If only' If only you were mine. If only' Together till the end of time. If only' If only"
  • Reba McEntire If Only
    "(Wayland Holyfield/Amy Sky) If only I'd have thought to send you roses For no reason just to send you roses And if only I thought to say more often I love you But I just assumed you knew And if only"
  • Hoobastank If Only
    "I thought it wasn't wrong, To hide from you, Simple truth. I was scared, I felt it all along, But it hurt to much for me, to share. If only I, had been less blind. I'd have someone to hold on to. IF"
  • KT Tunstall If Only
    "Walking around in a daze after days now its been Talking it up is amazing and amazed that I'm in Looking at the stars for the answers but all that you found Was silence and dirty ground If only you could"
  • Yoko Ono If Only
    "I cut my finger when you left the room, The wound has healed long since then. But the finger keeps bleeding, keeps bleeding For reasons unknown to me I heard me stutter when you left the room, The wound"
  • Bastiaan Ragas If Only
    "If Only If only you could hear me now Singing this song But all alone, just for you If only there would be a way For me to show you what I want So hard for me to say I would like to feel what its like"

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