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If you're all alone, pick up the phone And call

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If you're all alone, pick up the phone And call

  • Pick Up The Phone - evan and jaron
    "Sorry to call you in the middle of the night but my thoughts have kept me thinkin' 'bout some thing in my life. I got your number from a friend who told me that it'd be all right to call you if I ever"
  • Pick Up The Phone - Evan & Jaron
    "Sorry to call you In the middle of the night But my thoughts have kept me thinking about Some things in my life I got your number From a friend who told me That it'd be alright to call you If I"
  • Pick Up The Phone - Ciara
    "Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huhuh huh Where u at boy Where u at boy Ohh I've been callin u night long and im becoming best friends with the dial tone cuz u not pickin up the phone I called ya"
  • Pick Up The Phone - Lucy Street
    "Baby when you're Sick of being alone Anytime you need me Just pick up the phone And if you should ever find Yourself on your own Then all you ever have to do Is pick up the phone Just dial my number,"
  • Pick Up The Phone - Ludacris
    "Man we talking race cars nigga, this aint no joke (Hello, hello) Uh, yea (Hello, hello) Fresh out the kitchen (Hello, hello) So don't touch it yet, (ha ha) its hot (Hello, hello) Uh, we bout to cross"
  • Pick Up The Phone - Tyrese
    "Man we talking race cars nigga, this ain't no joke (Hello, hello) Uh, yea (Hello, hello) Fresh out the kitchen (Hello, hello) So don't touch it yet, (ha ha) its hot (Hello, hello)? Uh, we bout to cross"
  • Phone Call - The Faint
    "I've seen you a while now Long enough to be close There's some things about you That I should know, I still don't With all the questions we didn't ask Our conversations could never last Our moments alone"
  • Pick Up The Phone - Falling In Reverse
    "(Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system) Yeaahhh! (Please record your message) Pick up the phone Answer your text Well I apologize about last night I really did not mean"
  • Pick Up - Ak'Sent
    "Pick Up, Pick Up Pick Up, Pick Up I'm Callin, You, You, You-Ooh Well I Never Woulda Known You Woulda Stopped Pickin Up The Phone When I C-C-Call Now I'm Sittin All Alone In My Drop Kicks On, But I'm Feelin"
  • Don't Pick The Phone (Pick Up The Phone) - Kim Carnes
    "(Kim Carnes/Bill Cuomo) I have got this friend She's looking all over town And she just can't imagine why She can't find anyone And when she finds a good boy She pulls the rope too tight And then she"
  • One Phone Call - Backstreet Boys
    "Hard to believe it It's almost a year since I got to hold you, head on my shoulder Dodging the daylight, taking the blame I It's all I got left, so lately I've spent Every single night like its 25 to"
  • Phone Call - Champion Jack Dupree
    "(a phone rings. Somebody says "Phone call for Jack Dupree") Thank you, thank you. I wonder who could that be? Oh, yeah? Hello... who? Gerald? Well I'll be dog-... who? Gerald Ford? Well I'll be doggone!"
  • Pick Up the Phone (ft. Quavo) - Young Thug, Travis Scott
    "I pour a four up I call your hoe up Just to fuck her and show her I just went, got my dough up Pullin' off and I'm gone! Then I go and pour four up Then I roll up that roll up Then I'm callin' your hoe"
  • Phone Call - Forever The Sickest Kids
    "Well I'm just a fool for you and I think I'm going crazy I can't control myself or contain my thoughts It's eating me up inside Now I see everything a little more clearly The bad outweighs the good things Was"
  • Pick Up The Phone - The Notwist
    "You know this place, you know this gloom? We've been here before. When life is a loop, you're in a room without a door. Pick up the phone and answer me at last. Today I will step out of your past. ""Trouble"
  • Pick Up The Phone - F.R. David
    "Said good bye when I leff to your answering machine. Then you jumped in a plane girl you know what I mean. Pick up the phone oh yeah - pick up the phone oh please I need your voice again hearing your"
  • Pick up the phone - Pierre
    "When I try to Call your number All Im getting is a busy line Have you got a Party waiting? Are you trying to put me hold on? Shoobedobop#Shoobedobop (Cant you hear me) Shoobedobop Cant you hear it ringing,"
  • Phone call 2 - King Diamond
    ""Hello, King." "Who . . . who's this?" "It's your grandmother." ". . . but . . .you're dead . . ." "In a way, yes. Now listen . . . are you still there?" "I . . . I'm still here, Grandma . . . yes . ."
  • Phone Booth - Teairra Mar
    "Operator City and state please Detroit Michigan, I need to make a collect phone call Hello? What's the number please? 313-652-5501 And your name Teairra Please hold Damn ring, now my"
  • Phone Call #27 - Admiral Twin
    "Admiral Twin Miscellaneous Phone Call #27 Penelope, I guarantee You've never seen a thing like this Gravity has taken leave from my bedroom You must come You must come and see me I'm bouncing"

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