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If you do not love me why do yoy care


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If you do not love me why do yoy care

  • Yoy moon - Norton
    "Thought we had a good thing baby You pulled the wool over my eyes I should've seen it comin' baby Now all I see is a cool love dying Honey I don't want to hold you down Why you gotta own the lock and the"
  • Why Do You Love Me - Garbage
    "I'm no Barbie doll I'm not your baby girl I've done ugly things And I have made mistakes And I am not as pretty as those girls in magazines I am rotten to my core if they're to be believed So what if"
  • Why Do You Love - Louise
    "Written by: kearney/robson Gonna fine that ladder again The one that says you never ever, walking I think I know the words off by heart I used to say them when you were too far away I hear your lustings Everybody"
  • Do You Even Care - Teddy Geiger
    "From the first time I saw the city skyline I was sure I'd be with you Cause the first time I saw your face I just fell into you You say you need to walk on these ideas Let my heart lay in your past Why"
  • Do You Still Care - Tanya Stephens
    "Where Bubba Grew Up, Kept his tobacco chewed up, And when they used to hang ropes, they always kep two up, Had crosses burnin all night like the church blew up, And if you didnt look like them, they"
  • What Do You Care (Live) - Robert Palmer
    "Youre such a rebel now can you remember when They used to think you knew what added up to ten Youre sick and tired of taking punches to your side Now youre gonna add it up to any number that you like (tell"
  • Do You Care At All - Plain White T's
    "If I told you I love you would it move you enough to even act as though you've heard? If i said I was leaving would you still find a reason to ignore my every word? cause I'm the one who waits here for"
  • Do You Care 4 Me - Az Yet
    "lookin' in your eyes it's ritten on your face i can read you mind you feel the same as me baby cuz time you face the truth you're in love with me and i think it's time that you came around girl you care"
  • Why Do You Do - Los Lobos
    "(Cesar Rosas) Why do you do the things you do to me Why do you do the things you do to me I love you Baby now Baby can't you see You got me jittery nervous all through the day You got me jittery nervous"
  • Love Me If Ye Do - Diane Cluck
    "man friends and woman friends and dog friends and plant friends love me if you do cos' i'll make love to you old friends and new friends and children friends and killer friends love me if you do cos' i'll"
  • Why Do I - Natalie Bassingthwaighte
    "This is not me at all, I used to be so much stronger Here I am holding on, when theres nothing to hold on to now Ive tried to understand, its not making sense If you dont wanna be here tonight, why do"
  • Care - Wynn Stewart
    "Care oh what a beautiful word for those who had somebody to Care where they go what they do what they say And if they are happy or blue Care wish I could recall how it was when somebody cared long ago Cause"
  • Care - BriBry
    "I'd be lying if I said I never thought of dying alone But I'm so vulnerable to just about everyone And only one friend knows me I sigh when another year is over Where I've so little to account for Oh what"
  • Do You - Ne-Yo
    "Maybe this decision was a mistake. You probably don't care what I have to say. But it's been heavy on my mind for months now. Guess I'm trying to clear some mental space. I would love to talk to you in"
  • Why do I love you - Dj Bounce
    "Suddenly she's Leaving Suddenly the Promise of love has gone Suddenly Breathing seems so hard to do Carefully you Planned it I got to know just A minute to late, oh girl now I understand it All"
  • Do you care - The Bates
    "Look at me come look at me And tell me baby what you see I don't know no I don't know I'm askin' you which way to go Do you care say do you care And girl I love your golden hair Do you mind say do you"
  • Do you care - Face To Face
    "Do you want to make a difference? do you wonder what would happen if you don't? do you need just a little push? do you try to change? do you think about the other guy? do you want just one good reason"
  • Why do you punish me - Johnny Cash
    "Why do you punish me for loving you You're counting my mistakes how about yours Why do you sentence me too nice of tears Convicting all these dreams I've dreamed for all these years My heart cries out"
  • Why Do You Punish Me - Hank Snow
    "Words & Music by Erwin King Recorded by Hank Snow Why do you punish me for loving you, You're counting my mistakes, how about yours? Why do you sentence me to nights of tears? Convicting all these dreams"
  • Ni Bu Ai Wo Ai Shui (Who Do You Love If Not Me) - F4
    "This song goes out to all the females who's hearts been broken I'm only hear to do one thing And that's to bring it back So relax, lay down, close your eyes, spread your heart And check it out Here we"

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