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If you love raise your hand

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If you love raise your hand

  • Raise Your Hand - Janis Joplin
    "If there's anythin' that you need, Hon, that you've never, ever, ever had. I know you've never had it. Oh, honey, don't you just sit there cryin', Don't just sit there feelin' bad. No, no, no. You'd better"
  • Raise your hand - Blues Brothers Band
    "If there's something you need That you just don't have Well just don't sit there Feeling bad Come on now get up Try and understand Just raise your hand Baby here I am You know I'm standing in line"
  • Raise Love - Brad
    "Welcome now where we belong We hit 'em while we're new Givin' up my action I swear that'll come to you And tell me if it seems that They'll be given you to find And what will you define the world That'll"
  • Raise Your Glass - Pink (P!nk)
    "Right right, turn off the lights, we're gonna lose our minds tonight, what's the dealio? I love when it's all too much, 5am turn the radio up where's the rock and roll? Party Crasher, Penny Snatcher, Call"
  • Raise Your Glass - Guns N' Wankers
    "I know I've done it again left myself an impossible situation so drop the bomb and we'll drink to whose left standing raise your glass, join the toast pass the parcel til the bubble bursts set the fuse"
  • Raise Your Flag - Chrome Division
    "Well, you've seen the show Well, you've hear songs You've seen the books and magazines Well, I've had enough It's time to change it all I hear the revolution's call Pink shirt, and bling bling And all"
  • Raise Your Glass - Autopilot Off
    "I know I've done it again Left myself an impossible situation So drop the bomb and we'll drink to whose left standing Raise your glass, join the toast Pass the parcel 'til your bubble bursts Set the"
  • Raise Your Hands - Saint
    ""With the Father there is no fear" The blind To see The deaf To speak The lame To walk These things are written down To account for what he's done Lay your guns on the ground No more killing in God's town Praise"
  • Raise Your Hands - Krokus
    "One love, no war I know I'm not alone I like to live my life in freedom So don't you close the door Around the world too many people wastin' their lives away They can't tell what's right from wrong at"
  • Raise Up - Saliva
    "Straight out the poorhouse eating lobster for breakfast Two new tour buses, cause my voice is infectious Now the super models never call me a sexist I got the new style that is leaving them breathless I'm"
  • Raise A Man - Alicia Keys
    "Marble in a foyer I've been lovin' on you all day Would've stayed if you told me to stay As you can see, I stayed anyway I'm just not like these other girls, I swear I just have to love you I just"
  • Raise The Roof - Peter Cincotti
    "Lock the door and stop complaining Gather round and listen well From now on we're entertaining; how to hotten up this hell? Hold the movement, Hold the chatter Skip the food and stop the clatter Can't"
  • Lobo Wanna Raise - South Park
    "SPM uh, uhh pick up my voice a little bit just a little man, just a little bit man, yo just a little bit dog, just a little bit, yeah flippin ex-ho trippin... ohhh shit flippin, ex-ho trippin got them"
  • If I Feel Your Hand - Mindy McCready
    "I knew this would happen sooner or later I'd run into you finally I'm happy but I can say I've missed you too don't ask me to dance I don't think I'm quite where you are just yet please understand I'm"
  • Everybody Raise Your Hands - Code Red
    "Forget your troubles just for tonight, Leave them at the door, Out of mind, out of sight, If you've got a problem, we can work it out, We're gonna have a good time, no doubt... No matter how bad you"
  • Raise Your Hands - Jon Bon Jovi
    "You you got a nasty reputation Were in a sticky situation its down to me and you So tell me is it true they say there aint nobody better Well now that were together Show me what you can do Youre under"
  • Raise Your Hands - Jon B.
  • Raise Your Hands - Bon Jovi
    "You - you got a nasty reputation We're in a sticky situation - it's down to me and you So tell me - is it true ... they say there ain't nobody better Well now that we're together Show me what you can"
  • Raise Your Glasses - Kiss
    "I took a ride with a one-way ticket I aimed my arrow at the mark & hit it We all need to be somebody Been broken down, but not defeated I kept on punching back till i succeeded We all need to be somebody,"
  • Raise Your Glass - The Strange Familiar
    "Glad to know you're out there Glad to know you're fine And it's good to know you'd never walk the line Every hour that passes, No one ever seems to change And I wonder if your smile is still the same Raise"

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