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If you show me this i will give

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If you show me this i will give

  • Show - Method Man
    ""Wanna see the world, ain't scared to do it Even if, your shocked by it Me and you, lost when you do it By myself, better off bein' you" Smoke cess nigga, smokin' that A.K Norther lights, yeah.. stick"
  • I Will Show You Mine - LFO
    "Cherry bubblicious and cocoa pop Got you on my mind and it just won't stop Tilt-a-whirl, babygirl, slip-n-slide We can swing it cause I think you're fly You've got the curves, the sway I can't look away Girl,"
  • I Will Show You Love - Kendall Payne
    "I will show you love like youve never loved before I will go the distance and back for more if you just say the word You will come alive again and call the trying times your friend The pain that you have"
  • Show Me - Stereomud
    "When will I be homeis what you want to know But all I can say is I don't know when Can't see to find my way... and it's killing me slowly Please don't forget me I am out here trying to find you... Show"
  • If You Give Me Credit - French Affair
    "I know what you like I will turn you on A hot summer night Will come along Don't need conversation Don't need no explanation If you give me credit I will turn you on I take you to a place I know you want"
  • Will You Show Me - Burton Cummings
    "Don't you ever wonder how love can fall apart Everything is scattered, pieces in the dark Doesn't it surprise you, come from behind, Sayin' this is the last time... Show me How am I supposed to love you... Oh"
  • Love Will Show You Everything - Jennifer Love Hewitt
    "Today, today I bet my life You have no idea What I feel inside Don't, be afraid to let it show For you never know If you let it out I love you, you love me Take this gift and don't ask why Cause if you,"
  • (IF THIS IS LOVE)GIVE ME MORE - Steve Harley
    "you beat my pillow with your whispers and your screams like in the sixties you're my peaches and my cream you give me loving like i'm wanking in a dream i wouldn't swoop you for the riches of no queen don't"
  • Show me - Andreas Johnson
    "Ive never seen you shine so bright Little black magic baby dressed in white I never thought I would ever taste your fire And when the sun bleeds in to the sea Yeah when the moon steals the scenery You"
  • Show Me - ShattereD
    "Make me believe that my life here is worth something more than nothing, All I can see is your faith that is made of a perfect disease. All I can feel is your face bleeding behind that burning wall of pain. Show"
  • Show Me - Janet
    "You know I've heard every line No baby not this time If you want it like you say you want it Well then you gotta When I'm next to you I get this feeling that maybe I'm willing to stay next to you But the"
  • Show Me - Brettell
    "When I'm sitting so close to you There is only one thing I want to do But I know what your likely to say And I'm going about it the wrong way We can't agree about anything Even when I try to compromise"
  • Show Me - Janet Jackson
    "You know I've heard every line No baby not this time If you want it like you say you want it Well then you gotta When I'm next to you I get this feeling that maybe I'm willing to stay next to you But"
  • Show me - Amerie
    "Oh yeah Yeah, mmmm We were never suppose to go this far for real Now I see it all so clear My holding back from you Just making me want you with me And now Now were getting all so close And want everyday"
  • Show Me - Seal
    "Different kinds of people Different kinds of life We go walking towards the future With different size strides Show me the way to solve your sorrows And I'll do what I can 'Cause we have the experience If"
  • Show Me - Jade Valerie
    "Ice cold, yot got me on hold deal me out enough so I don't let go You go fast, slow, keep it on the hush leave me empty and happy like a cocaine rush You're a cheap king, fake diamond ring I'm a brand"
  • Show Me - Yolanda Adams
    "There is a place in me That no one but You can see And in that place I'm really insecure I've been hurt before by that But I'm really sure You understand Every tear I've cried I bet You've cried a million"
  • I Will, If You Will - John Berry
    "(John Jarvis/Randy Goodrum) Once upon a time People fell in love & they stayed in love It never crossed their mind Not to see it through when they said I do This modern world changes so fast Hearts"
  • Show You - Ashanti
    "Baby what yur going thru Know that im here for yuh Yuh dont ever have to worry bout it Cuz everything else ill do without it Ill share yur struggle (ill place) No one above you (incase) You didn"
  • Show Me Love - Robyn
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah... Always been told that I've got too much pride Too independant to have you by my side But my heart said all of you will see Just won't live for someone until he lives for me Never thought"

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