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Iily allen

  • Bishop Allen Drive - Bishop Allen
    "I found myself a queen In a bright sun dress She was prettier than May But she liked me best There was fever in her hair And a beauty in her brain And she showed me 'round town Quiet as a hurricance Well"
  • Barbara Allen - Colin Meloy
    "It was round and about last Martinmas tide When the green leaves were swellin' That young Jimmy Grove of the West Country Fell in love with Barb'ry Allen He sent his men into the town To the place where"
  • Captain Allen - Arcwelder
    "(w graber) Hold me to something besides this 'I don't mind' 'Cause I'll line the streets without you and your kind If you feel like lying you'll fit in after all But nothing's as clear as the crystal"
  • Barbara Allen - Joan Baez
    "Twas in the merry month of May When green buds all were swelling, Sweet William on his death bed lay For love of Barbara Allen. He sent his servant to the town To the place where she was dwelling,"
  • Barbara Allen - Wilburn Brothers
    "In Scarlet Town where I was born there was a fair maid dwelling Her beauty shone just like the sun and her name was Barbara Allen All in the merry month of May when green buds they were swelling Sweet"
  • Barbara Allen - John Travolta
    "'Twas in the merry month of May When green buds all were swellin' Sweet William on his death bed lay For the love of Barbara Allen He sent his servant to the town To the place where she was dwellin' Saying,"
  • Woody Allen - Big Cyc
    "Czarne garnituryTwoje glanyPromień nad głowąJak słodko zostac świremNie będziemy śpiewać po angielskuVillago, villagoNowe kombinacjePobudka dla nieboszczykaZwiewam z budyHistoria z koszarBuntownik z aerozoluGdy"
  • Barbara Allen - The Everly Brothers
    "Twas in the merry month of May When flowers were a-bloomin' Sweet Willie on his deathbed lay For the love of Barbara Allen He sent his servant to the town The town where she did dwell in Saying "Master"
  • Jane Allen - Billy Bragg And The Blokes
    "Jane Allen took me by surprise said she heard I was a married man Might have known she'd wanna find out exactly how married I am She took me the wrong way home to get me on my own Jane Allen had a bunch"
  • Allen Hotel - Adolescents
    "Sometimes at night I drive by and stare And wonder what my life would be like if I had wound up there Would I walk around with that look on my face That dreaded look of having been condemned to this place "
  • Barbara Allen - Dolly Parton
  • Little Woody Allen - Television Personalities
    "Little Woody Allen sits alone in a playground, but he doesn't mind The other children play their childish games He's in his own world, but he's doing fine All the silly boys are playing with their toys But"
  • Polonaise (Met Z'n Allen) - Bram Vermeulen
    "En lopen doen we alleen Achter een ander aan Lachen doen we alleen Waar iedereen om lacht Alleen doen we niets Dus we hebben het nooit gedaan En we denken alleen wat eerder is bedacht En houden doen"
  • Frieden in allen Herzen - Geschwister Hofmann
    "Erster Schnee da werden Trume wachGeh mit mir durch diese WinternachtLass mich glauben wie damals als KindDass dort oben noch Englein sind.Einmal nochHinter die Wolken sehnber mir der Stern von BethlehemUnd"
  • A5 (Allen Iverson Commercial) - Jadakiss
    "yo yo check em out|it's the new A5s you got to rock em they even put a zone in the league to try to stop him hes the answer and the problem you don't want it with the that boy go the hole and take punishment the"
  • Reebok allen iverson commercial - Jadakiss
    "Ugh Yo check 'em out, its the new A5's you gotta rock em They even put a zone in the league to try to stop him He's the Answer and the problem, you don't want it with The way that boy go to the hole and"
  • Hello Sandy Allen (N Finn) - Split Enz
    "Hello Sandy Allen The world's tallest woman We made friends in New York Don't know if you'll remember I'm bound to say I felt uneasy when I first laid eyes on you But I liked the way you talked "
  • Wir haben allen gottern abgeschwor'n - Sohne Mannheims
    "Wir haben allen gottern abgeschwor'n und geh'n fr einen herrn der horizont hat blut verlor'n und wir war'n nicht weit entfernt wir entreissen euch was uns gehrt also lasst es besser los von uns werdet"
  • The Ballad Of Barry Allen - Jim's Big Ego
    "I've got time to think about the beauty of a thousand variations Of the beating of a wing Of a hummingbird suspended in the aspic of the world Moving slower than molasses As I'm off to catch the girl Who"
  • Wanna Be (ft. Lily Allen) - Dizzee Rascal
    "(Alright Mate) So You Wanna Be A Gangster Tell Me Just One Thing What You Know About Being A Hardman You Mum Buys Your Bling Your Pockets Getting Bigger But You Couldn't Pull The Trigger If You Need"

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