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Ikarus feel

  • Ikarus - Unheilig
    "The legend tells a story Of a man who challenged nature He built his dream But he didn't respect the rules I will escape out of this world I will escape out of my time With every breath I feel the conclusion With"
  • Ikarus - Puhdys
    "Einem war sein Heim, war sein Haus zu eng Sehnte sich in die Welt Sah den Himmel an, sah wie dort ein Schwan hinzog. Er hie Ikarus und er war sehr jung, war voller Ungeduld Baute Flgel sich, sprang"
  • Ikarus - Bergfeuer
    "Es gab eine Zeit, da lebte mein Herz in der Dunkelheit, aber dann sah ich dich und deine Liebe fhrte mich zurck ins Licht. Ich fhlte mich wie: Ikarus, ich war so wie er wie im Traum flog ich bers Meer losgelst,"
  • Ikarus - Reinhard Mey
    "Weie Schluchten, Berg und Tal Federwolken ohne Zahl Fabelwesen zieh'n vor den Fenstern vorbei Schleier wie aus Engelshaar Schmiegen sich beinah' greifbar Um die Flgelenden und reien entzwei Manchmal frag'"
  • Ikarus - Tanzwut
    "Ikarus Flieg steig auf reite den Wind Scheue Dich nicht wenn der Flug beginnt Ikarus komm heb mit uns ab Trum den Traum den die Sonne Dir nahm Hoch hinaus benommen vom Ziel Du liebtest den Sturm das"
  • Feel - Animals
    "I feel alright, feel alright, feel so good, feel so good It's comin' on, it's comin' on, tell you baby it's comin' on Feel so good, feel so good, hey baby like I know I would I feel alright, feel alright,"
  • Feel - Michelle Tumes
    "Hark! The wind of passion swiftly weaving over your soul Bless the surge of thunder rolling onto your shore Greet the deep emotion That sleeps beneath the ocean floor Watch elation bound release its furious"
  • Feel - Mari
    "Feels like I spent all this time talking to walls Feels like I gotta let go of the way it was before Are your really there? Are you made of stone? Am I talking to someone or am I here all alone Are you"
  • Feel - Emirsian
    "I dont want to know who you are Somehow unreachable like a falling star Why cant you say those words I long to hear Try to feel the way I feel From time to time our thoughts collide We went through this"
  • Feel - Justincase
    "You're gone, and I don't wanna know, what went wrong, no Cause somewhere the words have really helped me sleep And honest, the tongue that tells me how you mean Is anyone out there? It feels like I'm holding"
  • Feel - Stereophonics
    "Here it comes again Like the first time again I can't sleep I watch the rain But I'm happy again How can this be Why did this feeling Creep on up on me? I can't be sure You never can But the signs I know Where"
  • Feel - Hollow Bones
    "Whatever happened to the word I knew as family? Whatever happened to our sky? Now I'm imagining, you've all been thrown away you bring out the worth in me Don't fall asleep too soon, you'll wake up with"
  • Feel - Selah Sue
    "You never show you love No matter what I do You keeping up your guard You locked to heart … /2x You wanna stay on shore And never ride the wave But if you take the dive You know that you relief, yeah! But"
  • Feel - Polopop
    "Sometimes when I listen carefully I hear my thoughts screaming Trying to get free Sometimes when I think aout you and me I wonder what I should be saying Oh I can feel.. I can feel my emotions bursting"
  • Feel - The Verve
    "This darkness cooled my light We move to different sides I poured the guilt right over my eyes As I rose to greet the sky I've never felt this before See you dead on the floor I can't recall a single"
  • Feel - Anathema
    "I've a feeling I wont be coming down from this, I was searching through the heavens and somehow I slipped, I feel, I'm seeing so clear Trying to forget tomorrow and all that's happened. This is not the"
  • Feel - Big Star
    "Girlfriend, what what are you doing? You're driving me to ruin The love that you've been stealing Has given me the feeling I feel like i'm dying I'm never gonna live again You just ain't been trying "
  • Feel - Ronan Keating
    "Just one more dance When can we touch? I wanna believe so much That you needed me We're near the time Our bodies combine This touch feels so kind Could this really be Woo oooo (4x) Under the sheets So"
  • Feel - Robbie Williams
    "Come and hold my hand I wanna contact the living Not sure I understand This role I've been given I sit and talk to God And he just laughs at my plans My head speaks a language I don't understand I just"
  • Feel - Kouda Kumi
    "Kuruma no naka sotto Kami wo nadete kureta Kimi no te no nukumori Ima mune wo atsuku shiteku Futari dakeno kuukan Himitsu no toki ga sotto Hashiri dasu kimochi Watashi wo oita mama de... Why tell me why Nandomo"

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