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Ikondzior i'm drowning

  • Drowning - Sunset Black
    "Tell me what's your destination Do you speak the truth like me Tell me what's your destination Do you want to live for free I'm drowning in circles I Feel everything I'm drowning in circles I Alone And"
  • Drowning - Ak 1200
    "stay with me just for the day and let your soul come and rest for a minute now share your mind, if you have some time i would love to sit and talk to you. i would wait, if you asked me to, but i, wont"
  • Drowning - CrazyTown
    "Everything is so complex Everyday is like a test For the obstacles that seem most impossible And I'm thinking, just another breath. Not a minute left, how long have I been drifting!. Pass the glass pipe,"
  • Drowning - MxPx
    "Switch the light off, go to bed There's no more room inside my head The world around me slowly fades away As I close my eyes and think, the shadows blot my memories Of all the thing I've tried and failed"
  • Drowning - Backstreet Boys
    "Don't pretend you're sorry I know you're not You know you've got the power To make me weak inside And girl, you leave me breathless But it's okay 'Cause you are my survival Now hear me say I can't imagine Life"
  • Drowning - Life Of Agony
    "(spoken) Hang out dick I'm dieing I'M trying I'm crying 'cause i aint got nothing so Dont bother trying to stop me I'm drowning in my own self pity so Stop preaching 'bout livin for a brighter day You"
  • Drowning - Jesus On Extasy
    "Everything perfect in this world Vanishes in just one moment We can try to hold it But it runs through our hands All the beauty in this world Slowly runs and fades away We can try to keep young But"
  • Drowning - Stereophonics
    "I don't know why I don't know what is wrong Oh no Is karma gonna get me? At times that's all I see It's not real Wanna feel Wanna feel, like I did before Mornings I can't breathe Wave crashes over me And"
  • Drowning - Lion's Share
    "icy water pulls me down, surrounding me drifting with the gentle stream, embracing me too weary to reach the surface a soldier of fortune bearing arms without belief he's been under fire and has never"
  • Drowning - John Entwistle
    "I'm drowning in the fountain of your love In the whirlpool of my mind you're all I'm thinking of I'm sinking into the tear drops in your eyes I'm floating on the cushion of your sighs. It's hard to write"
    "You tried to lie, I can see that you don't need me (Need me don't need me, need me don't need me) All of your words, they have been cursed with dishonesty (With dishonesty, with dishonesty) Take it from"
  • Drowning - Suburban Tribe
    "I feel all this silence turning into noise so slowly It's getting so loud I will miss your voice pure and holy And it gets so loud I can't hear and I'm losing the far and the near Without you I will now"
  • Drowning - Joe Jackson
    "I don't love you But I'm lost Thinking of you And the ghosts Of so many special moments That passed so quickly at the time And now they come and track me down And echo round and round and round And time"
  • Drowning - Norther
    "You're on holiday from your thoughts, to live another day in the clouds In denial you refuse to see, a betreyal and you blame me We are all going insane, oh yes! You are definitely going insane, oh yes! Drowning,"
  • Drowning - Missy Higgins
    "Maybe I'm just living out the same old stories in and out But you know that don't make it easier Time will fly away with me if truth won't stop and let me see And tell me I am to believe that you and"
  • Drowning - Hootie And The Blowfish
    "Trouble with the world is we're too busy to think about it, all right Why is there a rebel flag hanging from the state house walls? Tired of hearin' this shit about heritage not hate Time to make the"
  • Drowning - Langhorne Slim
    "And I never will know why Love will pay no mind to me Love always loved the way it sounded in theory And I'd kill to be alone With the strength to be alone Lonely feelings make me sad around company Well"
  • Drowning - Ours
    "Oh it sounds like a fire in store Holding down while the tides are strong I survive a wave but now I'm gone How am I to change the damage done? Maybe today, today we die [2] Give us and take away the cries Baby"
  • Drowning - Jack Johnson
    "Drink the water drink it down This time I know I'm bound To spit it back up I didn't want this Salty substitute, just not going to do I need some air, if I'm going to live through This experience reminds"
  • Drowning - Debeli Precjednik
    "i won't promise better days tomorrow is staring at your face and it doesn't look good it's painted black i think it's worth a struggle to hold on though everything fails from now on ...i just hope that"

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