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Ill Skillz feat_ Thomas Azier -- Gold Streams i can't

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Ill Skillz feat_ Thomas Azier -- Gold Streams i can't

  • Skillz In '95 - Mad Skillz
    "Now if you had my eyes then you'd see what I see A desire to see a soundman hung and bless the M-I-C Who I be? The generation of the next MC's Who believe in breakbeats, microphones, and tecs My voice"
  • Build Ya Skillz - KRS-One
    "(feat. Busta Rhymes) Verse One: KRS-One Check, I control your mind with one rhyme I speak And get you open like a prostitutes buttcheeks Rapper get kicked in they mouth with cleets cause they're speech"
  • Thomas D is ill - Thomas D
    "Thomas Dden namen msst ihr euch nicht merken denn das wrde nur seine eitelkeit verstrken und davon hat der junge ja nun wirklich schon genug denn er ist bestandteil vom deutschen rapbetrug ich habe schon"
  • Where Yo Skillz At? - Artifacts
    "Artifacts be the best in this MC fest Rest any intentions we here to mention we the fresh Newark natives, Polo king bringin the zing to your Walkman, check it how we talk and sing Breakin that thing, lyrical"
  • Ill Vibe - Busta Rhymes
    "(feat. Q-Tip) My rhymes profess life like the birds and the bees Make Funk-Master Flex say yo I'm feeling these Flows make you shit in your drawrs. Change your dungarees Smoking trees, getting cottonmouth,"
  • Wicked skillz - Sofa
    "Sometimes I get a little pissed off - you know... I just can't understand why 'coz I deserve more than I'm gettin' I deserve much more than this 'coz you know, I got them skills, yeah! 1. Sometimes I get"
  • Streams - Machine Saviour
    "It's the light that surrounds you The light that commands you to fight Fight to find the answer Fight to find the door Through all eternal question Through vision of no more, Tear of pain Fears insane Tears"
  • Can't Believe (feat. Faith Evans, Carl Thomas) - P. Diddy
    "Uh, oh, oh yeah Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh yeah (Emotional) I always dreamed that everything would be okay With me and you, but I was wrong When I looked into your eyes I didn't see all the things I used to see What's"
  • Skillz - Make It Pop
    "Jodi: I ain't serving up dinner I am serving up skillz I was always a winner I am serving up skillz You're just a beginner Cause I'm serving up skillz I'm serving up skillz I'm serving up la la la"
  • Halfway (feat. Ward Thomas) - James Blunt
    "nobody drives to the middle of nowhere just to turn around, turn around nobody sleeps in the middle of the bed when they got someone else, someone else, and nobody walks up the stairs to hell just to"
  • Gold - Genius/GZA
    "(feat. Method Man) Aiyyo Shorty, yo that's my word Oh, y'all smellin y'all piss now y'all think y'all gold Yo anybody get caught playin Over here, I'm returnin em that's my word that they be blasted Anything"
  • To My (feat. Mad Skillz, Nas) - Timbaland
    "It don't stop Can't stop Say what? Play your parts Uh-huh, it don't stop Nas Esco' Say what? Huh, uh-huh Uh-huh, it don't stop Uh, uh-huh, uh, uh, uh It don't stop, what? Yea yea, Brave-hearts "
  • Wit' Yo' Bad Self (feat. Mad Skillz) - Timbaland
    "Here we go again Ha ha, here we go again Make it hot, uhh (Yeah) Here we go again Make it hot Mad Huh, here we go again We're gon' make it hot Ha ha, here we go again (Yo) Skillz Now listen, baby girl,"
  • In Time (feat. mad skillz, ms. jade) - Timbaland
    "(c'mon girl, i was just playin with you) Ah - c'mon, ah You would not believe - c'mon, ah What's goin down right now - c'mon, ah Holla!! c'mon ah You would not believe - c'mon, ah What's about to go"
  • Oceans And Streams - The Black Keys
    "With guilt that no man should carry Heavy enough for me to get buried I feel death on the road tonight It's got me to where I wanna run and hide Oh, I used to dream Of oceans and streams Flowing and growing"
  • I Hear Voices (feat. Carl Thomas) - Puff Daddy
    "Sometimes I don't think you motherfuckers Understand where I'm coming from Where I'm tryin' to get to Sometimes I hear voices I can't see it, can you see it? Turn the lights on Check this out Make money's"
  • Doubting Thomas - Nickel Creek
    "What will be left when I've drawn my last breath Besides the folks I've met and the folks who've known me Will I discover a soul-saving love Or just the dirt above and below me I'm a doubting Thomas"
  • Why? (Feat. Mars Ill) - Kj-52
    "HOOK: Why is it more that things change the more they stay the same? Why do old people drive slow in the fast lane? Why is it when I grab the mic you stare at me strange? Why's every time I eat I get"
  • Lollypopp katz feat. Ill Knob - M.M.O.
    "If your shit is hot, then it's hot If it's an original flow, watch you blow Keep it tighter than a knot, every show If it's not, let it go, see the top is a heavy load We need to step it up, step it"
  • I Know I Got, Skillz - Shaquille ONeal
    "Intro (Shaq): Yo Jef, why don't you give me a hoopa beat or something, something I can go to the park to, yeah, there you go, allright, I like that, I like that, it sound dope, (Bust 'em in the eye Shaq) Verse"

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