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Ilse DeLange - Puzzle Me

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Ilse DeLange - Puzzle Me

  • You - feat. Ilse DeLange - The BossHoss
    "I'm singing songs Songs about love 'Cause love was sent Right from above Just say a word I'll swear I'll do it all for you Let's take a chance Don't waste no time I will be yours And you'll be mine My"
  • Puzzle - Dada
    "There's a puzzle in my head I'll spend a lifetime finding pieces It'll take forever to put together The square and the round Something to prove I'm not hangin' around Hangin' around You wanna leave, you"
  • Puzzle - The Notwist
    "One piece missing makes you small Could be a day or more - Within a second you're alone. You want things that tell you Exactly what you really are To make you fell complete. All I have is yours -"
  • Puzzle - Tahiti 80
    "You spend your days on your own Thinking about troubles of your own You dream of the day You will accept your reflections all alone You're not the only one To feel that way you know I'm not the only one To"
  • Puzzle - Mai Kuraki
    "Yah, alive and nobody knows me I like to see your eyes chase on the highway speed cant touch me now, run its my soul rewind yappari konya mo mata heya wo deteshimatta hitorikiri no TEREBI nanimo waraenai dare"
  • Puzzle Pieces - Tiger Trap
    "nothing gets ( ) cause i know you could be the best how was i to ever had known when i first heard you on the phone that you would be my perfect fit i don't know what to do with it 'cos your piece goes"
  • Puzzle girl - Dawson's Creek
    "I think too much I over analyze I speak real fast when I'm nervous Cause I'd explode otherwise Misunderstood Of me there are lots I believe in Karma, Zen and upside down tequila shots Call me Puzzle Girl"
  • The Puzzle - Ane Brun
    "I walked into love I walked into a minefield I never heard of I walked into love I walked into a minefield I never heard of Her remains were spread out like the pieces of a puzzle it took her 365 days"
  • Monkey Puzzle - Brian Jonestown Massacre
    "Somebody help me, help me get that girl cause I know that I need her, I know that I need her There's nobody sweeter in the whole wide world I'm dying to meet her, I'm dying to meet her 'Cause when I"
  • Ride the wind to me - Ilse DeLange
    "I've seen your dreams get brokenI've heard your words unspokenAnd sometimes hope is laying lowHidden in the ashes left after the firerefrain:In my heart I see you run freeLike a river down to the seaAll"
  • Shine - Ilse DeLange
    "(Him) We couldn't decide on who was going to drive tonight, (Him) So I guess he felt the tension from his side of this taxi-ride. (Him) Asking us where we're headed for, and if we were both alright, (Him)"
  • Naked Heart - Ilse DeLange
    "Ive been lookin at you, lookin at me And something tells me that This could be a once in forever thing So why are you holdin back No more smoke and mirrors I need to know how deep you feel If you"
  • When you put it like that - Ilse DeLange
    "It's been a long weekAnd I've had a lot of time to think about youSo sure that I'm rightIn thinking I'll be more than fine without youHere you are with your guilty grinKnocking at my door againWe both"
  • Flying Blind - Ilse DeLange
    "I dont know where Im going Its an un chartered sky I dont I think even really know What Im feeling inside Love is so uncertain Who can say whats in store This is deeper, farther, higher Than Ive"
  • So Incredible - Ilse DeLange
    "In the middle of the day, when the sun is aching. And I try to make my way, but the sidewalk's breaking. Watch me slip between the cracks, as I fall and fall and fall. And I wonder where I land, if I ever"
  • Angel Eyes - Ilse DeLange
    "Boy, you're looking fine tonight And every girl's got you in her sights What you're doing with a clown like me Is surely one of life's little mysteries Chorus: So tonight I'll ask the stars above How did"
  • Lonely Too - Ilse DeLange
    "How can you ask me How have I been I think you should know well The shape that Im in You say that you wondered If I was o.k. Well thats a damn fool thing to say The water is risin The water is"
  • Old tears - Ilse DeLange
    "Walking that line, saying I'm fineThought I kicked you off my mind long agoThough you tore me apart when you broke my heartI never, ever, ever let it showI can't keep this storm inside me anymoreI can't"
  • Beyond Gravity - Ilse DeLange
    "The Only thing that keeps me down in gravity Without it I might fly around Above live's raging sea You've released my soul You've let my spirit go So I can be The untied melody A sun that rises From my"
  • Just Like The Moon - Ilse DeLange
    "I sat outside one afternoon In an old lawn chair And I watched the sun set off For business west somewhere While the sky turned watercolor fine And gold and blue And the stars all showed up one by"

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