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Ilse DeLange Flying Blind

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Ilse DeLange Flying Blind

  • Flying Blind - Ilse DeLange
    "I dont know where Im going Its an un chartered sky I dont I think even really know What Im feeling inside Love is so uncertain Who can say whats in store This is deeper, farther, higher Than Ive"
  • Flying solo - Ilse DeLange
    "'Cross the bering straitTo a foreign landI took the sky just like I plannedLeft my old life behindThere in the ice and snowFollowed a rainbow to MexicoSomewhere this side of luckyJust shy of goin' downThere's"
  • Flying Blind - Daily Planet
    "I'm just fine, but in time, this sunshine will surely fade into the moonlight I'll adapt without a map, feeling trapped, only seeing what my headlights But if I share this skin I'm living in and know I"
  • Flying - UFO
    "Have you ever had the time to see, me and you could change to be Take a dream away with you live it now and you will see Found myself on an open road to show the way Upped and started walking on to a"
  • Flying Away - Moony
    "I wake up I wash my face and go here's another day, I'm sure I'll fight for what I love and my music keeps going on my heart begins to beat and my music keeps going on it makes my life complete I'm"
  • Flying Colors - Keith Whitley
    "Flyin' Colors (Keith Whitley) When you walked out of my life I didn't think that I'd survive Hope was growing dimmer day by day But much to my surprise Lord I made it out alive An' my world is looking"
  • Shine - Ilse DeLange
    "(Him) We couldn't decide on who was going to drive tonight, (Him) So I guess he felt the tension from his side of this taxi-ride. (Him) Asking us where we're headed for, and if we were both alright, (Him)"
  • Flyin' Blind - Gordon Lightfoot
    "Jessi-Jo said you had better not go, Jessi-Jo said you had better not go. Jessi-Jo says you better think twice, understand and take my advice. Oh, Jessi-Jo, where did you go? Im leaving town tonight."
  • Flying A Kite - Joanna Newsom
    "Dear charming kite Do litely bite The foggy fields, the lowing lanes The rickety roads and the kneeling plains Oh lazy light With massive might You down my dream of snowy cloth Felt snapping white as"
  • Flying On My Wings - Candlelight
    "Time seems to be running out All those years behind me passed away Time seems to betray me It killed the flame inside me and the fire In my eyes seems to be so cold I feel now so much is lost... Why all"
  • Flying - Nazareth
    "D. McCafferty/P. Agnew/D. Sweet/M. Charlton Here I am flying Looking down at mother earth below Above me only blue skies Below me is a cotton candy world Here I am dreaming Plane I'm on flies gently"
  • Flying - Azn Dreamers
    "Everyday I used to feel the pain And everyday I used to wait in vain, again and again And everyday I used to long for tomorrow, Till your love took away my sorrow I used to wish upon a star Just to find"
  • Flying - Chris Isaak
    "I was playing a club by the Eiffel Tower. Taking a break for half an hour. A girl from the bar came out to talk. "Come on" she said "Let's take a walk". Monday was the day we met. Tuesday I was flying. Wednesday"
  • Flying - Michael Nesmith
    "Silks and Satins and velvet soft evenings and penthouse nights Way down below me the maze of the city streets shine. I hear the soul and the heart of the city. It pounds. While I fly up here; I'm two thousand"
  • Flying - Atlantic Popes
    "In times of trouble In times of grief In a land of make believe In loneliness of holiness There's a point of no return Before you know time has gone A rising wave has rushed along Flying for you drives"
  • Flying - Screaming Trees
    "Moving around in the outer reaches Hiding out with all the creatures there The dirt is drifting down upon us But my friends would never crack a frown We're going to the poison planet We're going to it"
  • Flying - Godiego
    "Flying on my cloud to freedom Flying till I've left the world behind The world is getting smaller down below I like the view the further up I go, Up on my cloud (*) Takin' it easy I'm only out for a little"
  • Flying - Rod Stewart
    "(rod stewart, ron wood, ronnie lane) I'm flying across the ocean And I'm soaring back home To the place I was born and probably raised. And I'm flying across the mountains and valleys, Back home to the"
  • Flying - Nice Little Penguin
    "Here I am, I'm on my own For the first time, really on my own So will I make it, will it work all right Can I make it through the night And I go... OOoooohh..... OOoooohh..... OOoooohh..... I am flying In"
  • Flying - Bryan Adams
    "If you ever feel like you're gonna fall - oh I'll be there And if you ever feel down or feel small - oh don't despair And if you ever feel lost or feel alone - babe c'mon home Let's just make love - all"

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