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Im Perfect lover lover Plot Twist

  • Perfect lover - Lady Sovereign
    "It's in Your Head, They're Telling You It's in Your Head,It's a Figment of Your Imagination.It Isn't There, They're Telling You It Isn't There,You're a Victim of Your Infatuation.What Do I Think That It"
  • Perfect lover - Kansas
    "It's in your head, they're telling you it's in your head, It's a figment of your imagination. It isn't there, they're telling you it isn't there, You're a victim of your infatuation. What do I think that"
  • Perfect Lover - Britney Spears
    "Are we ready? Are we- Are we ready, ready? (yes) Are we ready? Are we- Are we ready, ready? Uh-huh, uh-huh Uh-huh, uh-huh Uh-huh, uh-huh Uh-huh (uh-huh, uh-huh) Uh-huh, uh-huh Uh-huh, uh-huh Uh-huh,"
  • Perfect Lover - Venus
    "I can wear a sexy dress And high-heeled shoes And I like the high class Of an english suit I love sex and tenderness I've a lovely ass And my breasts are unisex Switch me on and test I wanna be your mannequin I"
  • My Perfect Lover - Miguel Bose
    "Just a hint of perfume Flower and a pearl Just a tender kiss Haunting me still What's the sense in waiting Beauty on a wing Bitter sweet perfume Haunting me still Something in your heart Capricious heart That"
  • Perfect plot - Mobb Deep
    "Feat - Big Noyd Uh huh, uh huh The Mobb comin' through, no doubt kid Schemin' in, layin' with the (Perfect Plot) (Perfect Plot) We the first one's awoke and the last one to sleep And that's why we go"
  • Elusive Lover - Suziquatro
    "Ohhhh, sometime, elusive lover Just one more time, elusive Lover You're my one dream-reality You're the other side of me Touch me-one perfect moment There never seems to be that Perfect moment You're completely"
  • Choosey Lover - The Isley Brothers
    "choosey lover girl im so proud of ya im so glad you choose me...baby (baby) and i'll make you so happy thought i had a lover (thought i had lover. but i was kidding my self, baby) by the time i learned"
  • Choosey Lover - Aaliyah
    "Choosey Lover (Old School/New School) *Choosey Lover, Boy Im So Proud Of Ya. Im So Glad You Chose Me, Baby. And I'll Make You So Happy.* Thought I Had A Love, But I Was Kidding Myself, Baby. By The Time"
  • Elusive lover - Suzi Quatro
    "Ohhhh, sometime, elusive loverJust one more time, elusive LoverYou're my one dream-realityYou're the other side of meTouch me-one perfect momentThere never seems to be thatPerfect momentYou're completely"
  • Midnite Lover - Shaggy
    "It's a blockbuster hit Midnite attraction A definite double feature Two thumbs up Two thumbs up two thumbs up Siskel & Ebert say so Let them know Shaggy as the lead role Bim Midnite attraction that is"
  • Weekend Lover - Lollipop
    "Weekend Lover > Lollipop Album: Popstars Do you really think I'll cry for you? you'd better believe I'm strong enough to live my life without you with no lies, without you, oh no Do you really think"
  • Another Lover - White Town
    "I think I need another lover I think I need another lover I think I need another lover Like I need a hole in my head Why do you chase me and play hard to get When you know very well that I couldn't care"
  • Weekend Lover - Jamie Foxx
    "I know youve been waiting on this and Imma give it to you. You ready? Monday, You and your man had an arguement Ya'll always arguing bout something and On top of that, Tuesday morning your daughter had"
  • Prodigy Lover - Weezer
    "something is different, something has changed you brought me your letters, theyre not the same Prodigy lover, play the keyboards drowning that music from me uncomprehending, Im stupefied cause I wrote"
  • Now Lover - Peter Hammill
    "In the here and now... Between sensation at the nerve-ends and arrival of information at the cortex time elapses. So, you see, each time we touch we did so in the past. Now, lover, slicing through time"
  • Cosmic lover - Pierre
    "I close my eyes, but I can seeThe love Im feelin, keeps holdin meRight in your arms I wanna beJust you and me for eternetyThe way you touch me, you really blow my mindThe way you hold me, it makes me feel"
  • Turbo lover - Judas Priest
    "You won't hear me, But you'll feel me Without warning, something's dawning, listen. Then within your senses, You'll know you're defenseless How your heart beats, when you run for cover You can't retreat,"
  • Latin Lover - Leki
    "Midsummernight I met him there, he saw me Did not know why he had this stare, he was buggin' me I said:"you got a fucking problem?!? So what you want? Want me to slove 'em, pervert!! Move outa my face"
  • Automatic lover - Theatre of Tragedy
    "Don't you wanna end up with this mister? ah He is just being nice with his kisses and he Thinks you're not one of the smart ones Say it sexy Doesn't seem like you want that kind of honey, honey :|| From"

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