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Im in love with you doro Pesch t%C5%82umaczenie polski

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Im in love with you doro Pesch t%C5%82umaczenie polski

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Im in love with you doro Pesch t%C5%82umaczenie polski
  • Doro Pesch Heaven With You
    "I thought you'd love me forever I thought nothing could change your mind as long as we were together through every war I could still survive you meant everything to me and my heart Now you leave me with nothing"
  • Lonestar Im so in love with you
    "Everytime our eyes meetthis feeling inside meis almost more than i can take baby when you touch me i can feel how much you love and it just blows me away ive never been this close to anyone or anythingi"
  • Sean Paul Im Still In Love With You
    "sean paul: Well, in come a ting dem call a broken heart, dis blessed love will neva part it don't know it from da start; me tell dem say a dutty eh a Sean Paul and Sasha Come sing fo dem bebe sasha: boy"
  • Tom Cochrane When Im With You
    "Come sit by the fireside With me baby Melt into the dawn With me girl Let yourself flow Like a river to the sea Together we'll grow Just like a willow tree You're much older than the others In"
  • Alamid Im Inlove With You
    "I never dreamed that i met you in summer. And there would be warm love to remember. And you give yourself away to me. And I'm happy when you're beside me. Chorus Repeat 2 x) I don't know what to say I"
  • Doro Pesch Love Me In Black
    "Didn't they tell you the way that it's gonna be You asked god for a woman and ended up with me Maybe I'll love you, maybe I'll tear you apart We live in darkness I've pulled you into my friend There's"
  • Doro I'm In Love With You
    "Night after night, stroll out in the darkness Demons in my head got me hanging by a threat Time after time, year after year On my own it's such a lonely road Wanna let you know how I feel for you Wanna"
  • Chingo Bling Im In Love With Your Sister
    "oye vieja ven paca porque estas enojada eh y u mad? well maybe if you stayed home more and didnt go out with your friends id be more happier so now i got to depend on your sister dont get crazy with"
  • New Edition Im Still In Love With Youne
    "Is this the end? Are you my friend? It seems to me, you ought to be free. You used to be mine when the chips were down. You used to be mine when I weren't around. Girl, can't you see how I feel? All these"
  • Avril Lavigne Im With You
  • Doro Pesch With The Wave Of Your Hand
    "I have been waiting here Feels like a million years Sometimes I disappear Into the blue Lost in the city lights I can stay out all night But it's such a lonely life And nothing, nothing seems right But"
  • Jimmie Dale Gilmore Im Gonna Love You
    "You found me when my heart was broken And the cold world was closing in And with a word unspoken You taught me how to live and love and laugh again You found me when my wings were broken And I was crying"
  • Freestyle Im Gonna Love You
    "Baby baby baby I've been lookin' at you lookin' at me And I was just thinkin' maybe maybe You'd want to feel some ecstasy With somebody you like Baby wanna be the one Wanna be with you 'til the"
  • The GazettE Doro Darake No Seishun (wersja ang.)
    "Filthy authorities, swinging morals on people You elitists fall down on your imaginary rai I spit at you and walk my own path! Don't mess with us, we're the mad hooligan dogs! I won't face right or anything,"
  • Bang Tango Im In Love
    "Darlin', does it feel good? Darlin', does it feel good? I'm waitin', waitin' for you I'm waitin' up in your room 'Cause I'm in love, I'm in love Perfection is under your skin Well, your affection should"
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt Im Gonna Love You
    "Angel in disguise Stories in his eyes Love for every true heart that it sees. Was it just a lucky day That it turned to look my way Or is it Heaven right before my very eyes. He showed me all new things The"
  • Doro Pesch Love Is A Thrill
    "Prepare to dine in the darkest hour I hope you like what I feed And be my guest at this special party You'll look so good on your knees Can't start without you, I guess I'll wait I hear the thunder comin'"
  • Doro Pesch Don't Mistake It For Love
    "What a dream come true I got the biggest crush on you My whole body shakes I know I'm gonna break But God I'm craving for more The only thing I really feel is the regret of my heart Killing you with kindness Like"
  • Doro Pesch I Adore You
    "I Adore You When I drive alone at night and sit around and see the frowns of other people down, it bores me And when I have to listen to the points of view of people who Are way into bad news, it bores"
  • Doro Pesch Enough For You
    "Every time you call you can't imagine what it's like I'm getting chills I hear you're voice each time And every time we talk I get shivers down my spine I can't deny you're always on my mind I never"

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